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Chapter 99: Wait for My Hubby to Come Home

Shi Jin would not have realized it was them if she did not know Fu Xiuyuans subordinates and their cars well.

What was going on with Fu Xiuyuan

Shi Jin said to Ye Peiwen, “Dont worry.

Its fine.”

Ye Peiwen was disbelieving, but the cars genuinely did not chase them like paparazzi while they drove at a steady speed, so she could not help feeling relieved.

Even though the cars did not chase after them, they drove unhurriedly and kept up with Shi Jins completely.

It felt as though they were protecting her or keeping an eye on her.

After the car arrived at the airport, Shi Jin watched as Ye Peiwen boarded her flight before leaving the airport and going to the parking lot.

Fu Xiuyuans subordinates cars were long gone as though they never existed.

Shi Jin glanced around.

Sure enough, Fu Xiuyuans personal car drove up in front of her moments later.

The car windows rolled down to reveal Fu Xiuyuans gorgeous profile and impeccable features.

He reached his hand out to open the car door.

Shi Jin got into the car and smiled as she said, “What a coincidence.”

“Uh huh.

I happened to be nearby for business.

I didnt expect to see you here,” explained Fu Xiuyuan.

He was taciturn by nature and only got chatty when he was anxious or helpless.

Since he explained in such detail, he must be hiding something from her.

Shi Jin could even detect the emotions surging through his eyes earlier.

“Oh wow.

Considering how big the airport is, I cant believe you happened to bump into me.”

Fu Xiuyuan cleared his throat.

“I agree.”

“Something odd happened to me earlier.

A lot of cars were following me, so I thought they were paparazzi.”

“Which paparazzi was it” Fu Xiuyuans eyes looked murderous.

He simply refused to admit that he sent cars to follow Shi Jin.

Shi Jin could not resist laughing.

She did not expect the cool, proud Fu Xiuyuan to have such a childish side.

“Mr Fu, do you know what I did earlier” asked Shi Jin.

Fu Xiuyuan clearly looked anxious as he clenched his fists gently.

He should not have arranged for Shi Jin to be followed.

Since he said he trusted her, he should not have doubted her actions.

Fu Xiuyuan was so touched by Shi Jins efforts to obtain the yao orchid that he swore never to doubt her.

However, he nearly flipped the table over at the hotels private room when he saw Ye Peiwen kissing Shi Jin left and right.

He vaguely recalled Shi Jin saying she would rather date the woman than him! She also said she would leave him one day!

He was overwhelmed by desperation and felt so suffocated that he had to send men to follow Shi Jin.

After he regained reason moments later, he personally called and told his subordinates to leave before driving into the airport.

He promised to trust her, so he had to do it.

Fu Xiuyuan could not help feeling awkward and anxious when Shi Jin mentioned what a coincidence it was to see him.

She had not dumped him! She genuinely wanted to stay with him.

He was relieved that he managed to calm himself in time.

“What did you do” Fu Xiuyuans voice sounded dry.

“A good friend of mine was leaving the capital, so I decided to see her off.

After I was done sending her off, I wanted to go home and wait for my hubby to come home!” Shi Jins voice sounded smiley and it seemed as though she was talking about something random yet important.

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