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Chapter 98: They Were Genuinely Original

Even though Mr Wang claimed he would let Deng Yufei appear in a lot of movies and dramas, nothing materialized.

In her opinion, it did not matter to her whether she ended up cutting an album.

She felt it was more important to salvage her relationship with Chu Ling.

Chu Ling hesitated slightly.

“Go back for now.

I will get back to you.”

Deng Yufei knew he wanted to verify whether the songs were original and free of plagiarism.

Also, he might want to communicate with the film crew.

She had plenty of time to wait.

As long as she could go back on the program, and back into Fu Xiuyuans line of sight, she did not mind waiting!


Chu Ling handed the songs to Hu Lai.

“Check these out.”

“I will check the intellectual property platform and see if these songs are original,” said Hu Lai.

“If we can use these five songs, your album is halfway to success! It is easy as pie to give Deng Yufei a second chance for the program.”

Hu Lai quickly checked the songs and failed to find them on any intellectual property platform.

This meant the songs were genuinely original.

Hu Lai felt this was a good deal.

She had undoubtedly underestimated Deng Yufeis songwriting ability.

She used to think it was pure coincidence that Deng Yufei wrote those two previous songs.

However, she was unexpectedly able to keep this up!

If she had known how gifted Deng Yufei was, she would have been more polite!


Even though Shi Jin had set things in motion, nothing would happen to Deng Yufei in the short term.

She was not anxious either.

She stopped thinking about the matter and proceeded to pick a plant from her garden and carefully placed it in a pot.

Ye Peiwen was leaving for home today and they made plans to meet up and eat.

In just a matter of days, they became fast friends.

Despite their age gap, they could chat about anything.

So Shi Jin wanted to give her the mint.

Ye Peiwen and Shi Jin happily chatted over dinner.

Ye Peiwen was particularly happy when she received the mint.

“Thanks so much, Little Stone! This little comeback of mine has been absolutely thrilling.”

Ye Peiwen hugged Shi Jin and gave her a couple of kisses on her cheek.

“I am very happy you could be my guest performer,” said Shi Jin solemnly as she looked into her eyes.

“This is mint.

Use cold water to water it daily so that it will flourish.

You can clip them daily for use.”


Got it!” Ever since Ye Peiwen came to the capital, she had a good appetite and good rest, so her voice had recovered almost completely and she felt invigorated.

It was all thanks to Shi Jin.

Also, she received a lot of assignments recently and even advertisement offers.

She felt Shi Jin was bringing her good fortune.

After dinner, Ye Peiwen had to board the plane and leave.

So Shi Jin and Ye Peiwen got into the car and headed to the airport.

On their way there, Ye Peiwen felt energized and chatted to Shi Jin about singing.

Several cars suddenly followed behind them with their car lights on when they got onto the expressway.

“Do you think its the paparazzi” Ye Peiwen immediately said, “Why dont I drop you somewhere Dont bother sending me to the airport.”

She was worried that the paparazzi might end up taking pictures of Shi Jin because of her.

Shi Jin glanced at the cars behind her and quickly caught on.

Were they not Fu Xiuyuans subordinates

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