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Chapter 97: A Set Up

Hu Lai frowned.

“What about it”

Chu Ling naturally wanted to cut a new album, especially since “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter” was a sensation.

If he could ride on the programs success and create an album now, it would help strengthen his foothold in the entertainment industry.

“I have a few songs available.

Do you think Ling would want to use them” asked Deng Yufei.

Hu Lai felt Deng Yufei was always a good songwriter.

It was the main reason Chu Ling wanted to keep her close.

However, they had fallen out when Deng Yufei attempted to use Chu Lings popularity.

How could Deng Yufei think Chu Ling would want anything to do with her now

The moment Hu Lai went quiet, Deng Yufei said, “If you are not interested, it is fine with me.

I can always sell them to someone else.

Since my songs were good, I decided to ask Ling first…”

“Show them to me,” said Hu Lai.

Chu Ling genuinely needed new songs.

Songwriting could not be done overnight.

Inspiration and a lot of work was needed.

The contestants of the program were able to perform so many original works only through years of songwriting.

Moreover, Chu Ling was caught up with work and was unable to focus on songwriting.

If Deng Yufeis songs were good, there was no harm for Chu Ling to use them.

Deng Yufei said happily, “I will bring them over.”

Before long, Deng Yufei met up with Chu Ling and Hu Lai.

She handed her manuscript to them.

She had previously copied Shi Jins manuscript in her own writing.

Chu Ling was a little nonchalant at first, but a look of shock quickly emerged on his face after he went through them.

He gradually sat up straight.

These songs were simply breathtaking.

They were even better than the ones Deng Yufei had given him before.

He hummed using the manuscript and found them particularly catchy.

He could almost remember them with a single hum.

Based on his professional knowledge, these songs would spread like wildfire the moment they were released.

What was the most important thing an artist needed

Some people felt it was good looks while others felt it was the packaging.

However, artists who relied only on either one of the two factors would not last long in the entertainment industry, so Chu Ling always used his good looks and music.

An artist could only have a share of the market with catchy, classic hits.

Similarly, people thought about Xia Peifengs amazing songs the moment he was brought up.

And even though Ye Peiwen did not show her face in over 20 years, she could still use her old songs to make a comeback.

Chu Ling wanted to do just that! Sadly, he needed good songs!

“Did you write these songs” asked Chu Ling.

Deng Yufei immediately nodded.

“Uh huh.

After I was eliminated from the program, I spent all my time writing songs.

Ling, if you like them, feel free to use them.”

Chu Ling genuinely liked her work and could appreciate their value.

“I will definitely use them if I can,” said Chu Ling.

“Thank you for offering them to me first.

If I use them in my album, I want complete ownership of the songs.”

Despite Deng Yufeis reluctance, she nodded.


Thats fine.”

“Name your price.” Chu Ling did not want to take her work for nothing.

“I want to go back toUltimate Singer-Songwriter!” implored Deng Yufei.

Ever since she started working for Golden Domain Entertainment, Mr Wang simply used her for sex and had no interest in grooming her.

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