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Chapter 96: Why Did Shi Jin Have It All

“Are these your original manuscripts” asked Deng Yufei as she looked at them in envy.

“Uh huh.” Shi Jin nodded.

“I wrote them recently.

Some of them are ready for use while others need some editing.”

Deng Yufei flipped through the music with admiration.

“Are you going to perform these Did you only recently write these songs”

“Uh huh.”

Deng Yufei was green with envy.

Deng Yufei and Shi Jin started to learn about writing music at the same time.

However, Deng Yufei could only produce a single song after several months, while Shi Jin was like a machine.

She pointed at a few pages and asked, “Why did you label these not for use yet”

“Oh, this I have nowhere to use those songs yet,” explained Shi Jin briefly.

“I will save them for some other time.”

“So many” Deng Yufei felt increasingly excited as she went through the music.

“Uh huh,” acknowledged Shi Jin mildly with utter trust in Deng Yufei.

“I need to use the bathroom.”

“Okay,” said Deng Yufei.

After Shi Jin left, Deng Yufei promptly opened the folder and took pictures with her phone.

Shi Jins lips curved upwards slightly as she lowered her eyes to conceal the light in them.

In the past, she had given Deng Yufei a lot of music, but Deng Yufei had stolen most of her music from her room without her permission.

She always claimed to take her original manuscript so that she could show them to producers she knew and help people see Shi Jins talent.

Look what happened in the end All people ended up seeing was Deng Yufeis talent! It was the same for Yao Jiahong and Xia Peifeng.


By the time Shi Jin got back, Deng Yufei had finished taking photographs of her work using her phone.

After the two of them chatted casually, Shi Jin lost interest.

The moment Shi Jin wanted to go, Deng Yufei said, “Sure.

See you around.”

Shi Jin smiled before turning to leave.

After Shi Jin was gone, Deng Yufei promptly looked at the photographs she had just taken and scrutinized them closely.

She had to admit Shi Jin was a very talented songwriter no matter how stupid she was.

All the songs she had written were easy to sing and catchy.

A complicated emotion rose in Deng Yufeis heart as she looked at Shi Jins work.

A sense of jealousy and pain ripped through her!

Why was Shi Jin so talented Despite Shi Jins ugly looks, Fu Xiuyuan was head over heels in love with her.

Why was she so gifted at songwriting Why couldnt Deng Yufei compare to Shi Jin Why was she eliminated from the program

Now that she was kicked off the program, it was impossible for Fu Xiuyuan to see her.

She thought things wouldnt be that bad after signing with Golden Domain Entertainment, but Mr Wang was simply full of empty promises and did not provide her the resources they had agreed on.

Mr Wang kept feeling her up all the time.

Last night, he even asked her to see him at his hotel room.

Would she end up like this if Shi Jin did not kick her off the program

Deng Yufei bit her lip hard as she clenched her fists.

“Shi Jin has to pay back for everything I suffered!”

She picked a few songs from the ones labeled not ready for use before she copied them by hand entirely and called Hu Lai, “I heard Ling is working on his new album.”

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