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Chapter 95: Broke Up

Little Stone wanted to perform with them, but they passed up on the opportunity.

Cao Hui regretted it the most.

Although she had been in the industry for years, she did not have memorable incidents or projects to her name.

She was far from being a popular singer, and her vocals were not powerful enough to make her a world-class singer, so she desperately wanted this opportunity.

She was already in her 40s.

If she could not make any breakthrough now, she would only get even older.

Initially, Yu Guannan wanted her to perform with Shi Jin, but she single-handedly pushed the opportunity aside.


Shi Jin had just woken up when she received a phone call from Deng Yufei.

She was exhausted when she got home last night, so she went to sleep right away and only woke up in the morning.

“Shi Jin, why arent you at Repulse Bay Villa” Deng Yufei had gone over to look for Shi Jin several times but failed to find her.

So she had no choice but to call and check.

“I forgot to tell you that I already moved out.” Shi Jin got off the bed and opened the curtains as she gazed into the garden.

Fu Xiuyuan had already renamed this villa as Lanting Residence.

“Have you broken up with Xiuyuan” Deng Yufei sounded both shocked and slightly pleased.

Her voice was so bright that it nearly gave her away.

Shi Jin thought about their marriage certificates and smiled.

“You can say so.”

They had stopped dating and gotten married.

Deng Yufei was beside herself with joy.

It was almost impossible for her to contain her joy when she spoke to Shi Jin.

“Thats terrible.”

“Why did you call”

“Since you have broken up with Xiuyuan, Im sure you need some company,” said Deng Yufei.

“I am sure you feel awful.

Maybe we should hang out and write some music.

If you have something to occupy your time, you will feel better.”

In reality, she simply wanted Shi Jins music.

Everything she had written came from Shi Jins hands.

Even though she had met important singer-songwriters like Xia Peifeng thanks to Chu Ling, she was incapable of writing as well, so she never chatted about music with them.

She decided to work for Mr Wang since he knew nothing about songwriting.

Otherwise, her cover would get blown right away.

However, now that she was working for Mr Wang, she had to produce some work in order to show her worth and Shi Jin could give her more new songs.

Shi Jin already read her mind, and felt this was the perfect opportunity.

She nodded.

“Sure thing.

See you tonight.”

Deng Yufei really wished to meet right away, but it was not her place to rush her, so she could only wait until tonight.

Shi Jin put together a pile of original manuscripts.

At night, she showed up to meet Deng Yufei slightly late.

Deng Yufei was already waiting for her.

The moment she saw Shi Jin, she ran over eagerly and held her by the arm.

Ever since she was kicked out of the program, she had never been so close to Shi Jin.

Now Deng Yufei seemed to have completely forgiven Shi Jin.

Shi Jin placed her original manuscripts by the side.

“Shi Jin, dont be sad.

In any case, its not like you like him.

It is perfect now that you have broken up.

Now you can be with Chu Ling,” comforted Deng Yufei as she glanced at Shi Jins original manuscripts.

Shi Jin nodded.

“Im not sad.

I have a lot of songs to work on.”

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