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Chapter 952: I Dont Understand Why She Did ThisTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Yue Yu looked a little evasive, then said, “I dont think so.

This was recommended to me by a doctor overseas, and its also produced by a large pharmaceutical factory.

If theres really a problem, I wouldnt be able to bring it back, right”


Get me a few more boxes, then,” Yue Lanchen said.

For some reason, he remembered Yue Yus expression very clearly.

He hung his head and continued to eat with his spoon.

Logically speaking, there was really no reason for Yue Yu to hurt him.


He didnt believe shed bought such a drug on purpose to give to him.

However, what Shi Jin said could not be a lie.

As he ate, his mind wandered.

“What are you thinking” Yue Yu asked.

“Nothing.” Yue Lanchen continued to look down, but that night, he still couldnt sleep.


At Orchid Pavilions dining table.

Shi Jin was also distracted.

“What are you thinking about Is Lanchens hand injury serious”

“Its not very serious.

A normal injury.

But he used the medicine given by Yue Yu.

It seemed to improve, but it actually accelerated the deterioration of the situation.

Fortunately, he felt something was wrong on time.

Otherwise, he might not be able to use his muscles in the future.”

“That bad Why would Yue Yu do that”

Shi Jin could not figure it out either.

“Maybe she doesnt know that theres something wrong with that medicine herself.

Otherwise, I really cant figure out why she would do this to Yue Lanchen.

If its just because Yue Lanchen is close to me, she would be too vicious to attack him.”

“Whats Yue Lanchens attitude” Fu Xiuyuan believed that Shi Jin would not hide this from Yue Lanchen.

“He probably wont be too convinced, either.

Surely its easier for everyone to choose to believe that Yue Yu just bought the wrong medicine.”

“Its understandable that Yue Lanchen doesnt completely believe you.

I hope hes not stupid enough to directly communicate with Yue Yu and push the blame to you.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“I dont think hell go that far.

Im just worried.

I dont think this is going to end anytime soon.”

“Dont worry too much.

Yue Yu wont do anything to her own brother.” Fu Xiuyuan comforted Shi Jin.

Even so, Yue Lanchen was about to go overseas to participate in a world-class competition.

Shi Jin was still a little worried.

Towards Yue Lanchen, who was both a friend and her younger brother, she seemed to be naturally protective.

The more she protected, the more she wanted to protect.

“Maybe this is the so-called cost.

If you protected him in the past, you cant help but continue to do so in the future,” Shi Jin said self-deprecatingly.

“In that case, lets go and watch him compete,” Fu Xiuyuan suggested.

His magnanimity and respect touched Shi Jin.

“Xiuyuan, youve really done a lot for me.”

“No matter how much I do, its not enough.” Fu Xiuyuan watched her gently.

Shi Jin looked up and met his eyes as they embraced and kissed.


Yue Lanchens competition was in France.

Charles was French, so this time Yue Yu was also ready to go over.

Charles would accompany her.

“Are your hands better these days” Yue Yu asked.

Yue Lanchen, who was packing his things, was alerted slightly when he heard this.

He looked up at her and said, “Its good sometimes and bad sometimes, but it shouldnt be a problem to handle the competition.

Besides, Sis has prescribed me some medicine.

Its pretty helpful.”

“Shi Jin prescribed medicine for you too” There was a hint of tension in Yue Yus voice.

“Yes, thats why I stopped using the medicine you gave me.” Yue Lanchens face was still full of smiles.

Yue Yu paused for a moment.

“Then the condition of your hand…”

Yue Lanchen waved his hand.

“At least theres nothing wrong with it for this competition.

Its definitely not a problem to recuperate well after this.”

“That would be wonderful,” Yue Yu said insincerely.

The previous medicine was indeed something she had specially found for Yue Lanchen.

She knew exactly what was wrong in there.

When she gave the medicine to Yue Lanchen, she felt guilty for a moment, but in the end, she still did it.

Perhaps from the moment shed learned of the DNA report, shed felt completely different about Yue Lanchen.

Before, hed been a younger brother.

After this, he was a presence that could threaten her.

As long as something happened to Yue Lanchen, Yue Feng and his wife would only rely on her.

Even Yue Lanchen, who had physical problems, would have to rely on her.

However, now it was obvious that nothing would go wrong with Yue Lanchen.

Yue Yu was a little disappointed.



Yue Yu accompanied Yue Lanchen to France.

Yue Lanchen came with the entire team, while Yue Yus schedule mainly matched Charles.

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan arrived very quietly.

No one was alerted as they quietly boarded the plane.

When they arrived in France, they quietly made their way to their hotel and never came out.

Yue Lanchen had originally agreed to get Shi Jin to watch his competition and sent her a WeChat message.

“I cant come.

Ive been too busy recently,” Shi Jin replied.

“Really Pitiful.jpg”

“Have a good game.

Ill pick you up then.”

“Alright then.

Will you watch my live broadcast Excited.jpg”

“Ill definitely watch it when I have time.”


Ill get to training then, self-cheer.jpg.”

Shi Jin put down her phone and said, “Yue Yu is quite considerate of Yue Lanchen.

I hope I was just overthinking this time.”

“Ive arranged for someone to keep an eye on Yue Yus movements.

Any issues and Ill be notified immediately.”

“Its just difficult for you.

You have to accompany me at the hotel.

Its rare for you to come to France, and you cant go out for a stroll.”

Fu Xiuyuan smiled.

“France isnt an amazing place.

It became a good place because of you.”

Shi Jin smiled.

For two consecutive days, there was nothing unusual with Yue Yu.

The following evening, Charless family, the Bohranskis, held a dinner and invited Yue Lanchen to attend.

Now that he was in France, Yue Lanchen could not refuse such an invitation.

He went over.

There was no news, but Shi Jin felt uneasy.

She stood on the balcony with a glass of red wine and stared out at the vast night sky.

Fu Xiuyuan said softly, “Since youre worried, Ill go out with you and see what Yue Lanchen is doing.”

His thoughtfulness touched Shi Jin.

She smiled.

“Okay, lets go take a look.”

In the Bohranski family estate, the dinner party was now over.

Charles saw Yue Yu and Yue Lanchen out the door.

“Are you really not staying” Charles asked.

“I have a game tomorrow.

I really have to get back to the team,” Yue Lanchen said apologetically.

“Im meeting an old school friend.

Its been a while,” Yue Yu said with a smile.

“See you tomorrow.”

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