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Chapter 951: No Need to ExplainTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Yue Yu took it over.

She scanned it, her gaze fixed on it.

“Are you guys sure” Her tone was sharp.

“Miss Yue, we usually do a double-check to make sure the results are accurate after we take the samples.

The results so far are accurate.

If you dont understand something, we can explain.”

“No need to explain.

I can read it.”


With that, Yue Yu hurriedly left the scene.

When she got back ot her car, she panted like she had run a hundred meters.

How was that possible

She flipped through the test report again.

How could there be no problem with Yue Lanchen while she was not the biological daughter

She was unwilling and unable to believe the outcome!

Did her parents know about this

What kind of situation was she in

At the dining table, Madam Yue looked at her and said, “Xiao Yu, are you feeling unwell too Do you want Shi Jin to take a look at you”

“No, Im fine.

Just a little tired from staying up all night reading.”

“Girls shouldnt stay up that late, youll get wrinkles.

After dinner, go back and rest.”

“Got it, Mom.”

Madam Yue said with heartache and reproach, “Dont stay up late in the future.”

“Mom… I heard that Uncle Wangs youngest daughter is sick and needs to change her spinal cord.

Its the most suitable for family members.

Are they undergoing surgery” Yue Yu probed.

“She is.

They have a suitable member of their family just now.

Of course they have to save her if they can.

Shes their daughter.”

Madam Yue looked at her seriously.

“Think about it.

If anything happens to you and Lanchen, your father and I will risk our lives to save you.

Pfft, pfft, pfft, pfft.

Why did I say such an inauspicious thing Pfft, pfft, pfft.”

Yue Yu smiled.

“Youre so good to me, Mom.”

“Why are you so sentimental today”


I just saw that you were nice to Shi Jin too, so…”

Madam Yue said sincerely, “Shi Jin is a good girl.

I see that shes kind, so I treat her better.

But you and Lanchen are my flesh and blood.

Theres still a difference.

Dont think too much.

Why would Mom do anything to you and your brother because of others”

After Yue Yu finished probing, she felt much more relaxed.

It seemed that even she and Yue Feng themselves did not know that her DNA did not match theirs.

Yue Yu took the time to search their rooms many times while her parents were away, but she found no trace of their knowledge of the situation.

Madam Yue had never forbidden her daughter to enter her room, which gave Yue Yu a great opportunity.

After Yue Yu verfied everything, she thought of a lot of news on the Internet about child swaps.

Perhaps she happened to be a child who was mistaken in the hospital.

The management of the hospital twenty years ago was not as strict as it was now.

It was normal for some human error to occur.

As long as she didnt say anything, no one would know about this.

More than twenty years had passed.

Who knew if the other child was still around and what the circumstances were


Orchid Pavilion.

Yue Lanchen sat on the couch and practiced hand speed on his phone.

Shi Jin watched from the side.

He stopped practicing and said, “See, thats how it is.

Ive been feeling a little weak in my fingers lately.

Its really not that Im lazy, its just that my injuries are getting in the way.”

The biggest problem for competitive players was undoubtedly injuries.

Many people retired at a young age because of this.

Shi Jin took his hand and studied it for a moment.

“Is the tendinitis serious”

“Yes, but its a little serious.

Thats why Ive been using medication.”

“Do a detailed examination tomorrow and Ill prescribe you the right medication,” said Shi Jin.

“Ill see you at the hospital tomorrow.”

The next day.

When Shi Jin arrived at the hospital, Yue Lanchen had just finished his checkup.

When he saw the report given by the hospital, it said that he was exhausted and needed to rest.

Yue Lanchen shook his head.

“How is that possible I have a world-level competition coming up.

Sister, you have to help me.”

“Sure, let me take a closer look.” Shi Jin compared the drug he had used with the data from the various tests.

She frowned deeply.

“Whats wrong Could it be a terminal illness Could it be some kind of cancer in the hand” Yue Lanchen was panicking.

“What kind of cancer can you have in your hand Laziness cancer”

Yue Lanchen scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

“Where did you get this medicine”


My sister brought it back for me from overseas.

Its especially useful for relieving hand fatigue.

Ive been using this recently.

Could this be a problem”

“Dont use this one for a while.

Use mine for now.”

“Is there really a problem”

Shi Jin said, “I just looked at the test results for this drug.

It contains too much corticosteroid.

Long-term overdose of this drug causes rapid fatigue and muscle weakness.”

Yue Lanchens eyes widened.

“Then Ill have to tell my sister not to use it herself, or recommend it to Charles.”

Shi Jin remained silent.

Yue Lanchen suddenly thought of something and said, “Y-You dont suspect that she deliberately gave me this, do you”

“Im in no position to suspect anything.

But keep an eye out for yourself, the drug can cause the whole muscle to go slack and never work again.”

Yue Lanchen shuddered.

Shi Jin did not say anything else.

She only reminded him, “Go back quickly.

Dont think too much.”

Yue Lanchen recalled her words and felt that there was some deeper meaning.

He did not doubt that Yue Yu would do anything to him.

After all, they had been siblings for more than twenty years.

He believed that Yue Yu was not that kind of person, but towards Shi Jin… he had an even more inexplicable trust.

When he got back to the Yue house, he thought about it during dinner.

He kept his temper and didnt say anything directly.

“Mom, give me a spoon.”

“Whats wrong Your hands are still weak” Madam Yues heart ached as she asked the servant to get a spoon.

“Go back and get a checkup properly.

You still have to rest more.”

“Got it.

Its just that Ive had a little too much training lately to worry about getting much rest.”

Madam Yue said, “The competition is important, but so is your health.”

“When this competition is over, I really have to rest for a few days.”

Yue Yu asked, “Are you using the medicine I gave you Hows the effect”

“Im using it.

Its quite effective.

It can relieve pain quickly,” Yue Lanchen said with a smile.

“Ill buy a few more later.”

“This medicine isnt sold in the country.

Ill just get you a few more later.

Is there a need to buy them”

“Thats true.

But Sister, this medicine wont have any side effects, right” Yue Lanchen asked with a smile.

There was no scheming on his face.

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