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Chapter 950: Retreating in DefeatTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“Old Madam Yues suppression caused Uncle to die young.

The entire Li family was implicated and fell into dire straits.

Later on, Grandpa could only go to the countryside to continue his research.

In the Li family, only my parents were not particularly implicated because they had nothing to do with these things and were only involved in art.

If Old Madam Yue still wants to continue on the same path as before, Im afraid it wont work.”

“Back then, it was because Grandpa and Uncle were unguarded against her that they were schemed against by her,” Fu Xiuyuan comforted.

“Now, we wont fall in the same place twice.”

Shi Jin looked up and met his gaze.


Fu Xiuyuan patted her shoulder appreciatively.


Yue Yu returned in defeat.

Old Madam Yue was too angry to see her or Charles.

Yue Xiu comforted her.

“Grandma, its just a cooperation.

It doesnt matter.

With Fu Xiuyuan, Shi Jins chances of winning are naturally high.”

“I didnt expect Fu Xiuyuan to marry Shi Jin! How unexpected! Theyre really tight-lipped!”

Yue Xiu said faintly, “I think Second Uncles family knew about these things in advance, but they didnt tell you.

Theyre quite good at hiding it.”

The more she spoke, the more upset the old lady became.

She snorted.

“Your second uncle has always been soft-hearted and only listens to your aunt.

I knew that nothing good would happen on their side.

Now, sure enough.”

“Dont worry, Grandma.

Things are under control now.

Its no big deal.”


When Yue Yu returned, she knew that her grandmother was unwilling to see her, so she did not ask for trouble.

The fact that the mission hadnt been completed didnt affect her or Charles too much for a while.

However, being suppressed by Shi Jin made it difficult for her to calm down.

She sat in her room and took out the medical instrument that the medical researcher had given her in Germany.

“Sis, what are you doing” Yue Lanchen asked as he walked over after taking a shower and drying his hair.

“Just sitting around,” she said with a smile.

“Give me a hair.

Ill test it for you.”

“Whats this test for” Yue Lanchen pulled a strand of hair and continued to dry his hair while he watched her work.

“Lets see, have you been under a bit of stress lately Losing your appetite And you actually have neutral skin.

Its good to be young.”

Yue Lanchen was also quite interested.

He leaned over and asked a few questions before leaving.

After Yue Lanchen left, Yue Yu checked her own to see if there were any so-called genetic defects.

After looking for a while, her face grew serious.

She called Charles.

“Was there really nothing wrong with that earlier machine about genetic research”

“Our company is already ordering it, and the delivery is at the company-owned hospital.

Whats the problem” Charles asked.

“I get the feeling a lot of things arent quite accurate,” Yue Yu said.

“Ill ask them to run a further test.

Thats got something to do with the operation, too.

A professional doctor would have to be more precise and effective at taking samples and comparing them than anyone else.”

After Yue Yu hung up, she put the test out of her mind and didnt pay much attention to it.

However, Charles came to her two days later and told her, “The machines test results are extremely accurate, and weve run specialized tests and experiments.

It should be fine.

I dont think you have to worry.”

Yue Yu was eating dessert.

When she heard this, her spoon paused.

“Whats wrong You dont look very happy.”


I just thought of something.

Thats all for today.

I have to go home.”

“Okay, Ill drive you back.”

When Yue Yu got home, she saw her mother chatting with Shi Jin on the sofa.

Shi Jin was taking her mothers pulse.

Seeing that Yue Yu had returned, Madam Yue smiled and said, “Xiao Yu, youre back Ive been feeling a little unwell for the past two days.

I got Shi Jin to come over and take a look at me.”

“Where are you feeling unwell Do you want to go straight to the hospital” Yue Yu walked over and asked.

“Its not too much of a problem.

Shell be fine after some conditioning,” Shi Jin said.

“Of course, if youre worried, a hospital would be better.”

“No need.

Since Shi Jin said that theres no problem, there must be no problem.

Why make a trip to the hospital Its troublesome and will delay things.” Madam Yue trusted Shi Jin very much and did not consider Yue Yus words at all.

Yue Yu endured the discomfort in her heart and said, “Then Ill go upstairs first.”

“Ive left some good food in the kitchen for you.

Go and have some,” Madam Yue instructed.

“Got it,” Yue Yu said.

She returned upstairs and brought out the results of the test that day.

That day, she had only done it casually and actually discovered that her DNA showed that she and Yue Lanchen were not related.

Initially, she treated this small detection machine as something to play with and did not pay much attention to it, but hearing that Charles had actually delivered this machine to the hospital, and even said that the accuracy was extremely high…

Some discomfort rose in her.

Could it be that Yue Lanchen was actually adopted

She immediately rechecked.

Out of distrust of the machine, she decided to go to the hospital anyway.

She went to her mother and Yue Lanchens bathroom and took all their toothbrushes away.

She reminded the servants, “Its almost time to change the toothbrushes at home.

Ive thrown away the old ones.

Hurry up and change into the new ones.”

“Of course, Eldest Miss.”

Downstairs, Shi Jin prescribed some medicine for Madam Yue.

Madam Yue smiled and said, “Its all thanks to you, Shi Jin.”

“Its fine.

Its all part of my job.”

“Xiao Yu is sometimes worried, so she might be a little impatient when she speaks, but in fact, shes not bad.”

Shi Jin smiled but said nothing.

Madam Yue also knew that her biological daughter was inevitably a little arrogant and her attitude was not good.

However, everyone had different personalities.

As children got older, they could not be corrected much.


After obtaining the toothbrushes, Yue Yu quickly went to the hospital.

“I want to test the DNA.

The sooner the better.”

She handed the toothbrushes to the doctor.

If Yue Lanchen was really not a child of the Yue family, then her parents only had her.

Shi Jin had deliberately tried to please Yue Lanchen, but in the end, it was all for naught.

Thinking of Yue Lanchen, she still felt some sincerity.

They had grown up together and had a good relationship.

If he really wasnt a child of the Yue family, Yue Yu thought, she wouldnt casually expose this matter unless Yue Lanchen really threatened her interests.

Yue Lanchen was completely oblivious to what she was doing.

Yue Yu also waited apprehensively for the results.

When it was time to collect the results, Yue Yu waited with a grave expression.

“Miss Yue, these are the final results of the test reports you gave me the other day.

Please take a look.”

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