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Chapter 949: Are You Interested in Working TogetherTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan entered Mr.

Lamberts office.

Immediately a secretary served coffee.

“Why did you think to come to Germany this time Did you bring Xiuyuan here specially to show me” Mr.

Lambert was like an elder, gentle and loving.

He was rumored to be very old-fashioned and unreasonable.

He was a serious workaholic.

If they saw him like this, they would probably find the rumors very unbelievable.


“Thats right.

I brought Xiuyuan here to show you.

I also wanted to show you my good taste.”


Lambert laughed out loud.

“Very good.

The person our Shi Jin likes cant be wrong.”

He patted Fu Xiuyuan on the shoulder.

“Young man, treat our Shi Jin well.”


Lambert, you dont have to remind me, this is something I should do,” Fu Xiuyuan replied with a nod.


Lambert sat down and said sternly, “Look back at this research.”

He handed a file of information to Shi Jin.

“Okay, Ill read it later.”

“This time our institute here has developed several new drugs and is looking for partners,” Mr.

Lambert said.

“So, Shi Jin, are you interested in working together”

Shi Jin had come this time to cooperate with him.

She did not expect him to mention it first and immediately nodded.

“Alright, lets talk about the details of the cooperation.”

They talked happily all afternoon.

They already knew each other very well.

After a simple conversation about work, they finalized their cooperation.

The rest of the time was just small talk.

At dinnertime, Du Xian invited them warmly, “Lets go eat.

I know an authentic firewood chicken place from Country S.

Even the chicken was flown in from the small courtyard of the domestic farmers.”


Lambert thought of something.

“I also have an appointment with a friend recommended by a friend.

You two go ahead.”

“Its not that I dont want to accompany you, Eldest Senior Brother, but I really want to spend some alone time with my husband, okay” Shi Jin looked at him with a smile and then at Fu Xiuyuan seriously.

Du Xian said, “Why should I eat Im full from dog food.

Alright, you guys go ahead.

Ill find my own friends.”

“Make time for a nice meal with me tomorrow,” Mr.

Lambert said to Shi Jin.

“Dont feed me dog food then.”

“Yes sir!”

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan walked out and said with a smile, “Its really been a long time since Eldest Senior Brother returned to the country.

He actually called that lunch an authentic S Nation dish.

Whose authentic steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers still has tomato sauce and peanut butter”

This was why Shi Jin did not want to eat his so-called authentic firewood chicken.

Shi Jin was afraid that the firewood chicken would have cheese in it.

Fu Xiuyuan laughed.

“Its hard on them living in a foreign land.”

“Thats right.

I remember Mr.

Lambert also said that he originally grew up in Country S before coming to Germany.

They should all want to go back, but because of work, they still have to stay,” Shi Jin said with a sigh.

“When we work with them in the future, theyll have more opportunities to come home.”

They came down in time to see Charles and Yue Yu coming up the stairs.

Shi Jin nodded briefly and went straight to the parking lot with Fu Xiuyuan.

Because they werent in a hurry, the two of them had the leisurely feeling of slowly enjoying the moment.

After they slowly got into the car, before Fu Xiuyuan could start it, he saw Charles and Yue Yu arrive at the parking lot.

It meant that Mr.

Lambert did indeed see them, but did not spend more than ten minutes before and after.

It was obvious that whatever they were trying to achieve, they probably hadnt.

The disappointment was plain on Yue Yus face.

“It looks like Mr.

Lambert turned them down,” Shi Jin said quietly.

Fu Xiuyuans eyes narrowed.


Lambert probably wont like the way the Yue family does things.”


The next day.


Lambert treated Shi Jin to dinner.

This time, he found an Asian food restaurant that included several types of common Asian food.

The taste was authentic.

The moment Shi Jin took a bite, she knew that this was different from those famous restaurants.

They were really serious about cooking.

Du Xian was indignant.


Lambert, youre biased! You didnt even bring me here to eat before!”

“I was busy before.”

“Hmph!” Du Xian was angry as he ate to make up for his injured heart.

“Eat more,” said Mr.

Lambert, helping him to his food.

Du Xian continued to turn his grief and indignation into an appetite.

Shi Jin smiled and said, “When you guys return to the country next time, Xiuyuan and I will definitely accompany you guys to eat and play for a few days.”

“Shi Jin, your family is doing well, right”

“Theyre all fine.

Theyre all on track now, compared to before.”

‘Thats good.

I hear your whole family has got back together since your dads leg got better.

Its still all down to your abilities.

Shi Jins heart was touched.


Lambert, Ive never heard you mention your family…”

Du Xian had yet to swallow the food in his mouth and stepped heavily on Shi Jin.

Shi Jin did not finish.


Lambert, on the other hand, smiled brightly.

“Arent you my family Its rare to have such good students.

Come, have a drink with me.”

Everyone raised their glasses and laughed together.

“Okay, cheers.”

After settling the matters in Germany, Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan returned to the country together.

Gu Jingyuan came to the airport to pick them up.


Lambert has agreed to cooperate” Gu Jingyuan was pleasantly surprised.

“Thats right.

Xiuyuan and I took action, were you afraid we wouldnt be able to handle it”

Gu Jingyuan smiled and said, “Of course I believe you.

Im just afraid that Old Madam Yue will interfere.”

“Dont worry.

This time, Xiuyuan will use the European companies to work with them.

Old Madam Yues reach is not that long.”

“The new medicine has been developed.

Of course, it has to be provided to its our citizens first, but its also for the benefit of the world.

Old Madam Yues actions might not be to leave it for the citizens to use.

Instead, she wants to monopolize it and let these patents belong to the Yue family.” Gu Jingyuan hit the nail on the head.

Shi Jin pressed her lips together.

“What she could do twenty years ago might not be possible now.”

“Yes, its all thanks to you two this time.”

“Its our duty,” Fu Xiuyuan said lowly.

Back at Orchid Pavilion, Shi Jin was still flipping through the information from more than twenty years ago.

Fu Xiuyuan sat beside her and saw her frown.

“So thats how it was back then.

Grandpa had a research institute that studied grains, and Uncle had a research institute that studied medicine.

The entire Li family was at the top of the four families.

However, Old Madam Yue did not want to see the Li family possess two important technologies, so she deliberately suppressed them.”

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