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Chapter 94: I Would Knock on Your Door as Well!

Gu Qinghua was terribly worried that Shi Jin would get eliminated from the program, so she kept looking at Shi Jin.

The host went on to announce the contestant who came in 10th.

All that remained was the last contestant who had advanced in the program.

All the fans kept typing their idols names in the comments.

“As for the last contestant…” The host looked at Xia Peifeng.

“Lets invite Peifeng to announce the results.”

He was clearly trying to use Xia Peifeng.

Since he was the most popular guest performer, more people would watch if he announced the final surviving contestant.

Xia Peifeng took the microphone.

He glanced at the name list without saying a word before he said coolly, “Its Little Stone!”

The moment he finished uttering three words, his lips curved downwards.

It was clear he did not like Little Stone.

Xia Peifeng was always polite, mild, and thoughtful.

No matter who it was, he treated people with respect.

So even though Shi Jin had advanced to the next level, people started gossiping about her online again thanks to Xia Peifengs reaction.

Everyone kept wondering how Little Stone had offended Xia Peifeng to make him react this way

Xia Peifengs fans promptly said, “It must be Little Stones fault.

Just think about it.

Peifeng never treats people like that.

In comparison, Little Stone offends people all the time.”

“I agree.

Why would Peifeng hate her of all people”

“First Chu Ling, now even Peifeng hates her.

She is just a troublemaker.”

Regardless of how their fans argued, a lot of fans felt relieved that Little Stone could stay.

Some viewers who genuinely loved music felt Shi Jin deserved to stay.

They simply liked good music and did not care about gossip in the entertainment industry or Little Stones appearance.

They were happy to support all the good music out there!

Shi Jin trended online owing to all the controversy surrounding her.

Even Ye Peiwen gained a lot of exposure as she trended online.

A lot of people searched for some of her old songs only to realize they had known them all along.

They simply did not recognize her in person.

Ye Peiwen and Shi Jins partnership was a win-win situation! Even though they started out in a bad place, things turned out well.

The song Shi Jin and Ye Peiwen sang called,Immortal, was very well-received.

The music application in collaboration with Ultimate Singer-Songwriter experienced an increase in the number of people signing up for it.

Most of them got into the application just to download this song.

The most popular post showing under the song read: [When I first heard the song tonight, I was so moved that I couldnt sleep, so I decided to listen to it at night.

In the end, my neighbor came knocking on my door.

Just when I wanted to apologize for waking him up, he asked: “Dude, can you tell me the name of this song”]

This comment left everyone laughing nonstop.

Some people even replied: [If I heard it, I would have knocked on your door as well!]

The other guest performers felt regretful of their choices.

Although they had appeared on the program and shown their faces, it ended up like any other performance for them and was completely ineffective in promoting themselves.

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