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Chapter 948: Dont Affect Too MuchTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“Lets go.

Any later and Im afraid Lambert will eat me.”

Du Xian urged Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan to get into the car.


After a hasty lunch with Yue Yu, Charles made many phone calls before he was told by his friend that Lambert was willing to see him.

“Great, Xiao Yu, Lambert agreed to let us go,” Charles said, putting down his phone.



Charles, its a good thing youre here.” Yue Yu kissed him.

“Otherwise, I wouldnt know what to do.”

“Everything will be okay now that we can meet Lambert,” Charles said with a smile.

Their expectations of Du Xian immediately faded.

Since Du Xian was so close to Shi Jin, they must have contacted each other long ago.

The only person they could get their hands on was Mr.


All they could hope for now was that Du Xian would not have too much influence over Lambert.


In the car.

Shi Jin asked, “Is Mr.

Lambert in good health now”

“Pretty good.

In our line of work, you can be bad at anything, but you cant be in bad health,” Du Xian said with a smile.

“I told him to rest more and do less before, and I dont know if he listened.

Did you supervise him”

Du Xian quickly raised his hand.

“Yes! I did everything you said!”

Although they had not spent much time with Shi Jin, Du Xian and Lambert had always treated Shi Jin as a very special existence and doted on her.

Only then did Shi Jin smile.

“Okay, I believe you.”

“Then why dont you take a look at that paper of mine later Little ancestor”

Fu Xiuyuan was also slightly surprised.

According to his understanding of Du Xian, his ability was definitely not inferior to Gu Jingyuans.

And he actually wanted Shi Jin to help him read his paper

However, when he thought about how this was Shi Jin, he felt that there was nothing impossible.

His Shi Jin seemed to be able to do everything the best.

The three of them reached their destination, parked, and entered the lobby together.

Just in time to see Charles and Yue Yu also in the hall.

The receptionist was talking to them.

“Please hold on while I contact Mr.


“Okay,” Charles said politely.

Seeing Shi Jin and the others enter, Yue Yus smile stiffened slightly.

“Shi Jin, you guys are here again”

“Yes,” Shi Jin said lightly.

Du Xian shrugged.

“I brought Shi Jin to my workplace to take a look.

Im sorry, but I dont have time to entertain you today.

Well meet again another day.”

Yue Yu realized that he still didnt know that Lambert wanted to see her.

Her smile widened.

“Its okay.


Lambert promised to see us in person.


Du, we do have to make another appointment.”

Her words had a hidden meaning, but Du Xian was an optimist, so he didnt notice it at all.

Instead, he was happy.

“Okay, then you guys call me next time.”

Yue Yus words did not have an effect and she could only swallow them back.

Charles still had a lot of respect for Fu Xiuyuan.

“Did Master Fu come this way to visit Mr.

Dus work area”

“Yes,” Fu Xiuyuan said simply.

“Then enjoy the tour,” he said with a smile.

Yue Yu took his arm and waited for the receptionist to respond.

Surprised, the receptionist said, “Mr.

Lambert says hell be right downstairs.”

Charles and Yue Yu were slightly startled, but also very pleased.

Everyone knew that Lamberts current status was very difficult to come into contact with.

With his ability and strength, there was almost no consortium or family that did not want to cooperate with him.

Hed actually come downstairs to greet them himself.

Did that mean he already knew something about Charles and Yue Yu that he valued so much

The receptionist obviously thought the same.

She did not dare to be negligent.

“Please sit down.”

Yue Yu raised her eyebrows slightly and said to Shi Jin, “Shi Jin, dont you want to see Mr.

Lambert too If I have time after meeting him, Ill introduce you to him, right”

How could Shi Jin not tell if she was showing off or being sincere

She smiled faintly.

“That would be too much trouble for you.”

“Its no trouble.

However, I heard that Mr.

Lambert is very particular about his affinity with people.

I can only say that Ill try my best.

I cant guarantee anything.” Yue Yus words were very sincere.

Du Xian said strangely, “Why would Shi Jin need someone else to introduce her to Mr.


Yue Yu thought he would help with the introductions and said, “Oh, I overstepped my boundaries and forgot that Shi Jin and Mr.

Du know each other.

Sorry, sorry.”

“Its okay,” Du Xian said immediately.

As he spoke, a figure walked out of the elevator.

He looked very refined and young, only in his early thirties.

His mixed-race face was very eye-catching.

It was Mr.


However, everyone knew that he was already in his fifties.

They really did not expect him to take such good care of himself.

He hurried toward them.

Yue Yu glanced gratefully at Charles.

“Its a good thing your friend helped, or—”

She was about to turn to Mr.

Lambert, who was already smiling and opening his arms as he walked toward Shi Jin.

“What Are you finally willing to come see me How heartless, do you know long I have been waiting”

Yue Yus smile froze, and her hand on Charless arm stiffened.

“Ive wanted to visit you for a long time, but you have to be free.

I heard that you locked yourself in the laboratory for half a year.

I was so scared that I didnt dare to ask,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

“Im glad youre here.

Come, lets go up first,” said Mr.


“I hear this is your husband”

“Xiuyuan, this is Mr.



Lambert, this is my husband, Fu Xiuyuan.”

They shook hands in greeting.

Charles and Yue Yu stood relatively far apart from them—Yue Yu originally didnt want Shi Jin to get in the way of her meeting Mr.

Lambert, so she stayed far away on purpose.

It would be too obvious to come forward now.

Therefore, Mr.

Lambert did not notice them.

Instead, he walked in the direction of the elevator with Shi Jin, Fu Xiuyuan, and Du Xian.

The receptionist was also a little confused.


Lambert had just said eagerly that he wanted to come down.

Was he here to welcome those two

So he was here to welcome those people.

That made sense.

Those were the friends Mr.

Du had brought!

Charles and Yue Yu were extremely embarrassed.

They stood where they were, but they could not leave immediately.

Yue Yu watched Mr.

Lambert and Shi Jin interact and had already sensed that their relationship was very unusual.

Even without Du Xian, there was no sense of unfamiliarity.

However, she was still silently convincing herself that Shi Jin had just happened to be lucky enough to obtain Mr.

Lamberts favor.

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