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Chapter 947: You Still Have a Good EyeTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

The medical researcher came over and demonstrated for Yue Yu on the spot.

The results were very rich and trivial.

For example, they could even tell that she had dry skin.

This made Yue Yu quite convinced.

“What else can we check quickly” Yue Yu asked.

“Blood type, simple DNA samples can be checked.”

Yue Yu tried again and found it interesting, so the medical researcher gave her two samples.


However, that was not the main point of her visit this time, so she did not take it to heart.

“Ill buy those patents on my end if I can,” Charles communicated with the researcher.

Outside, more people gathered around Du Xian after his speech.

Yue Yu could no longer sit still.

She stood up and said, “Lets go over too.”

Charles followed along.


Du, there are a lot of people here.

Why dont we talk over there” Yue Yu said.


Excuse me, everyone, Im going over there.”

Seeing that Yue Yu and Du Xian were very familiar with each other, everyone could not help but feel envious.

Yue Yu was about to lead Du Xian over when she saw Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan enter.

Shi Jin was dressed very professionally today.

She was wearing a white shirt and a ladys suit.

Her hair was tied into a ponytail, and she looked very refreshing and elegant.

When Yue Yu saw Fu Xiuyuan coming over, she was a little worried that his appearance would affect the current situation.

Charles saw her concern and said quietly, “They wont.

Theyre not close to Master Fu.

Ive asked around.

And Mr.

Du and Mr.

Lambert are more interested in affinity.

They dont care so much about external things like money.”

Yue Yu relaxed.

She nodded at Shi Jin and was about to leave with Du Xian.

“This way, Mr.


“Little ancestor!” Du Xian rushed to Shi Jin and hugged her.

“Youre finally here!”

Shi Jin found it hard to breathe after his fierce embrace.

Beside him, Fu Xiuyuan reached out and grabbed Du Xians collar, dragging him aside.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, what are you doing” Du Xians expression was ugly.

Fu Xiuyuan clasped Shi Jins shoulder in his palm.

Du Xian finally got a good look at him.

“So youre Shi Jins husband Not bad.

Shi Jin has a good eye for people.”

Yue Yus expression changed drastically.

Why did Shi Jin even know Du Xian What was going on Did she contact Du Xian earlier Through whose connections

She looked at Charles, who was also surprised.

The news hed received was that Fu Xiuyuan didnt know Du Xian and Lambert at all.

As for Gu Jingyuan, Yue Yu had also checked.

He had nothing to do with Du Xian and Lambert.

Could it be that Gu Jingyuan had secretly contacted them

“Little ancestor, find a place to sit for a while.” Du Xians attitude was very eager, but he clearly felt Fu Xiuyuans hostility towards him, so he simply didnt look Fu Xiuyuan in the eye.


Du, we havent finished our discussion,” Yue Yu said anxiously.

“Theres no hurry about that.

Charles has my contact information.

We can talk about it after,” Du Xian said.

“Come, little ancestor, Ill take you to a nice meal!”

Yue Yu watched as Du Xian walked out with Shi Jin.

Fu Xiuyuan followed.

Charles hadnt expected anything like this.

When hed come, hed guarded against a lot of people who were afraid they might interfere with Yue Yus plan and cooperation this time.

Unexpectedly, Shi Jin was also here to see Du Xian and was so familiar with him.

Du Xian was very enthusiastic.

“Theres a Chinese restaurant here.

The taste is very authentic.

Ill definitely bring you guys to try it.”

After entering the restaurant, he was in high spirits.

“The fish-flavored shredded pork here tastes authentic.

The steamed fish head with chopped peppers is very fresh and fragrant… Come, Shi Jin, and this, uh, brother-in-law, what do you like to eat”

He handed over the menu.

Fu Xiuyuan said unhurriedly, “We just ate these dishes yesterday.”

Du Xian: “…”

Du Xian said, “I forgot that you guys just came from Country S.”

Still, Fu took the menu and ordered two dishes.

His action immediately resolved Du Xians awkwardness.

He mocked himself and said, “I havent been back to the country for a few years.

I rely on this to feed my stomach.

By the way, Shi Jin, why didnt you tell me that you wanted to come to the forum earlier If we had known, we wouldve invited you on stage to speak no matter what.”

“If I had said so earlier, I might not have been able to come over.”

“Why Is someone up to no good again”

Shi Jin didnt say anything, but Du Xian could still tell.

He said, “Its not like twenty years ago anymore.

What kind of world is this The entire world is even more connected now.

Earth has developed into an integrated world, okay Dont worry, even if theres any cooperation, well definitely take priority.”

“Eat first.” Shi Jin picked up the chopsticks and passed them to him and Fu Xiuyuan.

As soon as the dishes were served, Du Xian could not be bothered to speak.

He picked up the white rice and ate it with the dishes.

It was obvious that he really missed the food of his hometown.

After dinner, Du Xian said, “Ill call Lambert.”

When the call was answered, Lamberts voice drawled, “Im busy today.

Well talk tomorrow.”

“Shi Jin is here!”

“Why didnt you say so!” the voice on the other end of the line was almost snarling.

“Now, bring Shi Jin to me at once.”

Fu Xiuyuan could hear the urgency in the voice on the other end.

He gave Shi Jin a serious look.

Shi Jin knew he was wondering about her relationship with Lambert and Du Xian.

She blinked and said, “Actually, I only met them once or twice, but Lambert taught me a lot.

That was when I was still with the Shi family.

I happened to see the books Mr.

Lambert had left at the Shi residence and started reading them seriously.

Then I realized there were places I couldnt figure out, so I called him.

Then he taught me a lot on the phone.

The only time I saw them once or twice was when they brought me more books.”

“At that time, you were only this tall.” Du Xian compared her height.

“But Brother-in-law, you dont know that she could understand those complicated medical books and everything at such a young age.

Lambert and I always treated her like a god who had descended to the mortal world.”

Shi Jin smiled and thought of her previous life.

She clearly had good medical skills, but she gave up on herself and missed out on a lot.

It was really not easy for people to live through life.

They always easily gave up the good things they had and saw the bad things.

The more focused you were on the bad, the easier it was to slide into the bad.

However, this was really a long time ago for Shi Jin.

She treated it as a nightmare.

It was so faint that only a little feeling was left.

Fu Xiuyuan treasured her hand and remembered what he had known about her in the past.

It was only superficial.

It was a blessing in life to have the chance to know more.

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