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Chapter 946: Cold AttitudeTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Charles said to Yue Yu, “It looks like Shi Jin was pretty cold with us.”

“Fu Xiuyuan is behind her.

No wonder shes so arrogant.” Yue Yu recalled that when she first met her, she had the same indifferent attitude.

No wonder.

Charles thought of Fu Xiuyuan and said, “Its not surprising that shes like this after becoming Madam Fu.”

Everyone knew that the Fu familys status in the S Nation was very powerful.

They were basically above the Yue family.


Previously, there was a saying that whoever wanted to stabilize the position of president would be able to rest easy as long as they obtained the support of the Fu family.

However, Fu Xiuyuan had always stayed away from these circles and did not do such things.

That was why everyone gradually forgot about their family.

Yue Yu bit her lip.

“As long as the Fu family continues to ignore these matters, theres nothing to be afraid of.

Im just afraid that Shi Jin will come out and show off.”

“Xiao Yu, it doesnt matter if shes in the limelight or not.

At the end of the day, Shi Jin is just an artist.

Being in the limelight is just her instinct.”

“Thats true.” Yue Yu laughed.

“Were here to work with Lambert, a research bigwig in the pharmaceutical world.

We have to meet them tomorrow first.”

“As long as we can take down the cooperation with Lambert, the Gu family will no longer be a concern for the Yue family.

Our family can also use these newly developed advanced medicines in France,” Charles said with a smile.

“Fair enough.

Here, wish us good luck with our partnership tomorrow.”

The Global Medical Advanced Elite Forum was an important global event that happened once every four years in the medical world.

Almost every pharmaceutical company with potential would attend this event.

However, Gu Jingyuan did not come this year.

There was no other reason, just that Old Madam Yue jammed the approval report for him to come.

So the entire company was absent.

No doubt many people would be greatly disappointed.

In the morning, standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window in his hotel room, Shi Jin looked out in silence.

Fu Xiuyuan walked toward her and reached out to hold her waist from behind.

“Still thinking about Eldest Brother not being able to come over”

“I know hell be eager to be involved.

Its his great regret that he didnt come this time.”

“If you can come over, you can make up for a lot of his regrets,” Fu Xiuyuan said softly.

Shi Jin was free.

She could come at any time without approval.

Old Madam Yue did not take her seriously at all.

Shi Jin narrowed her eyes.

“More than 20 years ago, Old Madam Yue suppressed our family like this.

I didnt expect it to be the same 20 years later.

The heavens want retribution, but it hasnt come to her yet.”

“It will.” Fu Xiuyuans voice was deep and powerful.


Global Medical Advanced Elite Forum.

There were quite a few people present.

Many companies had extremely high qualifications.

However, Yue Yu did not care about companies that were lower than Gu Jingyuans.

With such a filter, there were really no companies or figures that caught her eye.

Fortunately, Charles would introduce her to someone more powerful than Gu Jingyuan this time.

“Over there.

His name is Du Xian, and hes from S Country.

His teacher, Lambert, is the man were going to meet this time.

But Du Xian alone is already a very remarkable talent,” Charles said quietly.

Following the direction of his gaze, Yue Yu saw a group of people surrounding a young man and saying something to him.

He was speaking animatedly.

When he spoke, there was a certain lift in his tone.

He did not look very reliable.

However, from the looks of the people around him, it was obvious that he had an extraordinary status.

“This way, please,” a waiter said to Charles and Yue Yu as he approached.

“Xiao Yu, lets go over first.”

Yue Yu went over with Charles.

It turned out that he had specially arranged for a VIP room so that they could both see what was going on outside and watch the people talking in the forum.

They could also avoid the eyes of the others.

It was a very comfortable arrangement.

A moment later, someone led Du Xian over.


Du!” Charles stood eagerly.

“Charles!” Du Xian gave him a hug.

Charles introduced them both.

Charles smiled.

“As you know, Mr.

Du, these newly developed drugs are very important to all of us, especially since they can be used in a number of areas, such as the treatment of major diseases, womens beauty treatments, and so on… Were very interested in that, and wed love to seek cooperation with you.”

“Our new drug is indeed very effective.

It can suppress and kill the cells of many major diseases.

Therefore, its not impossible to cooperate.” Du Xian spoke with a smile, his tone was light, and his personality was very optimistic.

Yue Yu felt that he should be easy to talk to.

She smiled and said, “Mr.

Du is also from S Country, right”

“Yeah, thats why I was so friendly when I saw you.

Id love to work with the company in S Country, too, but everythings still up to Mr.



Du, youre Mr.

Lamberts favorite disciple, and youre a big hit with him.

Im sure hell listen to what you have to say,” Yue Yu said with a smile.

“Thats not necessarily true.

All I can say is that Ill do my best,” Du Xian said.

“I still have to go out for the forum speech.

Ill go out and talk to you later.”

When he went out, Yue Yu asked Charles, “Do you think itll be difficult”

“It shouldnt be.

It was my good friend who introduced me to Du Xian.

Du Xian would have given him face.

Besides,” he said in a low voice, “My friend introduced me to Mr.

Lambert anyway.”

Yue Yu relaxed.

Du Xian was giving a speech outside, and many people were listening attentively.

It was obvious that he was indeed in high demand.

Almost every company with qualifications was looking forward to having a private chat with him.

Yue Yus side had already made contact with him, and it looked like she was confident to get the deal.

One of the on-site medical researchers came over and Charles explained to Yue Yu, “Their company has developed a new medical technology that can quickly check for DNA genetic defects.”

“What do you mean”

“For example, when newborns are born, they will be tested for genetic defects.

If there are genes for deafness, it doesnt mean that the child will definitely have problems with his ears.

However, more parents need to pay attention to these places.

When such children grow up, its best to exclude those with deaf genes when they get married.

Otherwise, the problem of deafness in future children will be very big.

This technology is used widely now, but it takes a long time.

There are also many inaccurate results.

However, the technology studied by this research institute can be quickly checked.”

“Then let me try,” Yue Yu said.

“How do I check”

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