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Chapter 945: We Were Married Long AgoTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“Good girl.” Old Madam Yue smiled.

Yue Xiu thought to herself, “Its just essential oil.

It seems that Gu Jingyuan studied it, so Shi Jin has a chance to get it.

Why go so far as Germany”


Shi Jin was also packing for Germany.

This time, Fu Xiuyuan stayed with her.


When their car arrived at the airport there were already a lot of reporters waiting.

Although everyone knew about her husband last time, it had not been officially announced yet, so the outside world was still curious.

Since the outside world had such curiosity, the reporters would definitely not miss and give up such resources.

Hence, as soon as their car entered, they were surrounded.

Shi Jin glanced sideways at Fu Xiuyuan.

He held out his hand and she put her hand in his and their fingers linked as they climbed out of the car.

Facing the flashing lights in front of her, Shi Jin said, “Everyone, I know what you want to ask.

Today, Ill officially introduce my husband, Fu Xiuyuan.

He and I have been married for a long time.

I hope to receive everyones blessings.

Thank you, everyone.”

Her manner was generous and open.

The reporters had nothing more to ask.

“Were still in a hurry to catch a plane.

Can everyone make way for us”

The reporters immediately stepped aside.

Shi Jin thanked them and walked in the direction of the boarding gate with Fu Xiuyuan.

They left for a few minutes before the reporters suddenly exploded.

“Did I hear wrongly She said that his name is Fu Xiuyuan”

“Fu Xiuyuan”

“Is it that super mysterious big shot in the capital, Master Fu Xiuyuan”

“Oh my god, it really is! Although Master Fu rarely appears in public, a silhouette of him was posted before in the New York financial report.

It really matches!”

There was a collective gasp from the reporters.

For a moment, none of them knew if they should post the news.

However, seeing Shi Jins attitude just now and how honest she was, everyone discussed for a while.

“Since Shi Jin has already brought him to a public place, I believe it will be fine.

Everyone, post it.

But remember not to be too frivolous with your words.”

So the reporters posted the news.

Initially, because of Shi Jins husbands previous appearance, some haters were still mocking her.

“I wonder what Shi Jins husband does with his looks.

Who knows if hes a freeloader”


We dont even know if he had plastic surgery.”

“Whats the use of a man being so good-looking Its not like hes going to enter the industry for a living.

I think Shi Jin will probably be fooled.

When the time comes, not only will she be cheated of her feelings, but she will also be cheated of her money.”

Shi Jins fans had long accepted the fact that she had a relationship and respected all her choices.

However, they were a little worried when they saw so much mockery.

Some of the big fans from before were “mom” fans who were especially worried about their daughter.

They could not help but sigh in secret, afraid that Shi Jins husband would really be as unpresentable as everyone said.

“I think we should suggest it to the studio”

“Suggest what We cant expect her to get a divorce, can we”


Its worrying.”

“I think although were “mom” fans, our IQ and EQ are not even half of Shi Jins.

She must have her reasons for choosing someone.

Lets just let nature take its course.”

Therefore, the big fans finally reached a consensus, but they were still worried.

“Breaking news! Shi Jins husbands name has been exposed!”

“Let me see, let me see!”

Fans look at once.

When they saw the name Fu Xiuyuan, no one felt anything special.

It wasnt until they saw the reporters explanation that the fans were surprised.

“Master Fu The legendary Master Fu Oh my god! Our daughter actually took down Master Fu silently!”

“Oh my God, I told you you could always trust Shi Jin!”

“Im relieved now.

I wont worry about my daughter being mocked and scolded!”

When the other haters saw the news, they wanted to come in and mock them.

However, after seeing Fu Xiuyuans identity, they realized that the mocking words they had prepared were useless.

There was no point.

Hence, they could only say, “Do you really think you can live a carefree life after marrying into a wealthy family I wonder what will happen in the future.



Real wealthy families dont take in female entertainers.

Ill wait for her to get kicked out.”

However, this mockery was completely meaningless.

It was quickly suppressed to the back row.

Shi Jins trip to Germany with Fu Xiuyuan was undoubtedly much more comfortable than before.

This trip was not stressful.

After arriving in Berlin, Fu Xiuyuan accompanied her around the nearby streets before the two of them went to a famous local restaurant to eat together.

“The steak here is very good.

They use top-notch beef.” Fu Xiuyuan handed the menu to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin asked, “Ill order this.

What about you”

“Same as you.”

Music flowed softly in the dining room.

People whispered all around.

The atmosphere was very good.

The dessert arrived.

Shi Jin picked up a spoon and took a bite.

Fu Xiuyuan reached out and wiped away the remaining cream from her lips.

“Shi Jin,” came Yue Yus voice from beside her.

She was walking toward them on Charless arm.

Seeing Fu Xiuyuan doting on Shi Jin, Yue Yu felt an indescribable sense of jealousy.

Her sense of superiority at being higher class was ruthlessly suppressed, leaving her depressed, but she still had to smile.

“Yue Yu, what a coincidence.” Shi Jins tone was extremely calm.

Yue Yu recalled the words she had said to belittle Shi Jins husband in the river snail rice noodle shop.

Now that she thought about it again, she could not help but feel embarrassed.

However, she quickly realized that her attitude towards Shi Jin was indeed not good.

“Yeah, Charles and I have some errands to run on this trip to Germany.

How about you guys” Yue Yu said affectionately.

“Same for us.”

Yue Yu smiled and said, “If you guys have any problems, feel free to call me—I mean, Charles and I know this place better, after all.”

“Okay.” Shi Jin nodded.

Seeing Shi Jins cold attitude, Yue Yu stood up and said, “If theres nothing else, well return to our seats first.”

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan finished their dessert and stood up to leave.

The night air was crisp, and there werent many people on the street.

Shi Jin held Fu Xiuyuans hand and strolled slowly.

After all, there were not many reporters and people she knew here.

Walking around casually would not attract anyones attention.

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