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Chapter 943: Be Interested in Sha HaimuTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Those fans were still outside.

When they saw the man beside Shi Jin, they were stunned.

The aura this man displayed made them feel shockingly scared even from afar.

No one dared meet his gaze.

In addition, they knew that they were in the wrong, so they hurriedly put away the banners.

That night, Sha Haimus defeat was trending.


He was reduced to a laughing stock.

“Pretending to be gay when you have a girlfriend Oh, your broken legs serve you right!”

“Is that kind of activity so important They told him to rest.

What can they do if he doesnt listen”

“Shi Jin is the one who suffered the most, right She didnt do anything and was sued by him!”

“Its really disgusting.

He sold a fake persona to deceive people.

He might as well change his surname!”

“Yes, thats right.

Whats his last name, Sha He should change his last name to Liar.”

In court today, Fu Xiuyuan had been photographed by reporters because he was attending at the same time as Shi Jin.

The photograph of the two of them walking side by side showed a marked intimacy.

Only then did everyone remember that this must be Shi Jins husband.

She was young, so everyone usually forgot about this.

In the past, no one knew who her husband was, but after seeing him in person today, no one had to wonder what his identity was.

When the two of them stood together, whether it was their height, looks, or anything else, they only gave off two words: a perfect match.

No one could say anything other than that they were compatible.

As for what his name and occupation were, they instantly became irrelevant.

Everyone recalled that Sha Haimus fans had said that Shi Jin had taken a fancy to Sha Haimu and that was why she had done all sorts of things just to obtain him.

In the past, everyone felt that this statement was ridiculous.

Now, they felt that this was even more ridiculous.

“If Shi Jin has a husband like that, would she be interested in Sha Haimu”

“I dont want to say this, but where did Sha Haimu get the confidence Cant you see that even Lin Luo avoids him Someone even imagined that Shi Jin had those kinds of thoughts about him”

“The sight of him ruins my appetite.

Fancy him”

“I just want to ask who Shi Jins husband is! Hes so f*cking handsome! Handsome, lets do an idol drama with Shi Jin!”

“Looking forward to it! Agree with the upstairs comment!”

“Youve already appeared in public.

In the future, I can bring you everywhere openly!” Shi Jin was very satisfied with the public opinion today.

Usually, when female celebrities exposed their husbands, no matter who he was or what he looked like, everyone would say that he wasnt worthy.

There would be a lot of discussions.

Fans worried more than the mothers of those actresses.

However, today there were agreeable voices everywhere.

Previously, she had not wanted Fu Xiuyuan to be exposed to the fans because she wanted to try her best to avoid these messy voices.

Now, it seemed, things had turned out well.

“Then Ill follow you wherever you go.” Fu Xiuyuan smiled.

It was not easy to be with Shi Jin openly and receive blessings from everyone.

Shi Jin smiled.

“Its a deal.”

Yao Jiahong called.

“Sha Haimu has been discharged from the hospital and will probably go to the countryside to recuperate.

His fans have finally let you go.

No one said anything else.”

Professional fans could be arrested, but it was not easy to deal with these loose fans.

It was best if they could disperse.

“Thats good.

By the way, did they let Lin Luo go” Shi Jin asked.


Theyre still ranting about how Lin Luo lied to them too.

Why didnt he tell them Sha Haimu had a girlfriend Why this and that Im not them.

I cant understand how their minds work.”

“How sad,” Shi Jin said sincerely.

“Sure enough, you cant get rid of your haters.”

“Put it down.

Another socialist brotherhood drama will be on soon.

Once its on there, the CP fans here will swarm over and ignore Lin Luo.”

Shi Jin was a little relieved when she heard that.

Although she did not know Lin Luo, they shared the same fate.

It was a comfort to her that the handsome mans future was smooth.


Yue residence.

After Gu Jingyuans car entered from the main entrance, the butler quickly went forward to receive him.

He opened the car door and greeted respectfully, “Hello, Doctor Gu.”

As he walked down, the butler said softly, “The old lady is already waiting for you in the inner hall.”

Gu Jingyuan nodded slightly and walked in.

Old Madam Yue was sitting at the coffee table, holding a teacup and blowing on the tea leaves in it.

The servant behind her was massaging her temples with the essential oil that Yue Lanchen had brought that day.

It relieved her headache and fatigue and relaxed her body and mind.

“Old Madam, Doctor Gu is here.”

The butler walked over and reminded her softly.

Only then did Old Madam Yue open her eyes and smile.

“Doctor Gu, Ive heard a lot about you.

Please take a seat.”

A servant brought tea immediately.

After Gu Jingyuan tasted two mouthfuls, Old Madam Yue said, “Doctor Gu, how does this tea taste”

“Its fragrant and very nice.”

“There arent many young people who like tea these days.

Its rare that you do,” Old Madam Yue said with a smile.

“Take some with you when you leave.”

“Thanks a lot.

You didnt just ask me over for tea, did you”

Old Madam Yue placed the cup on the table and said, “Indeed, Im looking for you for something else.

Doctor Gu, I know that youve been doing further research on DNA recently.

At the moment, many usable drugs have been developed.

Are you planning to further produce and sell these drugs with other countries in Europe”

Hearing her mention an important topic, Gu Jingyuans expression turned serious.

“Yes, Ive been working with them previously.”

“Doctor Gu, medicine is a big problem for the country.

No matter what, with new medicine, it should be shared with ones own country first, right” Old Madam Yues expression was serious.

“This is a big deal for the country and the people.”

“If the people of the S Nation need them, these drugs must be given priority in our own country.

Normally, we also guarantee the supply.

As for the rest, a physicians benevolence, without violating the big principles, I believe it is not against the professional ethics of our medical practitioners to allow people in other countries the opportunity to obtain the right drugs.”

Gu Jingyuans tone was solemn and calm.

“Thats true, but if we really encounter a problem, wouldnt it be too late if supplies were limited”

Gu Jingyuan was silent for a moment before asking calmly, “Then according to Old Madam Yue, what should we do”

When he had finished speaking, he looked calmly at Old Madam Yue for an answer.

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