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Chapter 942: SlanderTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

A young woman walked in.

Her name was Cao Wenwen and she stood on the witness stand.

“Cao Wenwen, are you Sha Haimus girlfriend”

“No, I was in the past, but we broke up a long time ago,” Cao Wenwen immediately said.

“Then, since you broke up, why did you come to the hospital repeatedly to visit Sha Haimu Theres detailed evidence here that proves that you went to the hospital a few times to visit.”

Cao Wenwen said, “Thats because were still friends after breaking up.

As a friend, cant I visit him I believe this is human nature.”


“Then why did you have sex when you were only ordinary friends”

Cao Wenwen immediately objected.

“We didnt have sex.

This is slander!”

The defense lawyer immediately called a nurse to testify.

However, in the face of the nurses testimony, Sha Haimu and Cao Wenwen both expressed strong objections at the same time.

“Sha Haimus leg was not good at that time.

He wanted to go to the bathroom, so I helped him over.

This naturally caused some noise and also made some sounds.

How can the nurse think that we did that kind of thing because of this This is a crime that we dont admit to.”

The nurse could not produce any stronger evidence.

“Defendants lawyer, you went a little overboard in order to frame the plaintiff.

You actually used such a method to slander him to get rid of your own responsibility!” The plaintiffs lawyer was very angry.

“Alright, since Cao Wenwen and Sha Haimu are not in a relationship and have not had sex three times, then lets talk about the fourth time Sha Haimu had sex with someone,” the defendants lawyer said.

“The fourth time” Cao Wenwen was stunned.

“Thats right.

The reason why his leg injuries are getting more and more serious every time is because he doesnt cherish his body many times and doesnt listen to the doctors instructions.

He exercised violently, which led to such a problem.”

“Why would there be a fourth time” Cao Wenwen said angrily.

“Objection, objection!” the plaintiffs lawyer said repeatedly.

However, the defendants lawyer remained calm and said indifferently, “Because the fourth time was with another woman.”

Cao Wenwen was especially angry.

“Another woman Sha Haimu! Didnt you say that you stopped fooling around outside and broke up with that mistress from before Why is there another woman!”

She started making a fuss on the spot.

Everyone in the gallery was in an uproar.

“Cao Wenwen, didnt you say that you had already broken up with Sha Haimu Didnt you say that you had never slept with him Didnt you say that he had never exercised violently”

Cao Wenwen knew that she had been deceived.

“I… I was just saying…”

“You said it casually, but when Sha Haimu was filmingVisiting All the Rivers and Mountains, you even went to visit the set in the middle of the night.

How do you explain this A month ago, you even accepted Sha Haimus diamond ring.

How do you explain this”

“I… I…” Cao Wenwen could not explain because she was Sha Haimus girlfriend in the first place, although she was very likely not the only one.

Sha Haimu said, “Shes really not my girlfriend.

I never had sex with her either.

The diamond ring was only a compensation for the loss of her youth.

Theres nothing between us!”

Cao Wenwen was originally here to be a fake witness, and Sha Haimu had high hopes for her.

However, seeing that she was about to be exposed, he was about to cut ties with her.

She felt her heart turn cold when she heard his words.

She had done so much for him, but the moment he saw that something was wrong, he immediately denied his relationship with her.

To deny it in front of so many people meant that there was no future for the two of them.

She was extremely angry.

“Sha Haimu, what right do you have to say that You promised me previously that as long as you became famous, you would marry me immediately.

Over the past few months, you were afraid that we would be photographed and it would affect your career.

Every time, I was the one who hid and came to look for you.

I didnt expect you to still have dealings with other mistresses behind my back!

Over the past few months, you said that you wanted to eat up the dividends of this television drama, so you must pretend that you like Lin Luo very much.

If you act like you cant remove yourself from the relationship in the drama, your fans will feel very sorry for you.

But what about me Who will feel sorry for my future

You deserve what has happened now! Ive come to see you a few times and only had sex with you once.

You even lied to me that they were deliberately harming you when they said you had sex three times!

In the end, I didnt expect it to be more than three times.

There were even four or five times.

Then who did you have sex with!”

Sha Haifeng was stunned and could not answer.

His lawyer also looked pale.

The audience discussed animatedly.

“This is really… What has this got to do with the doctors and Shi Jin”

“A man who cant control his lower body deserves it!”

“Its already been said that he had to recuperate.

He cant do any strenuous exercise, but he still caused trouble.

Serves him right!”

“So the others are all undeserved disasters.


Hes even pretending to be gay for money!”

“Really, are all people in the entertainment industry like this”

“Quiet! Quiet!” The judge hammered heavily.

Everyone finally quietened down.

In the end, the judge confirmed the truth.

“Shi Jin and the attending doctors of the hospital have already done their duty of emergency treatment and performing surgery according to the regulations.

The previous surgery was also very successful.

The reason why Sha Haimus leg injury repeatedly acted up to this point is entirely because he did not abide by the doctors instructions and exercised violently, causing future trouble.

Now, the facts are clear.

The court has determined that the defendant is innocent and does not have to bear any responsibility.

The hospital does not support the plaintiffs medical fees and compensation fees.

In addition, the expenses needed to open the court will be borne by the plaintiff!”

The hospital director and doctor heaved a sigh of relief and said to Shi Jin, “Sorry to trouble you, Shi Jin.

If not for your lawyer dealing with and searching for evidence, who knows how long this matter would have lasted”

“This is my business too.”

Shi Jin said to the others, “Everyone, I still want to say something to you.

Although Sha Haimus actions are bad and he lies a lot, I want to tell you that its not because hes in the entertainment industry that his personality is like this.

He was originally like this, so he has also stirred up trouble in the entertainment industry.

I hope you wont have any industry prejudice because of such a person.”

Everyone agreed.

“Yes, that makes sense.

There are scums in every industry.”

“Theres something wrong with Sha Haimu, not the others.”

When the verdict came down, Sha Haimus face was filled with death.

Unable to get compensation, now that his career had been completely destroyed, almost everything was gone.

And it was impossible for his legs to stand up again.

Everyone wondered if he would regret not caring about his injuries for his own selfish desires when faced with such a situation.


Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan walked out together.

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