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Chapter 941: Yue Yus Smile Frozen On Her FaceTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Madam Yue glanced at her daughters friend and said, “What are you talking about”

When these friends of Yue Yu heard her speak, they fell silent.

Yue Yu had a faint smile on her face.

“Mom, we were just asking Shi Jin to bring her husband out to hang out with us when shes free.

Its fun with more people.”

As everyone was talking, they heard someone whisper in surprise, “Eh, is that Master Fu”

“Its really Master Fu! Why is he here”


Yue Yu and the others looked up together and saw that it was really Fu Xiuyuan.

Their faces revealed surprise.

Although she did not have much personal relationship with Fu Xiuyuan, this was her birthday party after all.

Fu Xiuyuan coming personally was enough to show how important it was.

She was too happy for a moment and actually forgot to think about the deeper meaning behind Fu Xiuyuans visit.

Fu Xiuyuans appearance was like a light that illuminated the entire venue.

Charles also knew Fu Xiuyuans reputation.

He looked at Fu Xiuyuan in admiration and welcomed his arrival with his gaze.

“Master Fu!” Charles quickly went forward to greet him.

“Ive heard a lot about you.”

He chose to use the traditional greeting of the S Nation to shake Fu Xiuyuans hand.

Fu Xiuyuan nodded slightly and shook his hand.

There was some respect, joy, and even humility in Charless expression.

Yue Yu could not suppress her joy either.

She said with a smile, “Master Fu, your presence is really an honor.

I really didnt expect you to come to my birthday banquet.

Im really honored.”

Fu Xiuyuans expression remained calm, and he carried the aura of someone who had been in power for a long time.

The way he looked at everyone was no different.

Only when he saw Shi Jin did his gaze soften, and his cold facial features were enveloped in a smile.

“Xiuyuan.” Shi Jin walked to his side.

“I came in first.”

“Mm.” Fu Xiuyuan lowered his head and spoke to her.

“I was going to tell you to go in first anyway.”

When Shi Jin spoke to him, her expression was different from her usual indifference.

It was all soft and cute.

The aura between the two of them was very intimate, extremely familiar.

Yue Yus expression slowly darkened.

She finally thought of that possibility.

Could Shi Jins husband be Fu Xiuyuan

“Shi Jin, let Xiuyuan come and sit down to talk,” Mrs.

Yue called out.

The two of them walked over and sat down hand in hand.

“Sis, Brother-in-law.” Yue Lanchen ran over with a smile.

Yue Yus smile froze on her face!

Shi Jins husband was really Fu Xiuyuan!

Previously, no one had told her the truth.

She had always thought that it was because that mans identity was not presentable, so she did not take him seriously at all.

Especially after she had Charles, she had completely crushed Shi Jin, but this was just what she thought.

So that was it! That was it!

The main characters of this banquet were originally herself and Charles, but now, Fu Xiuyuan had only shown his face briefly, and everything had changed.

She heard voices from her surroundings.

“So Shi Jins husband is actually Master Fu!”

“Heavens, so Madam Yue recognizing Shi Jin as her goddaughter was not a loss at all!”

“Its really too shocking!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Im envious.”

Yue Yu immediately lost interest in continuing the banquet.

However, she had no choice but to continue.

After Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin had lunch, they bade farewell.

Madam Yue could not bear to part with her.

“When are you coming back”

“Ill come and visit you when I have time,” Shi Jin said.

“Alright, alright.” Madam Yue nodded.

“Be careful on the way.”

On Shi Jins side, she still had to deal with the lawsuit against Sha Haimu.

Actually, she had already hired many lawyers, but Sha Haimus fans were making a fuss and were very arrogant.

Shi Jin still had to attend as the defendant.

When they reached the entrance of the court, they indeed saw many fans of Sha Haimu holding banners, such as “Weve been wronged”, “Return our innocence”, and so on.

Indeed, the rational fans did not speak and left silently.

Those who were left behind were becoming more and more crazy.

Well, they couldnt not be crazy.

The cost of silence was so high.

They had to be crazy.

There were also some professional fans who wanted to take out the photos and banners of Sha Haimu to sell.

They had to coax the little fans too.

Otherwise, wouldnt those things be wasted

In the courtroom.

Sha Haimu attended in a wheelchair, while Fu Xiuyuan accompanied Shi Jin in.

Shi Jin was sent to the defense table with the hospital director and attending doctor standing beside her.

Everyone looked at each other helplessly.

Fu Xiuyuan met Shi Jins gaze and nodded gently at her.

Shi Jin smiled.

Sha Haimus face was weak and pale.

Many of the people sitting in the gallery were his fans, and their hearts ached.

The plaintiffs lawyer said, “Shi Jin and the entire hospitals attending doctors and director have all performed the wrong treatment on Sha Haimu, causing him to have a huge problem with his legs.

He cant walk or be treated further.

As a victim, Sha Haimu probably wont be able to walk again for the rest of his life.

All of this is caused by their wrong treatment, especially since the entire hospital is still protecting Shi Jin.

Its really infuriating.”

“Objection.” The defendants lawyer stood up.

“Regardless of whether it was at the time or after, all the treatment procedures for Sha Haimu are completely correct and in line with the situation at that time.

Our client has no reason to target Sha Haimu.”

“As a very attractive artist, everyone knows that Shi Jin has improper thoughts about Sha Haimu.

What if she hurts him because she cant get what she wants” the plaintiffs lawyer said.

The judge knocked heavily.

“The plaintiffs lawyers words are baseless.

Please reconsider your argument.”

The ordinary audience in the gallery were amazed by the plaintiffs lawyers comment.

The defendants lawyer said, “Apart from having evidence to prove that all the treatments match the normal treatment plan, we have other evidence.

I want to ask Sha Haimu now.

Did the doctor say that you need to rest after the surgery Did Shi Jin say that you need to rest Hasnt everyone said that you need to rest, especially not exercise vigorously”

“Yes.” Sha Haimu could not deny it.

Especially when Shi Jin said it in front of the camera.

“Then why did you have sex with your girlfriend three times while you were recuperating”

Everyone was in an uproar.

Especially his fans.

“I… This cant be considered strenuous exercise, right Furthermore, do you have evidence I dont have a girlfriend at all! I didnt have sex either!” After Sha Haimu finished speaking, he immediately reacted.

He could not have a girlfriend.

“Very well,” the defense lawyer said.

“Then lets invite a witness.”

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