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Chapter 940: Defeat EveryoneTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

However, what she had encountered after returning to the country made the alarm in her heart ring.

Her advantage seemed to not be much in front of Shi Jin.

Especially after the tea leaves incident, she was really afraid that her parents would be disappointed in her.

Coupled with the fact that Charles had followed her to Country S and confessed to her again, she finally agreed.

“Am I going to see your parents today” Charles spoke Chinese very well without much accent.

“Thats right.

Youll be able to see them in a while, but you might also see many beauties in S Country later.

I want you to promise me that you cant be attracted to anyone else!”


“Of course, how could I!”

Yue Yu smiled in satisfaction, reapplied her lipstick, and walked out with him on her arm.

Charless face was filled with pride.

He had been looking forward to standing by Yue Yus side for a long time.

At the door, she and Charles walked in with their heads high.

Someone immediately whispered, “Is this Xiao Yus boyfriend He looks quite good.”

“Isnt that Charles The only son of the French Bohranski family, Charles” Someone recognized him.

“Its actually Charles! His status is even higher than a prince! In the future, he will be the appointed and only heir of a large financial family.”

“May I ask who this identity can be compared to in the country”

Someone said in a low voice, “Perhaps in the country, hes almost able to catch up to that lord of the Fu family and defeat everyone else.”

“So powerful!” At the mention of Fu Xiuyuans name, everyone had an idea.

“It looks like Xiao Yu has good taste.”

“Its a pity that Master Fus family has already decided on a marriage.

Otherwise, everyone would have some hope.”

When Yue Yu heard the discussions below the stage, the smile on her face widened as she walked towards her parents.

Yue Feng and Madam Yue looked at each other.

They were a little shocked.

Their daughter actually had a boyfriend!

Furthermore, it was with such an identity!

However, they were also very happy.

As parents, how could they not want their children to be happy

Seeing the smile on their daughters face, they felt that anything was enough.

“Dad, Mom.” Yue Yu walked over.

“Let me introduce you.

This is my boyfriend, Charles.

Im sorry I only told you today.”

“Charles, these are my parents.”

“Hello, Uncle and Auntie.”

“Alright, alright.” Madam Yue was delighted to see that he had an oriental appearance and was in love with her daughter.

“I dont need you to introduce me.

Ill introduce myself.

Im my sisters younger brother.

My name is Yue Lanchen.

You can call me Lanchen.


Charles smiled and shook his hand.

A moment later, Yue Yu introduced Charles to everyone.

The people around her looked at her differently, but they were basically all envious.

“Xiao Yu, youre really lucky.

You were born in such a good family and you found such a good boyfriend.”

“Im really envious of you, Xiao Yu.

If we had one percent of your luck, we would have woken up laughing.”

Yue Yu revealed a reserved smile.

Such voices sounded everywhere.

Only then did Yue Yu remember that she had not seen Shi Jin.

She looked around.

Could it be that Shi Jin had not come


At that moment, Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuans car had already reached the parking lot.

“The intersection just now was really blocked,” Shi Jin said.

“It took about half an hour.”

She glanced at her watch.

“But its okay.

Theres still time.

Im not late.”

“Mm.” Fu Xiuyuan got out of the car with her.

Walking through the hotel door, Fu Xiuyuan received a call.

He said in a low voice, “Give me three minutes.

Ill deal with something at work.

Why dont you go in first”

He picked up the phone, avoiding crowded places and finding a quiet place to talk.

Shi Jin did not enter first and stood there waiting for him.

“Shi Jin, youre here” Yue Yu greeted.

She had specially walked out.

The skirt of her evening gown swayed as she walked, and exquisite waves appeared on her carefully styled hair.

Her high heels made rhythmic sounds on the ground.

She hooked her arm around Shi Jins.


She was too enthusiastic, so Shi Jin could not reject her completely.

“Lets go.

My parents have been waiting for you for a long time.

Lets go in first.”

“Im still waiting for someone.”

“Is there a friend coming with you Its okay.

We have an usher here at any time.

My name is also written on the stage.

She will definitely see it.”

She pulled Shi Jin up and left.

As she walked, she asked, “Shi Jin, I saw that they said that you were actually interested in Sha Haimu.

Could it be true That man is really too ugly.

You actually have such thoughts”

This question was annoying, so Shi Jin did not respond.

“By the way, why didnt your husband come with you” Yue Yu asked again.

“I forgot that when I wrote the invitation, I should have written his name along with it.”

As they spoke, the two of them had already arrived beside Yue Feng and Madam Yues seats.

“Godfather, godmother,” Shi Jin greeted.

“Come and sit.” Madam Yue smiled and pulled her hand.

“Sis!” Yue Lanchen jumped out of nowhere and hugged Shi Jins shoulder affectionately.

Yue Yu smiled and said to the people around her, “Everyone, this is my parents new goddaughter, Shi Jin.”

Everyone knew about this, but this was the first time some people had seen Shi Jin in person.

Seeing that her expression was indifferent, but she had a kind of beauty that could not be ignored, and her bearing was also very outstanding, they all thought to themselves that the goddaughter that Madam Yue had taken a liking to was indeed not bad.

However, most people were thinking about how Shi Jin had the ability to get the Yue familys acknowledgement!

It could be seen that her ability was outstanding and could not be underestimated.

The person beside her said, “Xiao Yu, you should introduce Charles to Shi Jin.”

“Yes, we should all introduce each other.”

“I almost forgot.” Yue Yu pulled Charles over and said with a smile, “Shi Jin, this is my boyfriend, Charles.”

Yue Yu did not introduce much, but someone beside her had already started to help her fill in Charless various identities.

Shi Jin nodded, her expression still the same.

“Hello, Charles.”

The friend behind Yue Yu said, “Shi Jin, I heard that you got married long ago.

Why didnt you bring your husband along”

“Thats right.

I often hear rumors about your marriage, but I dont know who your husband is.

Its okay.

Everyone is very approachable.

No matter who your husband is, bring him out for everyone to see.”

In her words, Shi Jin did not bring him out to meet everyone because her husbands identity was not presentable.

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