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Chapter 939: Then Please Transfer HospitalsTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Facing Sha Haimus sophistry, the doctor said, “You might need to calm down.”

Sha Haimu was enraged.

“What I need is surgery and treatment for my legs!”

“Then please transfer to another hospital.”

“Why should I I spent so much money.

Why should I”

The doctor was speechless.


Sha Haimus leg could not be treated for a while, and the outside world was discussing.

Of course, the fans hearts ached.

News of him meeting his girlfriend in private had also spread.

Some of the more rational CP fans felt cheated.

Back then, the foundation of their CP was built by Sha Haimu.

He had hinted on Weibo that he loved Lin Luo but could not have him.

He loved him deeply, but Lin Luo was a scumbag who didnt love him back.

Later, when Sha Haimu admitted to being the wife, he pushed these emotions to the extreme.

After that, be it his various disguises, his various injured comments, or his professional fans guidance, they all pulled the CP fans to his side.

Lin Luo was scolded every day.

Now, they suddenly knew that he had a girlfriend!

Then what were the feelings that fans like them projected on him

What was this if not deception

Some people quietly stopped being fans, and the rest who did not believe became more and more crazy.

Many advertising partners had proposed to terminate their contracts with Sha Haimu.

Because of his injuries, he could not fulfill many of the filming and platform activities.

Furthermore, things like the hand cream endorsement had happened many times in the past.

The number of times he had deceived his partners had also been endless.

Everyone did not show any mercy.

They even stepped on him on Weibo.

As for what had happened to Little Zhao, it had also happened very many times.

Everyone who had worked with him had basically suffered like Little Zhao.

They were all people in the industry.

Although many of them were staff with very little say, everyone spoke one after another.

When they talked about Sha Haimu, they were filled with disdain and wished they did not have to cooperate with him.

You couldnt say that people were too cynical, many people were not completely heartless.

One could only blame Sha Haimu for causing too much trouble when he was popular.

Three feet of ice was not caused by a day of cold.

Sha Haimu had never thought of accumulating merit for himself in the circle.

Everyone was pushing him when he was down.

It was almost his inevitable fate.

Sha Haimu was abandoned in a short time.

The last struggle he made was to sue the hospital and Shi Jin in court for inappropriate treatment.

They had to compensate him for all his losses.

When Shi Jin received the court summons, she could not help but laugh.

“Very good.

It looks like his leg really cant recover.

Otherwise, why would he be desperate”

Fu Xiuyuan said to Yao Jiahong, “Arrange for a few lawyers to respond.

I want the best lawyers in the capital.”

“Yes, everything has been arranged.”

“Draw out all the information about Sha Haimu and hand it to the lawyer,” Fu Xiuyuan said indifferently.

Shi Jins phone had long been turned on.

Even if the people from Sha Haimus side called and asked her to treat his leg injury, she could directly reject them.

She was preparing to attend Yue Yus birthday party.


Yue residence.

Madam Yue was dressing up in her room.

Yue Lanchen sat beside her and was answering her question.

“Thats what happened.

It has nothing to do with my sister, right That Sha something, hes not normal.

Do you expect him to deal with things according to a normal persons thinking”

“So there is actually such a group of people in this world.”

When Madam Yue heard Yue Lanchen mention Sha Haimu and his fans, her horizons were broadened.

“Anyway, you know that the others are innocent.

Hes the one who wants to cause trouble.

The fans just have to follow his lead.”

Madam Yue was relieved.

She tidied her hair in front of the mirror.

“Hows my hairstyle”

“Very good! My mother looks thirty years younger.”

“Pfft, thirty years younger Then wont I have to call you older brother”


Yue Feng was already prepared.

He waited on the sofa and looked up to see his wife.

He smiled.

“You dressed up well today.”

“Isnt it because Im not bad to begin with”

“Yes, my wife is right.

Lets go.

Ill get the car.”

“Xiao Yu arranged this birthday banquet today and didnt ask us to help prepare it.

I wonder how prepared it is”

“Shes grown up now and has her own decisions.

No matter what its like, Im very proud.”

Madam Yue smiled and said, “Thats true.

No matter what, thats very good.”

The three of them went to the hotel together.

This hotel was very high-class.

At this moment, it was already decorated abnormally luxuriously.

After walking in, Yue Yu greeted her friends.

Today, she invited her family and friends over.

She did not let her parents interfere with anything.

Seeing her parents and younger brother, she welcomed them warmly.

“Dad, Mom, Lanchen.”

“Youre really beautiful today.

The banquet is also set up well.

Did a friend help” Madam Yue asked with a smile.

“Thats right.

I even invited many family and friends,” Yue Yu said with a smile.

Seeing that her daughter could take charge of herself, Madam Yue was very satisfied.

In the blink of an eye, her daughter was already so old.

It really made people sigh.

“Dad, Mom, Lanchen, you dont have to worry about anything today.

Just sit in the front row,” Yue Yu said with a smile.

The couple walked to the front seats and sat down.

They were very satisfied to see their daughter handle everything in an orderly manner.

Yue Yu said in a low voice, “I have a surprise for you later.”

“Is that so” Madam Yue said with a smile.

“I havent even given you my gift, but youre going to surprise me”

“Then give me the gift first!” Yue Yu reached out and the mother and daughter laughed.

Seeing that it was getting late and most of the guests had arrived, Yue Yu returned to her hotel room to do her final makeup.

“Darling, youre back” A man hugged Yue Yus waist.

“Yes, I came back to touch up my makeup.” Yue Yu kissed him on the cheek.

The man kissed her back happily.

The Yue familys status in the S Nation was almost unmatched.

If Yue Yu wanted to find a boyfriend, she could only look at a few large families and some rich and powerful people.

However, in fact, there were not many men of the right age.

Furthermore, she had always been very picky and did not find many pleasing to the eye.

The Charles beside her was a little different.

He was the Young Master of a certain European financial group.

Both his parents had extremely powerful forces behind them that spread throughout Europe and the United States.

What was especially rare was that he had Eastern blood.

His looks were very biased towards the aesthetics of the S Nation, and he had always been obedient to Yue Yu.

Yue Yu originally had not completely agreed to being with him.

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