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Chapter 93: You Are Too Kind

Chu Ling kept smiling.

He clearly did not feel that Shi Jin could keep up with Ye Peiwens singing.

Shi Xuexin was watching this live.

She kept her back straight as she sat and shook her head.

“From the looks of it, Shi Jin will get kicked off the show soon.

I am not sure if this teacher is here to help, or make trouble.”

However, an equally powerful voice rang in the air.

I will be just like the sun god.

I will stand guard over these everlasting flames.

I will follow the path of Prometheus.

And defend your precious dream.

Her singing style differed from that of Ye Peiwens.

The only things that remained the same were their supremely explosive vocals and excellent control.

Everyone who was listening automatically turned to look at her on this stage when they heard her voice.

After the singing was over, they were startled to realize it was Little Stone!

Both of their performances were on par with each other even down to the power of their voice.

The audience was blown away by this discovery as they watched.

They were no ones fans and were simply here for the music.

If they could get moved by their performance, they were happy to turn on the application and vote for the artists.

They were keenly aware of one truth.

If they did not speak up and defend what they liked, they would not have a choice over who they wanted to see perform.

Everyone opened their application without hesitation.

And Shi Jins fans started to vote for her wildly.

Even though they were small in number, they were deeply loyal to Shi Jin from the start.

Shi Jin and Ye Peiwens voices blended into one as they stood on stage.

Even if people want to talk, they cant deny my success!

Yu Guannan was the first to clap.

No matter who they were here for, all the fans present could not help applauding after the exhilarating performance.

Shi Xuexin bit her lip gently and applauded with the crowd.

After they got off the stage, Ye Peiwen reached her hand out and embraced Shi Jin.

“That was brilliant! I havent had such a great time singing in such a long time! You are a worthy opponent!”

Calling Shi Jin her worthy opponent was the best praise Shi Jin had ever received.

Xia Peifeng glanced at Shi Jin while waiting for the results, “Did you really write that”

Shi Jin glanced at him and ignored him.

It was impossible for her to answer this convincingly.

She used to give her songs to Deng Yufei when she was stupid.

She did not know how much of her music Deng Yufei had shown Xia Peifeng.

Even a top talent agent like Yao Jiahong fell for Deng Yufeis ploys and was all praise for her.

Deng Yufei undoubtedly put in a lot of effort to market herself.

Shi Jin could only wait for the perfect opportunity to show the world the truth.

Ye Peiwen said to Xia Peifeng, “How could you talk to Little Stone like that I helped her clean up the song, so I know best how talented she is.”

“You are too kind.” Xia Peifeng tilted his head back and had a sip of Sprite before he walked off shaking his head.


On the stage, they had started announcing the contestants who had made it.

The contestants with the most popular guest performers such as Wen Yongwei, Shen Qi, Hua Xin, and Meng Shaoheng had no problems staying.

They went on announcing the rest of the contestants who made it.

“Coming in 10th is… Little Peanut!”

Little Peanut was Gu Qinghua, so Shi Jin clapped happily.

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