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Chapter 938: Say Im Not HomeTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Yue Lanchen handed the invitation over with both hands.

Shi Jin flipped it open and scanned it.

“So your sister is only a few days older than me.”

“Yeah, she looks very mature, but shes actually about your age.

Youll come then, right”

“Yes.” Shi Jin agreed immediately.

“Alright, then you must be there.”


Shi Jin smiled.

“When did I go back on my word”

After sending Yue Lanchen off, Fu Xiuyuan sent Shi Jin to the hospital.

The hospital director wanted to discuss the feasibility of a patients heart surgery with Shi Jin.

A few hours later, Shi Jin got out and returned to the car.

“Were finally done talking.”

“Why are they so troublesome” Fu Xiuyuan did not have a good impression of this hospital director.

“Then are you willing for me to discuss the plan with them, or do you want me to do the surgery myself”

Fu Xiuyuan naturally chose the former.

“I just feel sorry for you.”

“It wont be difficult at all with my husband by my side.

By the way, Im going to Yue Yus birthday party in two days.

Are you free to accompany me this time”

“Yes, it depends.” Fu Xiuyuan got Song Fan to check his recent schedule.


Not long after Shi Jin came out of the hospital, the news of Sha Haimus leg injury worsening came out.

The hospital director originally wanted to call Shi Jin, but when he thought of what Sha Haimu had done to Shi Jin, he felt a little embarrassed.

He could only let the attending doctor in the hospital try his best to save him.

There were many fans of Sha Haimu waiting at the hospital.

When they heard that something had happened, they immediately went on Weibo to denounce Shi Jin again.

When Shi Jin saw the situation, she turned off her phone and instructed Butler Chen, “If you receive any calls, say that Im not at home.”

A doctors benevolence was indeed what she had always believed in.

However, if benevolence was only exchanged for disgust, then it would only happen once.

There would be no second time.

A persons kindness should also have sharpness.

The doctors in the hospital tried their best to treat Sha Haimu, but the surgery was still unsuccessful.

“Call Shi Jin!” The hospital director decided.

However, Shi Jin could not be reached at all.

When they called her manager and assistant, everyone said that they could not contact Shi Jin at the moment.

The people from Sha Haimus manager and assistant company also panicked and contacted good doctors everywhere.

However, no matter how good a doctor was, they all took a look and said, “If we have to perform the surgery again, we can only do our best.”

They had no choice but to place their hopes on Shi Jin and contact her again.

Unfortunately, no one could contact her.

Everyone went to her company to wait for her, but they did not see Shi Jin.

Yao Jiahong was blocked by them and was confused.

“Whats going on”

“Wheres Shi Jin Mr.

Yao, please help me contact Shi Jin.”

“Alright, alright, Ill call her immediately.”

Yao Jiahong called Shi Jin in front of them.

“The number you have dialed cannot be reached.”

Yao Jiahong shrugged.

“Look, its not that we dont want to help.

We really cant contact her.”

“Where does she live Lets go look for her!” The person who spoke was Sha Haimus assistant, his childhood friend who shared his temperament.

Yao Jiahong casually gave an address.

Of course, the assistant had made a wasted trip.

The assistant wanted to kill Shi Jin.

When he heard that they could not contact Shi Jin at all, Sha Haimus leg condition continued to worsen.

His fans scolded badly under Shi Jins Weibo.

“Its all your fault.

There must be something wrong with your previous first aid!”

“Youre just jealous of our wifes beauty! Why dont you die!”

“Ive long said that Shi Jin wants to sexually harass our wife.

After all, our wife is really beautiful.

Everyone will be attracted to him.

Shi Jin failed to sleep with him, so she deliberately hurt our wife!”

“In order to get our wife, Shi Jin is really despicable.

She has all kinds of methods!”

“Shi Jin, get out here.

You ruined our wifes leg.

You have to treat him!”

The fans were very crazy and quickly pushed this matter to the hot searches.

Even if everyone felt that they were strange, they still had a stomach full of reason.

There were even fans who ran to the hospital to cause a ruckus.

Sha Haimu lay on the hospital bed and asked the nurse, “Whats wrong with my leg How is it now”

“You need to rest more.

In the short term, youve already done three or four operations in a row.

You can only rest now,” the nurse advised kindly.

“Wheres the doctor I want to find a doctor! Can I still stand”

“The doctor just came.

He instructed you to have a good rest.”

With a bang, Sha Haimu smashed the ashtray onto the ground.

Shards flew everywhere and scratched the back of the nurses hand.

She exclaimed in shock.

“I told you to get a doctor!”

The nurse could only help him find a doctor again.

Her eyes were red.

The doctor knew that she had been wronged again.

From the moment Sha Haimu was admitted, his attitude had been very bad.

He was very uncooperative to begin with and kept picking on her.

Everyone hated him.

“Alright, dont cry.

Go sit by the side and rest for a while,” the doctor said to the nurse.

The nurse picked up her phone and saw the crazy news from Sha Haimus fans.

She said anonymously, “Is it useful for you to blame Shi Jin Is it useful for you to blame the doctor How many times have Shi Jin and the doctor said that Sha Haimu should rest well and not do any strenuous exercise However, Sha Haimu has secretly met his girlfriend in the hospital three times in a row and done that kind of thing! No matter how good a doctor is, what can they do”

After she sent it, she was immediately scolded by Sha Haimus fans.

“That slut is spreading rumors! Isnt she slutty The person Mumu likes is Lin Luo.

Their names are so compatible.

How can he have a girlfriend”

“I hate such people the most.

Are you Shi Jins fan or Lin Luos fan You specialize in slandering our wife and even curse him.

You have ulterior motives!”

“Even if he did that, it would be Lin Luo doing that to our wife.

How could he have a girlfriend”

The nurse was really angry.

“The couple you ship every day is fake! How can two men be together after acting in a television drama Furthermore, with Sha Haimus character, hes not worthy of Lin Luo at all, let alone Shi Jin.”

Of course, the response was still curses and all kinds of rumors.

On Sha Haimus side, after the doctor saw it, he shook his head and said, “You really cant undergo surgery for the time being.

Before your leg injuries were healed, you had already experienced a few intense exercises, causing your bones to shatter again.

Now, you can no longer arrange for surgery.”

“I spent so much money, why didnt you arrange it for me Why didnt you treat me before”

“This is not a problem from before.

You didnt abide by the doctors instructions…”

“I dont care! Is it because your skills are bad Did you hurt me on purpose”

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