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Chapter 937: Like Attracts Like (2)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“As a person, you really cant be anxious for success.” Hu Yanlans tone was half comforting and half warning.

“Sometimes, you have to calm down and sort out your past work.

Learn from your experience and not be pushed around by your fans.”

Her tone was a little heavy.

She had been watching what had happened over the past few days coldly.

She knew that Sha Haimus team had indeed done a lot of small things.

They had been picking fights everywhere to support him.

Not only was he stepping on male celebrities, but he was also targeting Shi Jin.

Hu Yanlan felt that he was quite sick.

Sha Haimu could only agree.


After coming out, Hu Yanlan said to Shi Jin, “Youre super popular now.

Theres nothing we can do even if someone likes to keep an eye on you.

You must understand that, in our line of work, we have to bear with as much slander as the praise we enjoy.”

“I understand, Sister Hu.

Thank you.”

“What are you thanking me for I didnt do anything.” Hu Yanlan smiled brightly.

“Youre finally free after recording today.

I still have to continue.

Lets eat together next time.”


Facing the various irrational actions of Sha Haimus fans, the director and attending doctor of the hospital issued a joint statement.

“At the time of the incident, Shi Jins method of dealing with it was completely correct.

It helped us save a lot of time and effort in the subsequent surgery.

It also saved Sha Haimu from fainting on the spot and causing brain damage.

I hope everyone will not follow the crowd and treat Shi Jins correct actions as harmful.

I hope everyone can be rational.”

The joint statement was even stamped with a public seal.

Even the ants passing felt wronged for Shi Jin.

The passersby naturally stood on Shi Jins side.

Sha Haimus fans were rebuffed.

The person holding the banner was also scolded by the passing residents.

Some people even asked them to apologize to Shi Jin.

Sha Haimus fans said in unison, “Were not professionals.

How do we know that her method of handling it is correct”

“Its not important, not important at all.

Its not like we hurt Shi Jin.”

“Hey, whats important here Isnt the important thing to know when our delicate wife will be okay”

“Yes, yes, yes.

More importantly, let Lin Luo visit him!”

Sha Haimus popularity fell further to the bottom.

He could not do anything about these fans.

After all, he had relied on his hatred for Lin Luo and his manipulation of fans to attract these fans.

If he changed his strategy midway, these fans would quickly leave him.

Hence, when he was doing blood tests in the hospital, he would take photos and post them to show his blood being taken.

When the dressing on his leg injury was changed, he would send a few photos to show his wound.

The fans cried to express their heartache.

If any passerby criticized him at all, they would immediately be considered heartless and vicious.

Hence, the passersby all shut up.

His comments section seemed to be filled with prosperity, but in fact, he had already become the kind of person no one in the entertainment industry cared about.

Or rather, he was the kind of person no one cared about to begin with.

No one knew that he had been in the industry for more than ten years.

He had gotten a bit of popularity when he admitted to being a wife, but after that, no one cared.

After relying on various professional fans to fight and scam, he finally had the glory on the surface.

Now, he had returned to square one.

Sha Haimu was indignant.

He posted a few more photos on Weibo.

In the photo, he was wearing the same clothes as Lin Luo and had the same jewelry as him.

The fans were immediately greatly satisfied.

“Wow, Lin Luo has finally gone to see his wife!”

“Everything in this world is fake, but that must be real!”

“You must have done it You must have done the deed right”

“At this moment, I can temporarily forgive that scumbag Lin Luo for a second.”

Lin Luo had been very popular recently.

He had a lot of work and a lot of official business endorsements.

The fans repeatedly mentioned the two names that were together and posted all kinds of pictures of the two of them.

It was equivalent to bringing Sha Haimu to leech off Lin Luos resources and his popularity.

Wherever Lin Luo could be seen, the name Sha Haimu would appear.

All kinds of data would include Sha Haimu.

In the past, Sha Haimu had used this to gain popularity.

Now, he continued to leech off of him.

Relying on his leg injury and Lin Luos generosity to not dispute with him, he could do anything.

If any passerby was disgusted by this kind of behavior and situation, the CP fans would speak up for Sha Haimu.

“It wasnt Sha Haimu, it was all Lin Luo.

This is Lin Luos wife.”

Passers-by would be puzzled.

Lin Luo got married just like that during his rise

The CP fans would happily say, “Yes, yes.

Those who cant accept his wife, dont be a fan of Lin Luo anymore.”

They were not good at anything, but were number one in causing Lin Luo to lose fans.

In short, Lin Luo had to bring Sha Haimu with him when he was doing well and Lin Luo had to be blamed for Sha Haimus terrible deeds.


After Shi Jin returned home, she no longer cared about Sha Haimu.

She knew that people would inevitably encounter all kinds of things.

Those who worked hard to move forward would eventually reach the light.

Those with ill intentions would sooner or later be devoured.

That would be the final outcome of Sha Haimu.

“You really shouldnt have saved such a person back then.

You even operated on him! You should have broken his legs!” Yue Lanchen sat on the sofa, indignant.

“A doctor must be benevolent,” Shi Jin replied.

Yue Lanchen raised his hands.

“Alright, I dont understand you doctors.”

“You dont have to understand.

You just need to know that in that situation, even if it was a pig, I would have saved it.” Shi Jin finished the coffee in her hand and asked, “What did you say you were doing today”

“Oh, oh, I almost forgot what Im here for.

Its my sister.

Her birthday is coming up soon, and shes holding a birthday party, so she asked me to send you an invitation.”

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