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“A man injuring himself by climbing a mountain that barely has any difficulty.

Its hard not to suspect anything.”

“Theres no problem with the production team, right They specially arranged for a doctor to follow.

It was Sha Haimu himself who asked the doctor to do something that wasnt part of his job, which led to the final problem.”

“Im a medical student.

Let me say this.

Shi Jins emergency treatment method is very correct and theres no problem at all.

Everyone, you can see that after Shi Jins emergency treatment, Sha Haimu was fine.

If she doesnt take measures, Sha Haimu would probably have fallen into a coma and it would be very difficult to wake up for the next few days.”

This last comment was scolded and deleted by Sha Haimus fans.

They even went out to threaten the person not to continue.

Dont ask.

Even if you asked, their wife can do anything.

Its completely wrong for others to judge their wife.

Their wife was a delicate wife and had the right to do anything.

Because of Sha Haimus injuries, although everyone had walked through the mountain path and arrived at their destination, they stayed in the hotel.

However, everyone was not in high spirits.

They ate some dinner and went to rest.

Before Shi Jin and Xu Ning slept, they watched the news on Weibo as usual.

Although Shi Jin was scolded badly by the fans, the passersby were basically on her side and strongly condemned these fans.

These fans also made things worse for Sha Haimu, who was not popular to begin with.

“Serves you right.

Fans follow the celebrity.

Like attracts like,” Xu Ning said in relief.

Then, she saw news about Lin Luo and said, “I really love the handsome guy.”

Shi Jin could not help but sympathize with Lin Luo.

She had not expected such a crazy fanbase.

The so-called CP fans were all Lin Luos haters.

They were also very ruthless.

“Xu Ning, after I visit Sha Haimu with you tomorrow, I wont continue filming.

Take care of yourself.”

“If Sha Haimu wasnt injured, I would definitely be trembling with fear, but now, he has to lie in the hospital for a month! A month! By then, Ill be finished recording everything.

Theres no conflict between the rest of us.

Are you afraid that I cant protect myself”

Shi Jin thought about it and agreed.

“Without Sha Haimu, everyone is really easygoing.”

“Dont worry, it wont be a problem.”

The next day, everyone took the production teams car and went to the hospital to visit Sha Haimu.

There were quite a few fans of Sha Haimu guarding the entrance of the hospital.

Just as the car passed, Xu Ning reached out and covered Shi Jins eyes.

She had already seen the banner those fans were pulling.

“Defeat Shi Jin and seek justice for our wife!”

“Shi Jin, apologize to our wife!”

“Shi Jin hurt our wife and we will never reconcile!”

“Shi Jin, get lost from the entertainment industry!”

“Shi Jin is the mastermind behind our wifes poisoning!”

Seeing someone pull such a huge banner in real life was completely different from seeing all kinds of comments on the Internet.

It was a level that could make peoples hearts ache.

Those who did not know would think that Shi Jin had done something to a certain woman.

In short, it had a very bad influence.

The security guards expelled them, but they did not leave.

The group entered the hospital and went to Sha Haimus ward to visit.

The doctor introduced briefly, “The surgery was done last night.

The surgery was very successful.

Now, he only needs to recuperate for a month.

Its also thanks to Shi Jins emergency treatment that the situation has not worsened.

However, the patient cant do his work anymore.

I hope everyone can understand and let him rest in peace first.”

Sha Haimu was very anxious.

“Cant I do anything”

“Your leg injuries are serious.

Many of the broken bones have been pieced together.

If the force is not right, it will cause secondary damage.

If there is another problem, it will be difficult to operate.”

Sha Haimu was in despair.

Now was the time when he had the highest airflow.

Apart from the show, he still had many business activities to do.

If he did not maintain his exposure, his popularity would definitely drop rapidly.

Lin Luo had already beaten him, so wouldnt he be even more outstanding now

“Doctor, is there no other way”

“Your surgery was already very successful.

Theres no problem after resting.

If you want me to make you able to immediately become mobile after treatment, then I really dont have the ability.”

Hu Yanlan comforted him.

“Rest well, Haimu.

Life is long.

Theres no need to be anxious.”

“Thats right.

Just recuperate happily.

Youll be fine soon, right” Wang Xing advised.

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