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Xu Ning and Jiang Zexi handed over the items.

Hu Yanlan was in charge of comforting Sha Haimu.

Finally, forty minutes later, Shi Jin said in a low voice, “Alright, theres no problem now.

However, your leg injury is a little serious.

You still need to undergo further surgery after leaving the mountain.

Also, you have to recuperate for a month.

You cant do any intense activity.”

“Then stop working for now,” Hu Yanlan comforted.

“Young man, work is small.

Taking care of your health is the most important.”

Sha Haimus wound had been treated and he felt much better.

He said, “Thank you.”

Shi Jin stood up and looked down the mountain.

Gradually, the figures of the production team and professional doctors appeared.

The production team came over with a stretcher.

They placed Sha Haimu in the stretcher and carried him into the hospital.

Hu Yanlan said, “How about this Lets film this episode properly.

After we finish filming tomorrow, well go back to the hospital to visit Haimu.

What do you think”

“I think its okay,” Shi Jin said.

“The audience are committed to our show.

Now, there are already specialized doctors taking care of him.

Its the same if we go back and visit him later.”

Hence, everyone recorded as usual.

In the comments, Sha Haimus fans had already started scolding.

“What Theyre gonna continue filming and not care about our wife”

“Thats right.

I think that the instigator was Shi Jin.

Who agrees If she had given the things to our wife to help her carry just now, such a thing wouldnt have happened.

When climbing a mountain, its right to have some weight on your body.

The things on our wife are too light, thats why his center of gravity is unstable and he fell.”

“Thats right.

Its all Shi Jins fault.”

“I agree that Shi Jin was the instigator!”

This train of thought was breathtaking.

The regular audience only had one thought: “After this group of peoples brains were opened, the zombies sniffed it and walked away in disdain.

The cockroaches beside them swarmed over.”

There were also Sha Haimus fans who claimed, “Shi Jin treated our wifes wound wrongly.

Why cant she wait for a professional doctor to come and let him treat him She just likes to show off too much and specializes in snatching the camera!”

“Boohoo, my wife is so pitiful.

Why hasnt that scumbag Lin Luo come to visit him yet”

“Heartless scumbag.

You only want to earn money.

Why arent you here yet Cant you be more considerate”

Some of the onlookers did not know Lin Luo at all, but they had only one thought.

“Lin Luo, run quickly.

Dont be entangled by such a person.”

Some of the audience who knew who Lin Luo directly sent bullet comments.

“Originally, Lin Luo also had an event to hold here today.

Fortunately, the production team had cancelled it for some reason.

If he had come here for the event and not gone to the hospital to visit your ugly wife, he would probably have been scolded badly by this group of fans! I have to say that the handsome guy really has some metaphysics on him.

He escaped another calamity.”

“Be serious.

You cant call these people CP fans.

Other CP fans treat both parties equally.

These CP fans = ugly wife fan = Lin Luo hater.

I hope you know.”

#Shi Jins First Aid Method Mistake# was made trending on Weibo by this group of fans.

More people found out that something had happened to Sha Haimu.

His fans scolded Shi Jin and pushed all the blame to her.

The onlookers were confused.

“Is it wrong for Shi Jin not to let him carry her things”

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