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There did not seem to be such a qualified person present.

Everyone looked at each other.

Until Sha Haimu turned his gaze to the doctor following the team.

The doctor understood and could not say anything.

Hu Yanlan said, “The doctor cant go.

The doctor is very important to all of us.

If anything happens, we need him.”

“But we cant get anyone else to look for it.” Sha Haimus eyes were filled with tears again.

Shi Jin and Xu Ning looked at each other.

Really, the two of them had also watched the television drama “Sea Flower” one after another.

They had not expected Sha Haimus acting to be so good.

In the end, everyone agreed.

The doctor turned back to help Sha Haimu find his relic.

Sha Haimu sent a picture of the thing to the doctor.

The fans and ordinary audience in the comments had a very bad impression of Sha Haimu.

However, because it had nothing to do with everyone, they could not be bothered to comment on him.

His fans were happy.

“This is what a wife does.

Everyone has to dote on our wife unconditionally!”

“Our delicate wife has special privileges! Furthermore, can you tell that the doctor seems to have a good impression of our wife”

“Wang Xing also has a good impression of our wife.

He even invited him to take a ride with him.

Lin Luo, you scumbag, youd better be careful.

If you dont come out, your wife will be gone.”

“Jiang Zexi likes our wife a lot too, right You saw it just now, right He took the heaviest luggage first because he was afraid that our wife would take the initiative to take it and tire him.”

“Theres no need to mention Shi Jin.

Shes already touching our wife.

Ahhh, our wife is really charming.”

After the doctor went to look for the relic, everyone slowed down and waited for him as they walked.

Sha Haimu, on the other hand, mentioned how his father had died when he was young and how he and his mother had relied on each other for survival.

Everyone listened quietly.

Shi Jin knew why he was suddenly looking for his fathers belongings.

It turned out that it was to start this conversation topic and give him more room to shine.

Without needing to guess, he knew how much his fans doted on him and wanted to protect him.

Most artists in the entertainment industry tried their best to bring entertainment, happiness, and positivity to their fans when they were displayed in front of the camera.

Only a few times would they reveal weakness.

Only a small number of people would use their various emotions to manipulate their fans, but those who could do it like Sha Haimu were still second to none.

He was so divided that Shi Jin did not dare to look straight at him.

She lowered her head and continued on her way.

Xu Ning did not dare to comment, afraid that she would be scolded.

Of course, because they did not comfort Sha Haimu, the two of them had already been scolded in the bullet screen.

They were said to have no empathy and are just mad that they had unrequited love for Sha Haimu.

“Shi Jin, let me help you take this thing.” Sha Haimu suddenly leaned over.

He was tall and strong, but he did not take much.

He was still wearing a wig and a female beret today.

Shi Jin was afraid that he would help her carry her things, so she had taken all her things just now.

Who would have thought that he would suddenly suggest helping her carry her things

“No need, no need.

I can take it.” Shi Jin immediately rejected.

“Give it to me.” He reached over to take it.

“Theres really no need.

I can do it.” Shi Jin picked up the things and walked forward quickly.

Xu Ning quickly followed Shi Jin.

She finally knew why Lin Luo was scolded by the CP fans every day while Sha Haimu had become a delicate wife—he really knew how to act.

If one scheme failed, he would immediately perform another one.

Fans would always like the things he did and be moved by him.

Lin Luo was too straightforward.

He only knew how to be himself and not act like a different person.

He was scolded by CP fans every day for being stupid, scumbag, and unromantic.

Sometimes, she really did not understand the diversity of the world.

What kind of CP fans would seriously believe that two men would become a true couple after acting in a socialist brotherly drama

Everyone walked forward with their heads lowered.

Sha Haimu could not help the others carry their things, so he could only follow.

Among everyone, he had the least things.

Most of them were taken by Wang Xing and placed in the car for him.

The mountain path was not easy to walk on.

Hu Yanlan reminded everyone, “Everyone, be careful where you step.

Be careful and dont walk too quickly.

Rest for a while if youre tired.”

“Alright, you slow down too.” Jiang Zexi smiled and panted.

Suddenly, Sha Haimu slipped and lost his balance, rolling down the mountain path.

The cameraman following him did not have time to grab him.

Shi Jin and Xu Ning walked in front of him and had no chance to help him.

Shi Jin and Xu Ning were stunned for three seconds.

They did not know if he had really lost his footing or if he was going to start manipulating his fans again, but they did not react for a moment.

“Haimu, Haimu” Hu Yanlan was the big sister.

Afraid that something would happen, she shouted, “Lets go down and take a look.”

Only then did everyone put down their luggage and follow.

The cameramen immediately followed.

Sha Haimu had already stopped rolling, but falling from such a high place and with stone stairs everywhere, the problem might still be a little serious.

When everyone ran closer, they saw that his beret and wig had fallen off and his face was covered in injuries.

“Haimu, are you okay” Hu Yanlan asked.

The cameraman reached out to help him.

Sha Haimu looked like he was in pain.

Shi Jin immediately reached out to stop them.

“Dont help him yet.

His leg might be injured.”

The cameraman quickly stopped.

“Wheres the doctor” Shi Jin asked.

“Didnt the doctor go down to help Haimu find his things” Jiang Zexi said.

“What should we do now Quickly call the production team.”

Hu Yanlan immediately called the production team.

However, the mountain was far and everyone was almost halfway there.

It was the highest point on the mountain.

It would take an hour for the doctor to rush over again.

The sky was about to turn dark.

This was really adding insult to injury.

Sha Haimu was in so much pain that he could not speak.

It seemed like it was indeed not a ruse to gain sympathy or torture fans.

He had probably really fallen.

Shi Jin gave him a simple examination and said, “I need to help you deal with it now.

In your situation, there are already signs of fat embolism.

If such a situation really happens, it will be very critical.

Xu Ning, bring me my bag.”

Everyone knew that Shi Jin had medical skills, so they did not dare to question her and listened to her orders.

Xu Ning quickly brought over her bag.

Shi Jin opened it and took out some emergency medical items before starting to treat Sha Haimu.

The show was still broadcasting in real time and had not stopped.

The entire program team also felt that this was a very good selling point.

It showed that everyone had helped each other during the trip.

It was a very rare quality.

Hence, they got the cameramen to not stop and continue shooting.

Shi Jin methodically carried out the initial treatment.

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