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“Whats even more tragic is… I thought I had extra money.

I went to buy two packs of melon seeds just now and planned to eat them when we are sitting in the car.

Then, I accidentally lost dozens of dollars.

Now, we can only buy two bus tickets.” As the person in charge of finances and the leader, Hu Yanlan was very guilty.

“Sister Hu, theres always a way.

Theres no need to feel guilty or blame yourself.

Lets think of a way together,” Shi Jin and Xu Ning advised her.

Wang Xing said, “Thats right.

Its okay.

Everyone, sit down and think of a way.

Lets see if we can get a cheaper deal.”

In the end, when they went to the side to ask, it was even more expensive.

Shi Jin and Xu Ning had also already asked the staff for their empty water bottles today.

They could not raise any more money from here.

Jiang Zexi thought of something and said, “I heard that it takes more than four hours to get there by car.

But did everyone see this mountain here It wont take more than two hours to hike over from here.

Why dont we choose this method”

After discussing for a while, everyone agreed that Jiang Zexis idea was good.

Everyone went to ask the locals.

The locals said, “The mountain path here is very convenient.

Look, there are quite a few people climbing the mountain every day.

Many people even come specially to climb the mountain on weekends.

Youre lucky that its within the week.

Everyone has to work, otherwise there would be a lot of people.”

Since the locals also felt that climbing the mountain was not a problem, everyone confirmed it and went to ask the program team.

The production team also felt that it was okay.

Jiang Zexi said, “Why dont we do this If we can buy two tickets, its fine if someone is willing to take a car.

After all, a two-hour mountain path is actually quite difficult to climb.”

“Sure, then lets see who takes the car.

Let me make it clear first.

I have to run every day.

The mountain road is not difficult for me,” Hu Yanlan immediately said.

Jiang Zexi also raised his hand.

“I can walk the mountain path too.”

Shi Jin nodded.

“I can do it too.”

Xu Ning immediately pulled Shi Jins hand.

“Ill go with Shi Jin.”

“Hahaha, are you giving me the chance to take the bus In that case, Ill accept it.” Wang Xing was relatively fat and usually panted when he walked.

He did not reject and agreed directly.

The only one left was Sha Haimu.

Everyone was waiting for him to express his stance.

There was another bus ticket.

He could choose to take the bus with Wang Xing or climb the mountain.

He had originally wanted to take the car.

He was a lazy person and did not like to exercise usually.

Furthermore, his current fans were all CP fans.

They hoped to see his delicate and beautiful appearance.

He would definitely sweat from hiking.

Wang Xing was afraid that he would be too embarrassed to choose, so he said, “Haimu, why dont you take the car with me Ill have a companion too and wont be alone.”

Sha Haimu did not want to go with Wang Xing.

Wang Xing was old and had few fans, so there would definitely be fewer scenes with him.

There was another consideration.

He had received a call from his manager today saying that a large number of professional fans had gone wrong.

His data had started to break down.

Although there were quite a few CP fans and little fans left, these fans did not have a professional fan to lead them.

They were all headless flies, scattered sand, and could not easily organize themselves.

If he did not hurry up and increase his popularity, the loss of fans would only become more and more inevitable.

“Brother Xing, I think Ill climb the mountain and stretch my body.” Sha Haimu made up his mind.

“Alright, then Ill take the car alone.” Wang Xing said frankly.

“In that case, lets use the remaining ticket money to buy water, okay” Hu Yanlan suggested.

“Walking the mountain path for two hours might consume a lot of water.”

“Alright, buy a few more bottles.

Ill carry them,” Jiang Zexi volunteered.

After confirming it, everyone realized that luggage was a big problem.

Wang Xing could take some luggage with him, but he could not take everything with him.

There were quite a lot left.

Everyone could only think of a way to carry it on their backs.

This way, the mountain path would not be so easy to walk on.

Compared to the optimistic situation they had expected, it was very far away.

“Come, lets share.

Lets split it evenly,” Hu Yanlan said.

“I can carry more.

Its okay,” Jiang Zexi immediately said.

He was always enthusiastic and had good stamina.

He easily carried two large luggage by his side.

The others did not fight with him.

They distributed their luggage, carried their backpacks, and quickly started climbing the mountain.

The filming crew followed them closely.

Jiang Zexi bought more than ten bottles of water.

Coupled with his luggage, there were a lot of things.

The speed at which they advanced was much slower than expected.

There was a professional doctor accompanying them.

The program teams protective measures were quite good.

The audience watched with relish.

Everyone cheered for each other, told stories, told jokes, and encouraged each other to walk forward.

Sha Haimu did not interact much with everyone.

Shi Jin and Xu Ning were very careful to avoid him.

After all, no one knew what other reasons his good fans would find to scold them.

Hu Yanlan had been in the entertainment industry for decades and had sharp eyes.

Although she seemed to treat everyone equally, she did not like Sha Haimu, so she rarely spoke to him.

As for Jiang Zexi, he was a pure and straightforward man.

What he hated the most was men deliberately dressing up as neither man nor woman.

Naturally, he did not have much desire to communicate with Sha Haimu.

In this way, there would definitely be very few scenes of Sha Haimu.

The fans in the bullet screen had already started scolding the production team passionately.

“Is the production team dead Why arent they giving scenes”

“Are you saving the camera for the corpse”

“Ha, they dont want to film my wife but still invited him.

Do they like to ride on his popularity so much”

Although most of the professional fans had been captured, the remaining fans had the same temperament as them.

When they scolded people, they still had their usual habits.

The fans naturally felt that the production team had let their wife down.

However, their delicate wife himself knew that if he did not work hard, there would be no screen time.

Sha Haimu walked forward and suddenly thought of something.

He said, “I think I left something where we came from.”

“What is it Is it important” Hu Yanlan asked.

“Its quite important.

Its a relic my father left me.

Ive been carrying it with me for a long time.” When he spoke, he was very emotional and sobbed.

Shi Jin and Xu Ning both knew that he was going to start acting.

Sha Haimu had always been good at using his fans and manipulating their emotions.

Hu Yanlan said, “We have a lot of luggage here.

Its too difficult to take, and its unlikely to go back and look for it together.

How about this Ill accompany you back to look for it.

Everyone can wait for us here, okay”

Sha Haimu said, “If we go back like this, it will affect our progress too much.

Why dont we do this Lets find someone who doesnt have to carry luggage and doesnt have much to do.”

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