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Seeing that she was really checking, the assistants expression became even more ugly.

Was it worth it For such a lousy thing

“Why is this buckle broken” Little Zhaos expression changed slightly.

She smiled apologetically and said, “It was fine when I brought it over.

Now that its broken, I cant report back.”

“How is it broken Wasnt it originally like this” The assistant said, “We only took a few pictures with it.

How could there be a problem Dont tell me it wasnt like this when you brought it over”

Little Zhao shook his head.


I even specially checked it when I brought it over.

Its broken now.

You need to be responsible for this…”

“Im warning you not to speak nonsense.

Do you know that youre slandering us We have the right to sue you!” With that said, the assistant turned around and strode away.

Little Zhao could not stop him and was so anxious that her face was red.

Shi Jin walked over and asked, “Whats going on”

“This buckle is broken and needs to be repaired, but this jewelry is very expensive.

I wonder how much money needs be used to repair it.” Little Zhao was extremely anxious.

“Ive contacted so many artists assistants to give me all kinds of things back and forth.

Ive really never encountered such a thing…”

She had no evidence to prove that Sha Haimu had broken it.

Did she have to compensate herself

“Originally, when Sha Haimu came to take this jewelry, our supervisor refused to give it to him.

He came repeatedly and said good things and made promises, so the supervisor couldnt resist and lent it to him.

Who knew that he would turn around and do this”

“Can it be repaired” Shi Jin asked.

“It can be repaired, but it will definitely cost a lot.

This bracelet itself is worth more than a hundred thousand yuan.” Little Zhao was very discouraged.

She said in a low voice, “Because Lin Luo is doing promotion, hes about to be promoted to a spokesperson.

He used it a few times during filming previously.

Lin Luo used it so many times, but there wasnt anything wrong.”

“You mean Lin Luo used this to shoot”

“Thats right.

However, we only lent it to him the first time.

Later, after we confirmed that we wanted to cooperate with him, we sent it to him in batches.

All the new products were sent to him.

After all, he has a good figure and is refreshing.

He looks very elegant no matter what he wears.

Everyone is attracted to him.”

Shi Jin basically understood why Sha Haimu specifically wanted to borrow this one.

If Lin Luo wore it, he would immediately wear it too.

It would make the CP fans feel like they their ship had sailed and believe that they were real.

He was first place in pretending to be gay.

“Take it back and repair it first.

Pay for it first.

Leave me your phone number.”

Little Zhao thanked Shi Jin for her good intentions and knew that this was the only way.

If Sha Haimu and his assistant did not admit it, she would definitely bear the responsibility herself.

If she repaired such a bracelet, she would probably spend two months of her salary.

Shi Jin walked in and saw Sha Haimu sitting on the sofa reading a thick philosophy book.

The cameramen were surrounding him.

It turned out that the program had already started recording.

No wonder he picked up the book to read.

Shi Jin gestured to the cameraman, indicating that he should not film for the time being.

She had something to say to Sha Haimu.

Shi Jin sat down beside Sha Haimu.

Sha Haimu revealed a smile that did not reveal his teeth.

He looked quite feminine.

Shi Jin resisted the urge to shiver and said, “Just now, an assistant from the brand came to take the bracelet you borrowed, but the bracelets buckle was broken.

You must compensate her for the damage.”

“Broken it I dont know.” Sha Haimu looked very innocent.

It was impossible for him not to know that the bracelet was broken.

Shi Jin said indifferently, “Then you should know now that I told you.”

“Who knows if the brands assistant broke it They want to scam me Its not that easy for celebrities to earn money, right”

Shi Jin could tell that he did not want to admit it.

“In that case, let the cameraman continue.

Ill also confirm with the brands assistant what happened when you borrowed it and what happened during the filming.

Ill try to find out who else did it and who destroyed it.”

Shi Jin reached out and gestured for the cameraman to come over.

Sha Haimu quickly stopped her.

“Shi Jin, wait.”

“Oh, is there anything else”

“Its not easy for the brands assistant to work.

Even if she broke it, it doesnt matter if I compensate.

How about this How much do you need Ill get my assistant to compensate her.”

Sha Haimus attitude changed.

Shi Jin could already tell that he was very worried that she would expose him in public for going to the brand repeatedly to borrow the bracelet.

Once she said it in front of the camera, he would not be able to hide the fact that he was pretending to be gay in his one man show.

This also indirectly admitting that all the instances of him pretending to be gay was true.

It could also be said that he had broken the bracelet himself.

He had been shirking his responsibility.

Shi Jin had seen many celebrities.

Some had terrible characters and had their own power, but this was the first time she had seen such low-class people.

She could not be bothered to say a word.

She only said, “Get your assistant to come.

Ill watch him compensate.”

Sha Haimus assistant was called over.

In front of Shi Jin, he reluctantly transferred 50,000 yuan to Little Zhaos WeChat.

“Note the reason for payment,” Shi Jin reminded.

Otherwise, they might have a reason to sue Little Zhao for extortion.

The assistant reluctantly did as Shi Jin said.

“Thats enough, right” The assistant sounded indignant.

“Why didnt you do this earlier” Shi Jin said and turned to leave.

The assistant made a fist.

Sha Haimu was very disdainful.

“Forget it, dont argue with her.

A woman with long hair, but short foresight.

Who does she think she is”

“If not for there being so many people, I would really want to slap her,” the assistant said in a nasty tone.

Shi Jin sent a message to Little Zhao.

“Remember to keep the invoice for the bracelet repair and all the evidence.

Dont let others say that youre extorting them in the end.”

“Yes, yes.

I understand.

Thank you, Shi Jin.” Little Zhaos voice was choked.

It was the last day of the show, so Shi Jin did not delay much.

She immediately went back and entered work mode.

The morning and noon went very smoothly.

However, when it was almost evening, everyone encountered a little difficulty in their travel.

Hu Yanlan said, “Its like this.

Now that were going to the next city, we need 98 yuan each to buy tickets, but we miscalculated previously and didnt know that the price had increased.

We thought that we only needed 58 more yuan, so we opened up a little for lunch, but in the end, we made a huge mistake.

The current situation is that the remaining money is not enough to buy tickets for six people.

We can only buy tickets for three people.”

Everyone looked at each other.

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