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The boss of the hand cream was very happy because he had signed Sha Haimu.

He had previously taken a fancy to the data provided by Sha Haimus company.

It was very beautiful and could be said that the data was comparable to a top celebrity.

Furthermore, looking at what Sha Haimu had previously endorsed, every time, a certain jewelry store would definitely write big words to praise his sales volume.

It was always extremely high, so he was tempted to sign the contract.

Seeing that his sales were always in the tens of millions, the boss of the hand cream was very confident in his sales this time.

His companys hand cream was of good quality to begin with, but it lacked some popularity.

This time, Sha Haimu would definitely open up his reputation.

Ignoring everything else, if he guessed on the lower side, this single shipment could sell for tens of millions, equivalent to his sales for a year.

After that, every time he sold it, he would earn more.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that this was a win-win situation.

This one million endorsement fee was really worth it!

Three hours had passed since the official announcement.

The boss went to check the sales of his store and realized that there were only a hundred new sales.

He immediately looked at Sha Haimus Weibo and realized that the data was much less than what he had seen previously.

It was not even a fraction.

What was going on Where had the fans gone Didnt they say that his endorsement effects were very good and that fans were willing to spend money His hand cream had always been of good quality, so why had no one bought it

He immediately called Sha Haimus manager.

“Theres a problem on Weibo.

Theres a bug.

Itll be fine soon,” the manager comforted him.

In order to appease the fans, they even issued an announcement.

There was a bug on Weibo, which resulted in a problem with Sha Haimus data.

It would be over soon.

The fans believed them, and so did the boss.

However, until the afternoon, the hand cream had only sold a few hundred more than usual.

The sales were worlds apart from what the boss had expected.

He had doubts about himself.

Had he not done his official advertisement well Or was his marketing method wrong

He went to find a peer to learn from.

“Sha Haimu” The other party laughed.

“Ha, you still believe him Topstream my ass! Its more like a water stream.

Do you know that everything in my shop was bought and then all returned by his fans, causing a lot of labor costs I didnt even earn any money, I even lost a few hundred thousand yuan”

The bosss heart turned cold.

“Dont even mention that he doesnt have enough fans.

With his looks, he looks neither male nor female.

If the photo is posted, the passersby will be frightened away.

It wont have any effect on spreading it! Old Li, before you spend your endorsement fees next time, really, we have to see if the other partys popularity is real.”

Sha Haimu was a little distracted during the morning recording.

Some of the fans in the comments were still feeling sorry for their delicate wife.

Some people were still guessing if Shi Jin would continue to harass him.

Those who scolded Shi Jin and shouted that Lin Luo should come to protect his wife came wave after wave.

There were still professional fans, but they were much smaller.

Compared to the grand occasion yesterday and the day before, the current situation was extremely normal.

In the morning, before the recording started, a young girl ran over in a hurry.

The production crew stopped her outside.

Shi Jin was on a video call with Fu Xiuyuan.

“I feel like there are suddenly fewer people scolding me.

Did you do something to those professional fans”

“I got someone to investigate a few professional fans who are sliding further and further down the path of crime.”

“Youre so fast.

I was just about to ask Brother Yao to prepare a lawyers letter.”

Fu Xiuyuans voice was calm and filled with heartache.

“The deterrence of the lawyers letter to these people is already minimal.

If we really sue them, it will take a long time.

What people like them need is a thunderbolt.”

“My husbands methods are still the best!”

“You have to protect yourself when you work outside.” Fu Xiuyuan looked at her smiling face through the screen.

“I have you.” Shi Jins smile became even more brilliant.

After Shi Jin was done flirting with him, she saw that the staff was letting the young girl leave.

Recently, there had been a lot of fans who had come to watch, including quite a few crazy fans.

The staff were already very frustrated.

“I really have something to tell Sha Haimu.

Im really from the brand!” She held up her work pass.

However, the staff couldnt be bothered to believe her.

“What Previously, a fan bought a work pass to come in and take photos.

They didnt expect that the work pass they bought happened to be a copy of mine.

I saw through it on the spot, so stop acting.

Go back and watch the television program.

This is a live broadcast variety show.

You can completely see the person you like.

Go back, go back.”

“Little Zhao” Shi Jin recognized her.

“Shi Jin, you still remember me!”

Seeing that Shi Jin actually knew her, the staff did not stop her and let her in.

“I remember you.

The last time I went to shoot a magazine, you were the one who helped me with the jewelry.

Youre a staff from the jewelry brand and are in charge of liaising with the artist team.”

“Its me, its me.” Little Zhao was very touched.

She had not expected her to remember her after only working with Shi Jin once.

Their cooperation back then had been very pleasant.

It turned out that a big celebrity like her was actually so meticulous.

“Did you need something”

“Yes, yes.

Previously, Sha Haimus Team borrowed one of our bracelets.

I came to take it back and report.

Initially, I made an appointment with his assistant to come and take it last night, but when I came over, he didnt answer his phone or WeChat, and I couldnt find a way in.

I could only forget it and finally waited until today to come over,” Little Zhao said very dejectedly.

The leader had left things to her.

It had originally been a very simple matter, but now, it had dragged on for so long.

She looked at Shi Jin pleadingly.

“Shi Jin, can you help me call Sha Haimus assistant Ill leave after I get my things.”

“Alright, Ill go tell him.”

Sha Haimus assistant was his childhood friend and had been by his side for many years.

When Shi Jin saw him, she knew that he was a little arrogant.

However, she had not expected his attitude to be so bad.

Hearing that Little Zhao had come, he said impatiently, “Isnt it just a lousy piece of jewelry Is it worth coming over every few days to urge me”

“Return it to her.” Shi Jins tone became serious.

He raised his head to look at Shi Jin.

After all, he did not dare to offend her.

He muttered as he took out the things.

“Give it to her yourself.

Troublesome,” he muttered and walked out.

Little Zhao was overjoyed to see that he had finally come out.

The assistant threw the thing at her hand.

“Look carefully.”

“Alright, alright.” Little Zhao immediately took it and did a routine check according to the procedure.

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