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There were countless computers and phones in front of them.

They kept switching between various accounts and cursing at the artists who were working with Sha Haimu.

Lin Luo was the first to bear the brunt.

Next were Shi Jin and Xu Ning.

“Scold, continue scolding.” The person in charge instructed everyone to continue causing trouble.

“Shi Jins fans responded.”

“Were not afraid of their response, were afraid they wont respond!” the supervisor said.

“Tear them apart! Wheres Lin Luo”

“Lin Luos fans have yet to join the battlefield.”

“Then tag Lin Luos name directly! Little Wang, switch to a few accounts and pretend to be Lin Luos fans to scold Shi Jin.

Little Li, change accounts and pretend to be Shi Jins fans to scold Lin Luo!” The supervisor commanded calmly.

“But theres no conflict between Shi Jin and Lin Luo.”

“Theres no conflict, my foot.

Didnt Shi Jin say in the lyrics thatyou fell in the forest Say that she was scolding Lin Luo by name, cursing him to leave the entertainment industry, and cursing him to fall.

Also, didnt Lin Luo disguise as a woman in a drama Dont you know how to trample on Shi Jin and say that Lin Luos female looks are even more fairy-like than Shi Jins Isnt Shi Jin ugly in front of Lin Luo”

Upon receiving the news, these people quickly took action.

Their expressions were haggard and their faces were pale.

It was entirely because their group of fake reviewers liked to be active in the middle of the night.

When there was no one around, they would step on them and cause trouble.

It was very appropriate to describe them as “ghost soldiers crossing the border”.

It could be said that when “Sea Flower” was broadcasted, no one cared about Sha Haimu at all.

Lin Luo relied on his acting skills and character appearance to step out of the circle and obtain extremely good reviews.

Later, it was through the various operations of their water army team that they constantly stepped on, compared, helped Sha Haimu act pitiful, and redesigned his persona.

Only then did Sha Haimu look like he was barely on par with Lin Luos popularity.

Lin Luos videos had a million views while Sha Haimus had only a hundred thousand.

It didnt matter.

They would keep refreshing their server.

They had to surpass Lin Luo.

Lin Luo had 300,000 likes, then they would give Sha Haimu 500,000.

Sha Haimu did not have enough videos As long as they were paid, they would immediately ensure that he had more videos than Lin Luo.

Lin Luos fancount far surpassed Sha Haimu They immediately registered new accounts to increase the number.

With all kinds of schemes, Sha Haimu accurately attracted a wave of fans, making it look even more prosperous.

The supervisor continued to give instructions.

“Dont forgetTravel All the Rivers and Mountains.

Click into Sha Haimus scenes and watch them on repeat with all the different accounts.

Let the outside world see his popularity and traffic!”

“Also, Sha Haimus new jewelry endorsement.

Switch between accounts and buy them! Buy 10 million dollars worth! Then, remember to wait until the merchants publish a large report and praise Sha Haimu before immediately clicking on the refund.”

A few people were operating dozens of computers and hundreds of phones.

Those who could use software to automatically scan their data would do so, and those who could not would manually switch between their accounts.

Using their labor to support the prosperity of Sha Haimu.

Just as everyone was working hard, the electric switch was turned off with a click.

Everyone complained.

Then, the electricity came back, but the phones and computers all needed to be restarted.

After rebooting, before they could continue working, there was a knock on the door.

The supervisor was a little panicked.

What they had done was all in the gray area, especially those who were slandering and spreading rumors.

It had already exceeded the moral level and violated the law.

That was why they worked in such a slum and did not dare to open their company openly.

Hearing the sudden knock on the door, he did not dare to open it.

The knocking on the door became even more intense.

“Were from the relevant department to investigate.

Quickly open the door!”

The moment the door opened, a group of people in uniforms surged in and flashed their work passes.

“We received a report that someone on your side has openly done something illegal.

We need you to cooperate with our investigation now.

All these computers and phones must be seized immediately.”

The supervisor and all the staff were taken away.

On the Internet, the netizens and fans who were denouncing the vile actions of these “fans” who spoke ill of them condemned.

They realized that the other party had all gone offline and there was no more movement.

Shi Jins and Lin Luos fans calmed down.

After calming down and analyzing carefully, they realized that the people who started it were all haters in disguise as fans.

Then, the fans of the two sides reconciled and issued a statement together.

They called on the fans to be rational when chasing celebrities and lead their own lives.

They were not to be incited by the emotions on the Internet, nor were they to scold and hate each other.

Song Fan called Fu Xiuyuan to report the situation.

“Theyve already been arrested and we have destroyed dozens of similar nests.

These fake reviewers are not only taking over the matter of Sha Haimu, but theyre also the ones who took over many evil people on the Internet previously.

Not only are they immoral, but theyve also long been jumping around in the law.”

“Make sure they are severely punished,” Fu Xiuyuan replied indifferently.

Song Fan had not known that professional fans would be so arrogant.

In the past, Master Fu had never meddled in Shi Jins work, and he ignored the quarrels among the fans.

However, it was obvious that Sha Haimus “fans” had gone overboard.

It was no longer just about the fans.

This heavy blow was karma for Sha Haimu.

Overnight, nearly 90% of Sha Haimus professional fans had been removed.

The rest were basically professional fans who received money.

It was not easy to deal with them for the time being, but they were no longer a problem.

After this batch of professional fans was dealt a blow, Sha Haimus data fault almost showed weakness overnight.

He had posted a business Weibo message in the morning with a single link.

He had officially announced that he was endorsing hand cream.

Normally, after five minutes, there would be at least a million likes and more than a hundred thousand shares.

However, today after half an hour, the number of likes was only 70,000 to 80,000, and the number of shares was only 10,000 to 20,000.

It was even inferior to an ordinary mid-level celebrity.

His fans were puzzled.

“Whats going on Hasnt everyone woken up yet today”

“It must be Weibo blocking our delicate wife again.

Everyone is trying to prevent him from exploding! Theyre deliberately preventing us from liking his posts!”

“Its most likely Shi Jin who spent money on Weibo to make our wifes data look bad.

Then, she can use this as an excuse to bully our wife!”

“Why hasnt Lin Luo come out to protect your wife Are you dead or crippled Scumbag, can you be more responsible!”

Sha Haimu immediately called his manager.

“Whats going on with my data Some fans are already suspicious.”

“Ill rush them immediately.” The manager immediately contacted the various water army companies.

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