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Shi Jin looked up at Sha Haimu.

He was still wearing a wig and a beret, and there was a sheet mask on his face, as if showing off his exquisiteness as an artiste.

However, to the people who were watching him, they only felt that he was quite sloppy.

Normally, after putting on a facial mask, everyone would have to wash their faces properly and then continue with skincare.

After he sat down, he removed the mask and threw it into the trash can.

There was nothing else, and he just sat there.

Not only was the liquid from the mask still dripping from his face, but Shi Jin also realized that he was still wearing the same clothes as yesterday.

He had been sweating so much the entire day, but he had not changed

Perhaps they were just two identical outfits Shi Jin thought.

She treated Sha Haimu as usual.

She went forward and distributed the pancake on his plate.

If she distributed it to everyone but him, she would not be able to explain herself.

She distributed the potato pancakes onto Sha Haimus plate.

Xu Nings eggs were also fried, so she came over to distribute them to everyone.

Jiang Zexi handed over the milk.

Shi Jin was the closest to Sha Haimu, so she handed him a cup.

“Is everyone done” Hu Yanlan changed her clothes and walked out.

“Then Im going to enjoy this breakfast today.”

“Sister Hu, drink some milk first.” Shi Jin picked up a bottle of milk and handed it to Hu Yanlan.

Everyone chatted and laughed as they ate breakfast.

Shi Jin felt that her actions today were extremely normal.

There was nothing wrong.

Apart from Sha Haimu, who she did not comment on.

Hu Yanlan was straightforward and generous, Xu Ning was lively and cute, and Jiang Zexi was also a very easy to get along with.

Wang Xing was very funny.

When everyone was together, be it eating or traveling, they got along very well.

This episode of the program did not focus on catfights or scheming.

Everyone showed their specialties and resolved the problem together.

There was inevitably some friction in the middle, but it was quickly resolved.

The trip that day was also very pleasant.

When they slept at night, all the cameras stopped recording and the staff went to rest.

Only then did Shi Jin turn on her phone to see what was going on today.

The moment she opened it, all kinds of private messages surged in.

She usually skimmed through it and rarely looked at the various messages that tagged her—mainly because there were too many.

There were tens of thousands of messages at every turn.

She could not look at them one by one and could only glance at them casually.

Usually, it was all kinds of rainbow flattery from her fans and content that asked her to rest and protect her body.

She glanced at the private messages and the posts she were tagged in today and could not read them at all.

It was all kinds of insults and extremely ugly words, humiliation towards women and her family.

Just by clicking on one of the messages, one could tell that it was sent by Sha Haimus fans.

Shi Jin felt that it was strange.

She had been scolded yesterday because she and Xu Ning had abandoned their delicate wife.

What was it today

She immediately opened the other content on Weibo to see the reason.

To be honest, even if she had a competitive relationship with many celebrities in the past, no one would disturb others at the fan level.

Shi Jin had only been scolded in various hot searches and news comments.

As long as she did not look, she would not be able to see it.

Unlike this time, they were all scolding her name.

The moment she logged in, her private messages were filled.

Opening it, Shi Jin saw the reason and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

She had been scolded because of this Because of this For this

Were these peoples brains smooth and without wrinkles

Seeing her like this, Xu Ning asked curiously, “Shi Jin, what are you looking at Why do you look like you have something to say”

“Take a look.” Shi Jin handed her phone over.

“What news is this There are actually more than 100,000 shares Oh my god, Im amazed.

They actually said that you distributed potato [pancakes and handed milk to Sha Haimu in the morning because you wanted to approach him You wanted to touch his hand You had improper thoughts about their delicate wife Oh my god! What an incomprehensible train of thought!”

When Xu Ning saw it, she found it as unbelievable as Shi Jin did.

“Look here.

They actually said that Im showing signs of sexual harassment towards him The evidence is that when he came to pick up the milk, I took the opportunity to touch his hand” Shi Jin was confused.

“I also handed Sister Hu the milk and distributed potato cakes to everyone! Furthermore, why would I want to harass him For his ordinary looks For him not to take a bath and not change for a few days”

Shi Jin had always been cold, and her attitude towards people she was not familiar with was extremely indifferent.

At this moment, she was angered by these fans and her tone changed.

Xu Ning shrugged.

“It hasnt been long, but Sha Haimus fans have actually degenerated again.

Their methods have also become even more lowly.

Its simply unimaginable that such a creature still exists in this world.”

She also saw all kinds of content scolding Shi Jin.

She was scolded until it was unbearable to look at.

She reached out and pointed.

“Its these few fans.

They should all be professional fans.

Theyll take the lead and lead the way.

The other brainless fans will follow.

Its not that I want to say this, but most of the healthy and rational people in Sha Haimus current fan group have long left.

The rest are like raising parasites.

The longer they stay, the more vicious they are.

With this commotion, their goal of promoting him has been achieved again.”

“Ever sinceSea Flower became popular, he and Lin Luo have appeared in the public eye, but unfortunately, Lin Luo has long gone further.

Its been months since his show finished broadcasting, but he still has no plans.

If not for these fights, his fans would have run away too.

Now that Lin Luo is filming in peace, he cant drag Lin Luo as much.

We are his next best targets.

Shi Jin, its our bad luck to be stained with such **.

I can only say that in the future, we must choose resources and stay away from such people.”

Shi Jin nodded.

“Ill never work with such a person again.”

“So you know why his subsequent resources cant keep up at all, right”

Shi Jin understood and said, “It should be that everyone is like us.

Afraid that they wont be able to shake him off if they get dirty.”

“Thats right.

Hes a man and can be considered to have taken all the male and female dividends.

With the title of delicate wife, hes completely invincible.

Who would dare to act with him if they really wanted to develop their career How would people like us, who have worked with him, dare to continue working with him Yet he also looks down on those who are not as popular as him.

Its basically difficult for him to enter a production team or start up his career again.”

“Lets watch him build a tall building, watch him hold a banquet, and watch him collapse,” Shi Jin said indifferently.

Shi Jins filming contract only had a day left anyway.

She would not have much cooperation with Sha Haimu.

In a dilapidated slum, there was a small, tattered suite.

Many haggard people were sitting in a few rooms.

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