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Chapter 92: She Might Surpass Shi Jin

The audience could not wait for the competition to begin.

After the controversial episode where Little Stone was challenged repeatedly and the footage of her clipping the orchid went online, “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter” became a huge hit.

Its popularity had skyrocketed so much that it had surpassed even a few weekend primetime programs by some major television networks.

“As usual, you can vote for your favorite contestant online.

If you like them, vote for them and give them a chance to stay!” The show started with the hosts usual introductions.

Shi Jin was due to perform next.

Wen Yongwei, Shen Qi, and the other contestants were given primetime slots and scheduled to perform in the middle of the program.

All their guest performers were popular or had a lot of fans, so they were capable of garnering a lot of attention.

The guest performers also told their fans to vote for their teams.

In reality, it was not just a question of ability, but how popular the contestant and the guest performer were.

Ye Peiwen had not performed in years, so she did not have a strong fan base.

And while Shi Jin had loyal fans, and she was happy with the number, it could not compare with the other contestants.

Shi Jin was out of luck.

As the show went on, more people talked about it online.

All the performers had their own edge and problems.

The audience sitting in front of the television and computer waited to vote for their favorite contestants.

Since the voting channel was opened at the beginning of the show, the contestants performing at the end of the program were at a disadvantage.

This meant they would end up receiving far fewer votes.

Shi Jins fans were all waiting for her to perform.

A lot of fans went on to watch other programs or play with their phones after seeing their favorite artists perform.

All the viewers who continued watching were true music lovers.

Even though they were small in number, they were far more demanding than average fans.

Shi Jin and Ye Peiwen got onto the stage.

Ye Peiwen was dressed in black.

Since she had rested well, she was in good shape.

Shi Jin was wearing a mask that concealed her face entirely.

After an intensive and explosive interlude, the audience felt exhilarated.

Ye Peiwen parted her lips and sang leaving the audience in shock.

People use words to tie us down.

But we dont have to do as they say.

The last word was bright and powerful.

And the entire audience burst with excitement.

She certainly lived up to her reputation as the queen of vocals.

Even watching her from a screen, the audience could keenly sense her powerful vibes.

Even if people want to talk, they cant deny my success!

Ye Peiwens singing got even better as she went on.

The instructors were slightly worried.

Ye Peiwen was an extremely explosive and experienced singer, so she was a force to be reckoned with.

Now that she was in tip-top form, Shi Jin might not be able to surpass her! Would Ye Peiwen end up stealing the show entirely

Yu Guannan frowned and felt especially worried.

Perhaps Ye Peiwen felt an adrenaline rush after not performing in such a long time.

However, she had made the atmosphere high and the audience reveled in her singing.

Many people accessed the official web page and searched for her name so that they could vote for her later.

The moment Ye Peiwen finished the first part of the song, Shi Jin took over.

Yu Guannans heart was in his mouth.

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