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Xu Ning smiled and said, “Heaven will take care of the sins of others.

We cant become the kind of people we hate.”

“Come, lets take a photo.” Shi Jin took out her phone.

The two of them smiled brightly at the camera.

Shi Jin posted the photo with the caption: “The world is so beautiful.

Cherish every minute of your life.”

She and Xu Ning posted the photos one after another.

Their fans were indeed very irritable today, because Sha Haimus fans had foul mouths and scolded very badly.

They were so angry that they went out to fight.

However, the originally irritable day had been cured by the photos sent by the two cute young ladies.

Their smiles were sweet and moving, as if no matter how much suffering there was in this world, it would be resolved.

The fans calmed down and knew what Shi Jin and Xu Ning meant.

They hoped that everyone could lead a good life and not waste time on unnecessary things.

The night passed uneventfully.

When they were recording the next day, Xu Ning recalled Shi Jins words and decided not to go against Sha Haimu.

Anyway, she could just treat him as any artist she worked with and treat him normally.

Xu Ning and Shi Jin woke up early.

The two of them planned to see if there was anything delicious outside and buy it for breakfast.

Hu Yanlan was already running.

“Sister Hu, no wonder your figure is so good,” Xu Ning said in admiration.

“Sigh, Im old.

I cant compare to you anymore.

Ill run another round.”

“Alright, lets see if theres anything delicious,” Shi Jin said with a wave of her hand.

The two of them ran around and bought a few potato pancakes.

“Whats that smell” Jiang Zexi fiddled with his hair as he leaned over.

“Potato pancakes, made from freshly dug potatoes.

They smell so good.

An old woman sold them.

How much do you think each potato pancake costs” Xu Ning asked.

“Five The beef pancake we ate yesterday was five dollars.

Its about the size of this,” Jiang Zexi said.

Wang Xing leaned over and took a look.

“Three dollars.”

“Did we guess big or little” Wang Xing said.

“Thats too big A potato pancake that big and its not even three dollars” Jiang Zexi was very shocked.

Wang Xing said happily, “In that case, I have to learn this technique.

Ill always eat this pancake in the future.”

Everyone guessed for a long time but could not guess.

Xu Ning announced the answer.

“Fifty cents each!”

“This is too cheap!” Wang Xing said.

“Forget it.

In the future, I might as well stay here permanently.

Ill eat pancakes every day and live the rest of my life peacefully by picking up water bottles.”

He was a comedian to begin with.

Everyone listened to him happily.

Hu Yanlan also ran back.

“Yo, youre all up Why is it so lively Ill go take a shower and help.”

“Take your time.” Xu Ning smiled and said, “Breakfast will be ready after we finish frying these eggs.”

“Ill help you get the eggs,” Wang Xing said.

“Ill help you get the oil,” Jiang Zexi said.

Shi Jin picked up the potato pancake.

“Ill split the pancake.”

Although everyone had just started living together, they were already very warm and harmonious.

Sha Haimu came downstairs and said, “Im sorry, I woke up a little late.”

“Its okay, sit,” Wang Xing called out to him.

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