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“Anyway, be careful.

If you hadnt been scolded so badly, I wouldnt have come to say these words.”

After the female director left, Shi Jin said to Xu Ning, “Behave yourself.

It wont sound good if word gets out.”

“Tsk, you know that Ive worked with Sha Haimu before, right Back then, we were just filming a music video.

How long has it been I didnt think that such a small cooperation would cause any problems.

In the end, when we were filming, he liked to touch me, flick my ear, and touch my nose.

I couldnt say anything in front of the camera.

When the music video came out, his fans actually scolded me for sticking to him! I was so angry that my fans quarreled with his fans.”

“No wonder you acted like you didnt know him today,” Shi Jin said.

“Thats right.

Initially, what did it matter if the fans fought As long as it wasnt an artist who deliberately led the fans to fight, didnt we usually pretend that nothing had happened Thats what I thought too.

I thought that although hes a bit bad with boundaries, he didnt do anything wrong.

It was the fans that were too insensible.

So I contacted him to calm things down Guess what happened in the end”

Xu Ning said, “He said that he cant control the fans.

Everything will be fine after the matter blows over.”

“I thought about it and agreed.

Anyway, my fans have the upper hand, but who knew, after his fans didnt win the fight, his mother personally came out.

She tagged me on social media and said that colleagues have to be united and love each other.

Dont expand the conflict just because of a small interest dispute.

She made it sound like everything is my fault.

When his fans got hold of something, they immediately used this to attack me.

They said that I was doing this for fame and deliberately provoked things from both sides to fight!” Xu Ning said indignantly.

Shi Jin could understand her feelings.

Normally, celebrities did not care much about fans fighting, unless it was too serious.

Sha Haimus mother had actually personally gone out to guide the fans and even blamed everything on Xu Ning.

It was indeed heart-wrenching.

“Hes finally famous this time.

Actually, I also watched coldly from the sidelines.

Lin Luo, who was filmingSea Flower with him, relied on his outstanding acting skills to lead the entire show.

In the early stages, Sha Haimus popularity was completely suppressed by Lin Luo.

It was only later when he claimed the title of wife that he started to improve.”

“Ive heard a little about it too,” Shi Jin said.

“I dont know much.

I only know that Lin Luos current resources are also outstanding.”

“Thats because Lin Luo is good-looking, his acting skills are not bad, and hes dedicated to his work.

He can afford to do it himself.

In the early stages, Sha Haimu bought many professional fans to appear and slander Lin Luo, scolding him for his bad acting skills.

He looked down on Lin Luo for being an 18th tier celebrity.

After Lin Luo began to do well, they started to say that he had someone backing him to give him resources.

Sha Haimu, this idiot, is literally directing a whole made up show.”

Shi Jin did not know about these things and was amazed when she heard it.

She had been in the entertainment industry for so long, but she had never heard of buying professional fans.

The main reason was that she had attracted her own fans step by step.

She rarely managed her fans, so there was actually something she did not know.

“You dont know how Lin Luo killed his way out.

The fans who stay behind to accompany him are all real people.

As for Sha Haimu, his fans have all accepted him as the delicate wife, so everything he does is right.

Coupled with the guidance of many professional fans, his little fans follow behind him.”

“Then is it he more popular or is Lin Luo more popular”

“Of course its Lin Luo.

When the drama was released, Lin Luo treated it as a normal television drama.

The past is the past.

After the show was over, it was all normal filming and work.

Up to now, Lin Luo has already filmed two new dramas and two more are waiting to be aired.

Sha Haimu is still entangled with the CP fans.

If he didnt join this crew, I dont know what hed do every day.”

Shi Jin turned on her phone and looked at Lin Luos photos and videos again.

Compared to Sha Haimu, Lin Luos bone structure and skin were extremely good.

He was beautiful in ancient clothes and handsome in modern outfits.

He was much better-looking and his acting skills were very good.

“Since Lin Luo has already strode forward, what are the CP fans doing” Shi Jin did not understand.

“Of course its because Sha Haimu pretends to be gay on his own.

He often wears the same clothes as Lin Luo and poses the same way, saying things like “life is so painful when you cant have the one you love”.

CP fans can obtain the satisfaction of their ship from Sha Haimu.

As long as he shows a little weakness and pain, everyones hearts will immediately ache.

Theyll scold Lin Luo for not taking good care of their delicate wife and making him suffer.”

Shi Jin looked pained when she heard that.

She had always felt that her fans were quite normal and cute.

Everyone had their own lives.

In their free time, they would chase after celebrities and relax.

She had never seen such a messy fan club.

“Anyway, you can treat Lin Luo as a tool for their ship.

The CP fans only has their delicate wife in their eyes, he will never be wrong.

Therefore, when he came, I didnt dare to talk to him or do anything.

I was afraid that I would offend his CP fans for some reason, but look, I couldnt hide from him.”

“These fans are really hopeless.” Shi Jin sighed.

“Theyre not the only ones who cant be saved.

Theres also Sha Haimu himself.

These professional fans he bought are used to boost his popularity by going around picking fights and scamming people.

Think about it, Shi Jin.

Youre a super A-list actress now.

Every move you make is noticed by all parties and you have a lot of fans.

As for him, his reputation is extremely bad.

However, every time someone mentions your name, they mention your name with his.

Doesnt that give passersby the impression that hes as famous as you”

Shi Jin could understand this.

Wasnt this how others had tried to trample on her previously

However, she had not expected a male artiste to use this move to trample on a female artiste.

It was shocking.

Xu Ning sighed and said, “Hes ugly and low-class.

He relies on that fictional characters character filter to support him.

Most of his acting skills come from the voice actor in post production.

After wearing the filter, he is indeed shocking in the eyes of many people, but without that filter, many people who dont watch dramas will only think that hes ugly.

He doesnt have the ability to attract fans independently at all.

He has to rely on petty schemes to raise his reputation, torture his fans, and solidify his reputation.”

“In that case, we have to be more careful tomorrow.

Xu Ning, you cant bring this emotion to work.

If you bring this emotion to your fans, they might be even more anxious,” Shi Jin said softly.

“Youre right, Shi Jin.

Fans come to us to seek happiness and positivity, not to be tortured here.”

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