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What did being a young girl and others taking extra care of her have to do with each other

Sha Haimu reached out and Shi Jin dodged.

“What are you doing”

“I think your hair color is quite good.

I want to see what color dye you use.”

Shi Jin was speechless.

She also saw the speechlessness in Xu Nings eyes and said, “I didnt dye my hair.

Xu Ning, lets go over there.”

“Shi Jin, good job.

Who is this man He just reached out to touch other peoples hair.

Does he have any sense of boundaries”

“Thats right.

The two young ladies are so cute, but this man just has to go and join in the fun.

Who does he think he is”

“His words are also very unpleasant.

Shi Jin has repeatedly explained how those things came about, but he still has such a face.”

“This is the person who relies on pretending to be gay to become famous”

These were all Xu Ning and Shi Jins fans.

They were also the words of most normal fans.

However, Sha Haimus fans did not think so.

Sha Haimu played the role of the bottom in “Sea Flower”.

In the show, both the top and bottom were strong, but all his fans placed him in the role of a woman.

There were also many fans who directly called him wife.

These fans were especially ship fans.

In other words, they were fans who liked to see the top and bottom in a relationship.

Initially, everyone was shipping the couple in the drama, which was normal.

Once the show ended, everyone should walk their separate ways like the other normal male and female leads.

However, after this drama ended, Sha Haimu directly claimed the fans.

These fans who originally only shipped the fictional characters of the drama shifted to shipping the real life actors.

They directly referred to Sha Haimu as “wife.”

Actually, in the entertainment industry, men were called wives all the time.

Especially good-looking male artists, they had never lacked such fans.

Being called wife at every turn could be considered a nickname and also a recognition of the male artists beauty.

However, calling them wife was not something that could be done openly.

Although many male celebrities would not explicitly forbid it, they would still guide their fans correct views from all aspects.

Only Sha Haimu directly accepted the name.

Hence, the fans who shipped the real life actors swept through the entertainment industry at a crazy speed and shocking speed.

“Apart from Mumu, no one else is worthy of being the wife.”

“Wife is the best name for Mumu.”

“Mumu acted out the best wife.”

It was difficult to say if these fans were projecting their own feelings on Sha Haimu, casting all their emotions on him.

Seeing that Xu Ning and Shi Jin had distanced themselves from Sha Haimu together, the others felt the real reason.

Sha Haimu had no sense of boundaries, and there was no line between men and women.

However, what those fans saw were different.

“Are these two women stupid How dare they ignore our wife”

“My wife is so gentle.

Whats wrong with discussing hair dye with Shi Jin Arent we all girls How can you treat my wife like this”

“Isnt it because my wife just became famous that you dont like him Why havent I seen you treat other guests like this Im talking about the two of you disgusting insects.

Your entire family should die @Xu Ning @Shi Jin.”

“This is too much.

Theyre simply looking down on us.

Mumu is so cute.

What bad intentions can Mumu have These two women are so pretentious.

Theyre disgusting.”

“Do you see Mumus sad and disappointed expression He only wants to be friends with you.

Why must you hurt him like this Lin Luo, come out and protect your wife!”

“Where did Lin Luo go Did he see that his wife was in trouble and didnt come Scumbag! Scumbag!”

This kind of vicious scolding was simply unprecedented.

How could Shi Jin and Xu Nings fans in the bullet screen bear to watch such a thing

The fans immediately scolded back.

The comments were in a mess, affecting the other normal audience.

The variety show recording for the entire day ended.

The six of them had completed the mission.

They had to rely on Shi Jin and Xu Ning to pick up the discarded bottles to earn 30 yuan.

Everyone had an additional 30 yuan so they could buy a delicious meal in the small town.

Everyone had worked hard.

The camera turned off and everyone washed up and rested.

Because Shi Jin and Xu Ning hit it off, they stayed in the same room and chatted for a while before falling asleep.

Hearing a knock on the door, Shi Jin went to open it.

A female director stood at the door.

She smiled and said, “Seeing that the lights are on in your house, I knew that you werent asleep yet.

I brought you both some milk.”

“Thank you.” Shi Jin took it and handed one of the bottles to Xu Ning.

“Are you used to living here” the female director asked.

“Pretty good.

Shi Jin and I think its not bad,” Xu Ning said.

Shi Jin could tell that the female director had something to say and invited her to sit down.

Only then did the female director slowly say, “Shi Jin, Xu Ning, theres an event tomorrow.

Bring Sha Haimu with you.

He came a day later than you.

He might not be as familiar with many places as you are, and hes not very used to it.”

“Alright,” Xu Ning and Shi Jin replied very simply.

This female editor was the person who had confirmed this project with Xu Ning and Shi Jin.

She had interacted with them many times and was very familiar with them.

Hence, she said, “Actually, I shouldnt be saying some things, but you havent brought your phones with you these few days, so you shouldnt know the feedback from the fans in the show.

Sha Haimus fans are especially crazy.

If your attitude towards him is a little bad today, his fans will jump around very much.

I dont want to see you being scolded either.”

“But we didnt do anything,” Xu Ning said.

“Where were we scolded”

The female director briefly explained what happened in the bullet screen.

Xu Ning said, “Theres something wrong with them, right Didnt they see that Sha Haimu is a 170 something centimeter tall man Hes tall and strong, and he eats like a shovel.

Hes a delicate wife What bullsh*t wife”

“Whats wrong with what I said Not only are his fans stupid, but he is also a fool.

The CP fans think that hes their wife, so he plays into the role.

Does he really think hes a woman Look at his inappropriate outfit today!”

“Xu Ning!” Shi Jin pressed her down.

The female director was here to resolve the problem, not to intensify it.

“Alright, be good.

Dont lower yourself to the level of the trolls on the Internet.

Who knows if those are real fans or professional fans bought by others What if you anger yourself”

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