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All of Yue Yus words were evasive, and she did not have a clear understanding of the mistake she had just made.

“Im sorry, Im about to start work.

I cant chat with you.” With that, Shi Jin strode in.

For Yue Lanchens sake, she did not say anything harsh.

Seeing Shi Jin leave without a care, Yue Yu clenched her fists tightly.

She had not expected Shi Jin to be such a difficult nut to crack.

She did not leave any room for negotiation, making her unable to express herself.

After Shi Jin entered, she instructed her assistant, “If Yue Yu still wants to look for me, tell her that Im completely busy.”

This tourist program was called “Visiting All the Rivers and Mountains”.

It was a new variety show.

According to the arrangements of this variety show, a few celebrities would form teams to go to the city that the program team had chosen to travel to.

Tourism was a huge test of how everyone interacted with each other.

It was also a huge test for celebrities on how to deal with problems and resolve unexpected situations.

It was a test of ones character.

As a popular artiste of this show, Shi Jin bore a very important responsibility.

The camera position would always revolve around her.

Fortunately, the recording for the first day ended quickly.

When everyone encountered a problem, they discussed it and resolved it.

Because it was a live broadcast, everyone was currently showing their positive side.

The fans watched with relish.

“Tomorrow, our program will welcome a new guest.

At that time, they will join Shi Jins group.

Everyone must be mentally prepared to welcome the new guest!” The program team came to inform them.

“Is it a man or a woman Is there anything you want to reveal in advance” The person who spoke was called Xu Ning.

She was a very beautiful girl with a background in singing and dancing.

“You can guess.

Well answer yes or no.

You have five guesses, you should be able to get the answer,” the production team said with a smile.

“Alright, Ill go first! Is it the opposite of my gender” The person who spoke was Wang Xing, a comedian who had been very popular in recent years.

His words were a little roundabout.

The moment he said that, the production team was stunned for a moment.

Everyone laughed loudly.

Only then did the production team say, “No.”

“Then it must be a man.

Is he a singer or dancer” Xu Ning asked.

Hu Yanlan was the most established person in the production team this time.

She was the big sister of the film industry.

She was already in her fifties, but she had taken very good care of herself.

She usually looked very difficult to approach, but Shi Jin realized that she was especially cheerful when she interacted with her this time.

Shi Jin was currently in the same group as her.

Hu Yanlan said, “Then does he usually focus on filming”

Jiang Zexi, who had come from an idol background, was the youngest apart from Shi Jin.

He immediately said, “Oh, a man An actor Then he must be relatively popular recently, right”

“Shi Jin should ask the last question,” Jiang Zexi said.

“Yes, yes, come!” Hu Yanlan said.

Everyone was thinking about who this person was.

Shi Jin thought for a moment and said, “Is it Sha Haimu”

The moment she said that, the production team was shocked.

“How did you know”

“I was just guessing.

Just now, everyone helped me eliminate many possibilities and gave me this good luck,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

“Not bad.” Hu Yanlan patted her shoulder.

It was not strange that Shi Jin could guess it.

Such programs had always liked to use celebrities who were famous.

This Sha Haimu had just acted in a BL drama and gained a boost of popularity.

The behind-the-scenes boss of the company he had signed a contract with had even sponsored “Visiting All the Rivers and Mountains” this time, so Shi Jin had actually guessed from the beginning that it might be him.

As for Sha Haimu, she did not have any special feelings towards him.

She had guessed correctly, and that was all.

The others were still chatting.

Hu Yanlan asked, “Who is Sha Haimu I havent paid attention to the younger generation of the entertainment industry for a long time.”

“Hes quite a nice young man,” Wang Xing explained.

“He became famous after filmingSea Flower this year.”

“Ive even seen it,” Xu Ning said.

“The socialist brotherhood is especially touching.

Lin Luo and Sha Haimu acted in it together.”

“Socialist brotherhood, is it that kind of… that kind of…” Hu Yanlan gestured something that could only be understood but not explained.

Everyone burst into laughter.

Jiang Zexi said, “Xu Ning, didnt you work with Sha Haimu previously”

“It was just a music video.

It happened a long time ago,” Xu Ning said with a smile, avoiding any gossip.

“Now, Shi Jins group only has Shi Jin and Hu Yanlan.

Itll be perfect after adding Sha Haimu,” Wang Xing said.

“I heard that Sha Haimus fans call him Cat.

I happen to be called Doggy.

Hahaha, isnt this just nice Our two teams have all the cats and dogs.”

After chatting for a while, everyone went to rest.

The next day, they had to travel for a day around this city.

Hence, it was very important to rest well today.

This city was remote.

Although it was also a city, many places were no different from the countryside, similar to small towns.

The trip tomorrow would be relatively difficult.

The next day, Shi Jin woke up early.

She wanted to call Fu Xiuyuan before filming because she did not want to be filmed.

The live broadcast was about to begin in a while.

Everyones every move would be exposed to everyone.

There was no privacy to speak of.

Fu Xiuyuan had just woken up and happened to send her a video call request.

The two of them chatted for a while.

Fu Xiuyuan picked up his tie so Shi Jin knew that he was about to go to the company, so she put down her phone.

Just then, she heard the two directors complaining softly.

One of them said, “Didnt they just become popular Why are there so many lousy issues”

“Thats right.

We confirmed everything previously.

We agreed on all kinds of things, and now theyre being troublesome.

No wonder this Sha Haimu is already in his thirties before he relied on a gay drama to stand out.” Another directors voice sounded.

Shi Jin knew that it was not good to listen to others talk here, but if she came out now, the two directors would be even more awkward.

She could only stand in this small partition and listen to them chat.

“The remuneration we agreed on must increase when we sign the contract.

Previously, we agreed that we would only reimburse one assistant.

He said that he would bring three assistants.

Who doesnt know that his other two assistants are his childhood friends and are here to travel They even want to take advantage of this little money.

They really havent seen the world.” The director continued to complain.

“Forget it, forget it.

So much work has been done in the early stages.

Now that the last step has been finalized, if you dont sign the contract, who else can you look for at the last minute Furthermore, the official announcement has already been made.

When the time comes, wont we be attacked by his fans”

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