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No wonder Yue Feng was angry.

Madam Yue did not continue to protect her this time.

Instead, she said in the same tone as Yue Feng, “Thats right, Xiao Yu.

Your father is right.

If you did something wrong, you did something wrong.

If you did something wrong, well take responsibility and correct it.

Pushing it to others is the most unacceptable thing to do.”

Yue Yus head remained lowered.

She had found a friend to help her settle this matter the moment she entered the police station.

She could have reduced the matter to a small one.

However, Yue Lanchen went to help Shi Jin.

Her parents did not help her clear her name immediately.

Instead, they ordered the police to continue investigating strictly until the end.

It was originally a small matter, but they treated her as a bad person.

They had never thought about her reputation or her feelings.

This was something that Yue Yu could not accept.

She could not reconcile with her family.

Seeing that she did not realize her mistake, Yue Feng said, “I will deal with those who are sick.

I will compensate for the medical fees and apologize personally.

As for you, you must apologize to Shi Jin! Our Yue familys children must dare to take responsibility!”

“Your father is right.

Xiao Yu, you have to listen to him this time.” Madam Yue echoed her husband.

Before Yue Yu could answer, there was a knock on the door.

The butler knocked on the door and led two people in, Li Peiwen and her father.

Father Li was Yue Fengs subordinate to begin with, so the two of them were quite familiar with each other.

“Minister Yue, Im sorry to disturb you, but I know what happened these few days and have no choice but to come and clarify.” Father Lis tone was humble.

“What happened these two days was Yue Yus fault.

You have nothing to clarify.

Go back.” Yue Feng waved his hand weakly, not wanting to say much.

“Minister Yue, its all my fault.

I did this.

It has nothing to do with Xiao Yu,” Li Peiwen immediately said.

Her eyes were red.

“I bought the formula for the tea from a rich familys daughter in Hong Kong.

She was originally a medical student and was very knowledgeable about health maintenance.

Knowing that she had the tea formula, we spared no effort to buy it.

After that, the tea was also specially transported from the United States.

I just didnt expect this rich familys daughter to also plagiarize Shi Jins formula.

However, she failed and didnt copy the essence, only having the chemical essence to fill it, resulting in a tragic outcome.”

Madam Yue glanced at Yue Feng, who was drinking his tea.

Li Peiwen continued, “Initially, I wanted to do this business alone, but I was afraid that I wouldnt be able to do it well, so I pulled Yue Yu over to join me.

She doesnt know anything about the formula at all.

She only helped me with some publicity and has already helped me deal with the companys structure.

She didnt participate in the specifics of the tea project at all.”

Father Li also said, “Thats right, thats right.

I can testify to this matter! Miss Yue really didnt do anything wrong.

She took the blame for Peiwen out of loyalty to her friend.

Im really grateful to Miss Yue and have also scolded Peiwen ruthlessly.

I came this time to clarify things for Miss Yue.”

Madam Yue looked at Yue Yu and said gently, “Is that so, Xiao Yu”

“Its true, Madam Yue,” Li Peiwen said anxiously.

Yue Yu raised her head, her eyes very aggrieved and a little red and swollen.

She nodded gently.

“Dad, Mom, I originally wanted to bear with it myself.

Anyway, the matter is not too big, so theres no need to implicate Peiwen.

Since Peiwen came by herself, lets talk it out.”

Madam Yue sighed.

“Child, why didnt you say so earlier Look at you.

How much have you been scolded by your father!”

“Its all my fault, Madam Yue.

It has nothing to do with Xiao Yu.

I should have come earlier, but I wasnt mentally prepared and made Xiao Yu suffer.

It was my idea to push the matter to Shi Jin previously.

Im sorry to Xiao Yu and to Shi Jin.

Ill apologize to Shi Jin personally.” Li Peiwens attitude was very sincere.


Li quickly took out some evidence.

For example, Li Peiwen was the one who signed the tea leaves sent back from overseas.

Li Peiwen was also the one who signed the tea formulas she bought from the rich Young Miss in Hong Kong.

Li Peiwen also invested money into the company.

Although Yue Yu had also offered a lot of money, according to Father Li, it was all because Yue Yu supported and valued her friend.

Yue Feng put down his teacup and said, “There cant be any mistakes in food related manufacture.

I understand how you want to elevate your career, but you cant build your career on other peoples pain.

Fortunately, theres only a small problem with the tea leaves this time.

The patients who have problems can recover after resting for a while.

If theres really a big problem, what youll destroy will be others lives!”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Father Li said humbly.

Li Peiwen also lowered her head and listened piously.

She said, “Minister Yue, Ill definitely change in the future.

Ill learn my lesson and nothing will happen again.”

“We will remember Minister Yues words,” Father Li said.

“Alright, I understand.

You can go back first.”

“Minister Yue, Im willing to take responsibility for what Peiwen did wrong.

Let me handle all the problems.” Father Li was very sincere.

“Lets talk about it later.” Yue Feng waved his hand, clearly not wanting to discuss this matter anymore.

Father Li and Li Peiwen left.

Yue Yu finally cried out in grievance.

Madam Yue hugged her.

“Alright, alright.

Its okay.

Dad and Mom wronged you.

Dont cry, dont cry.”

Yue Yu was still a little aggrieved.

Madam Yue gave Yue Feng a look, asking him to say something nice.

Yue Feng had never said anything soft.

He said indifferently, “Dont cry.

Go and rest early.”

Only then did Yue Yu stop crying and go upstairs.

Madam Yue followed Yue Feng into the room.

“Fortunately, Xiao Yu is not in charge of this matter.

Otherwise, this bad influence would really affect her reputation.”

“Are you certain that she is not the person in charge”

Madam Yue actually had her doubts too.

However, facing her daughter, she still chose to believe her.

She said, “This is our daughter.

Furthermore, you can see that much of the evidence Li Peiwen brought confirms this.

Also, if not for this, the police wouldnt have let us bail our daughter out, right”

Yue Feng sighed softly.

It was unknown if he believed her or not.

After Li Peiwen and her father left, her father said sincerely, “A moment of grievance is nothing.

Fortunately, this is not a big deal.

Those people jumped around very much, but they actually did not suffer much.

You obtained Yue Yus attention through this matter, and I also obtained Minister Yues attention.

This is the most important thing for our family.”

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