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“So Shi Jin really knows how to brew tea leaves”

“How can she give such an unreliable product to everyone”

“What do you mean by personally concocting such things Theyre all very poisonous.

Its all scientific industrial production now.

How can it be handmade like this The ratio of various things can easily go wrong.”

“Thats right.

Looks like we really have to look for Shi Jin.”

Yue Lanchen continued, “The tea leaves she sent out before were all handmade by her.

All her tea leaves came from the small town of Taizhou.

That was where her grandfather was doing crop research.

The box containing the tea leaves was handmade by her.

The tea leaves she sent out had been given out for a long time.

No one had any problems drinking them.”

Yue Lanchen split open the box of tea leaves that Shi Jin had brought with him on the spot.

They could clearly see that it was indeed made of solid wood.

It was obvious that it was very solid.

Yue Lanchen pointed at the people below the stage.

“Didnt you say that you had obtained a lot of tea leaves previously Come, take out your boxes and take a look.”

Many people did carry boxes with them because this box was very beautiful.

Apart from storing tea leaves, it could also be used to store jewelry and things.

Many people took them out.

Yue Lanchen said, “Cut it open and see if its made of artificial wood filled with impurities.”

Li Peiwen pulled him and whispered, “Lanchen, what are you doing”

“You dont have to worry about me.

I have my reasons.”

“Lanchen, you cant harm Xiao Yu!”

“Im not harming anyone.

I just want to make everything clear!”

The people below the stage were really serious.

They found something to smash open the box.

As expected, it was filled with wood shavings.

Yue Lanchen picked up a new box of tea leaves on the stage and smashed open the wooden box.

It was also wood shavings.

“The number of tea leaves Shi Jin gave out was very small.

It was stored in a solid wooden box and only a few people were given them.

Its impossible for it to spread on the market.

Dont you know where your own tea leaves came from You should know where you got your tea leaves, right If theres a problem after drinking those tea leaves, shouldnt you go to the person who gave you the tea leaves first Whats the point of asking Shi Jin to give you an explanation”

Everyone thought about it carefully.

When they first found out that tea leaves were useful, there was nowhere to buy them.

Later on, for some reason, it started to appear on the market.

Although no one bought it and it was given to them by friends, colleagues, and subordinates, it was indeed difficult to prove that it was Shi Jins.

It did not make sense to look for Shi Jin.

Li Peiwen whispered to Yue Lanchen, “Lanchen, are you crazy If you do this, wont everyone look for Xiao Yu directly”

“This also doesnt prove that my biological sister did it.

Im sure she wouldnt, anyway.

You people, you cant pin anything on my two sisters! Yue Lanchen said righteously.

Someone below the stage said, “Then who knows if Shi Jin specially sold these fake tea leaves to the market How can you guarantee that”

“How many tea leaves Shi Jin made and how many boxes she used are all marked.

In addition to the symbol of the jade pendant on the box, there are also numbers as a mark.

Theyre in the box.

She only ordered a hundred boxes in total and marked them according to the numbers.

Whether she did it or you were deceived by fake goods can be quickly determined.

Dont slander her!”

Yue Lanchen was eager to protect Shi Jin.

He pointed at the large pile of tea boxes on the stage and said, “As for these, no matter who made them or what the problem is, the police will naturally investigate in detail.

But I can tell everyone clearly that these have nothing to do with Shi Jin!”

His words were decisive.

Coupled with his status, most people would not dare to go against him.

For a moment, although everyone was discussing, they did not dare to mention Shi Jins name anymore.

“I suggest everyone go back today.

The police will give everyone an explanation for what happened.

Its not wise to stay here.

Everyone, go back.”

When the people below the stage heard this, they felt that there was no point in lingering here and dispersed.

Li Peiwen was really angry and anxious.

Originally, these things could at least be pushed to Shi Jin on the surface.

After being stirred up by Yue Lanchen, it was obviously not easy to push the blame.

“Li Peiwen, I remember clearly that you slandered Shi Jin.

If I hear you say that again, I wont be as polite as this time!”

A serious expression appeared in the young mans face.

The warning was very strong.

Li Peiwen didnt dare say anything else.

With Yue Lanchen stopping them, this matter was not blamed on Shi Jin.

It did not ferment too badly.

Yue Yu sat on the couch, head bowed.

The Yue Feng couple had only saved her from suffering by bailing her out.

Madam Yues heart ached.

She cooked dessert and handed it to her.

“Have a few bites,” she persuaded in a low voice.

“I cant eat.” Yue Yu shook her head.

“You havent eaten in a day or two.

How can your body take this Eat something.”

Yue Yu had originally wanted to give her parents a surprise that day, but instead of a surprise, it was a scare.

After the incident, the Yue couple was so worried that they couldnt eat anything for two consecutive days.

Yet, they still had to come to persuade her.

She still refused to eat.

Suddenly, there was a loud thump on the table, and Yue Yu shuddered.

Yue Feng slammed the table and said sternly, “You did something wrong.

Your mother didnt even eat, and she still has to comfort you, where did you get the face to be so unreasonable”

“Thats enough, honey,” Madam Yue advised.

“If something happens, well settle it.

Stop scolding your daughter.”

“Then get her to talk properly.

Why did she push the blame to Shi Jin when something happened When did our Yue family have such an irresponsible person”

The more he spoke, the more serious and angry Yue Feng became.

Yue Yu bit her lip and hung her head.

After the incident, she and Li Peiwen both pushed the matter to Shi Jin.

However, it was Yue Lanchen who came forward to turn the tide and killed the first wave of things that might cause trouble for Shi Jin.

After that, the police investigated the source of the problematic tea leaves and found out that the origin of the tea leaves came from North America.

It was Li Peiwen who had signed the papers and transported them back from abroad.

She learned that as soon as the incident happened, Shi Jin went straight to the notary office to find the difference between the two tea leaves and immediately called the police.

The tea leaves that had been circulated previously were obviously problematic and had nothing to do with Shi Jin.

Putting a few things together, Shi Jins suspicion was quickly cleared.

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