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When Shi Jin was cold, she was always the most intimidating.

Everyone could not help but be stunned.

Then, they recalled that the tea leaves were indeed not bought from Shi Jin.

Some people bought it from their aunties, some bought it from their colleagues best friends, and some spent a lot of money to find an agent to buy it.

The source was unknown, so who dared to say that it was Shi Jins fault

While everyone was in a daze, Yue Lanchen sent Shi Jin to the car.

He felt very guilty.

“Its all my fault.

I spread the news that you personally brewed your tea leaves so they must be amazing.

Its spread all over now.”

“Its not your fault.

It has nothing to do with you.” Shi Jin looked at him gently.

Shi Jin punched him.

“Alright, put away your pitiful emotions.”

“Ouch.” Yue Lanchens grin returned despite the pain.

“Since youve already called the police, does that mean everythings fine”

“Ill be fine, but the person who made this batch of fake tea leaves might have a huge problem.

Dont worry, the police will follow the clues and soon find out who it belongs to.”

“Okay, Ill go back then.”

Yue Lanchen got out of the car and walked towards the team.

He saw that the people had not dispersed yet.

They were all on their own phones, clearly asking who was selling them the tea leaves.

The people they contacted still didnt know that there was a problem with the tea leaves and immediately told them, “The tea leaves in this shop were very difficult to buy in the past, but today, their new tea is finally on sale.

Its in the mall downtown.

Not only is there an event, but theres also a live sale.”

These people were just worried that they would not be able to find someone to take responsibility, but now the source was clear, so they immediately rushed over.

On the stage, Yue Yus voice was filled with emotion.

“After obtaining such good tea leaves, I naturally cant monopolize it and enjoy it for myself.

Therefore, I brought this technology back from overseas to repay everyone.

After the tea is listed, we will continue…”

A large group of people suddenly appeared below the stage.

These people did not know who Yue Yu was.

All they knew was that they had bought her tea leaves and now that something had happened to their bodies, they had to find the culprit to take responsibility.

Immediately, someone shouted, “Continue what After drinking your tea leaves, there are so many side effects.

How can you continue After I drank it, Ive already had a splitting headache for several nights.

I cant sleep at all!”


These arent tea leaves.

Theyre poison!”

“Look at the price tag.

A box costs five figures.

Not only are you making black-hearted money, but youre also killing people for money!”

Yue Yu stood on the stage, shaking with anger at these words.

A good press conference had been ruined.

She gave a look, and security immediately stepped forward to take these people outside.

“This is poison.

Its poison.

How dare you buy it and drink it Arent you afraid of getting sick Recently, my limbs have been weak.

The more I drink this tea, the worse I feel.

If I dont drink it, Ill feel better.

Do you still dare”

Many of the people sitting below the stage were rich ladies and young masters from wealthy families who had specially come to support Yue Yu.

When they heard these words, they were slightly shocked.

They recalled that recently, they had indeed had such symptoms.

Sometimes, they would have headaches, sometimes, they would be dizzy, and sometimes, they would be weak.

They had thought it was because they were tired and would be better after a rest.

They had not thought that it was the tea leaves.

They did not drink tea like some people.

They only took small sips.

Their symptoms were indeed not as serious as those who drank tea in large mouthfuls.

However, everything seemed to have been traced.

After these “troublemakers” were taken away, Yue Yu pressed her hands down.

“Everyone, its fine.

Lets continue.

I hope you wont believe some false accusations.

Especially some competitors and peers who always like to attack with things other than quality.”

She labeled those people as troublemakers with just a few words.

The people sitting below the stage trusted her very much and felt that there was indeed something wrong with those people.

As for the minute conditions of the body, who didnt have headaches and fevers Could all the problems be attributed to drinking this tea

Yue Yu continued, “Lets get back to business and continue with our tea leaves.”

Someone below the stage asked, “Yue Yu, are you sure this tea has nothing to do with Shi Jin Is it yours”

“Im sure.

I drank this tea overseas before bringing the recipe back.

It indeed has nothing to do with Shi Jin.” Yue Yu immediately said, “I hope everyone will stop mentioning Shi Jins name.

I dont want… anyone to take credit for my work in any form.”

She said this last very bluntly.

It was clear that she was extremely tired of people asking similar questions.

They had mentioned Shi Jins name several times today.

Why did they have to ask again

Hearing Yue Yus anger, no one dared to say anything more about Shi Jin.

Yue Yu perked up and continued, “In the future, our Tea Words will open a flagship store where tea leaves will be sold.

Everyone is welcome to choose.

In addition to this tea leaf, we will also gradually launch other tea leaves with effects…”

She was still talking when a line of police officers appeared outside, striding in with the relevant department.

Yue Yu frowned slightly, wondering what the situation was.

However, she was not afraid at all and did not need to worry.

She knew that no one could do anything to her.

Especially since she didnt think shed done anything wrong.

Patents were bought.

Tea leaves were hand-picked.

Everything could be considered hands-on.

The only flaw was that she was Yue Fengs daughter who had come out to do business.

People might think she was using her fathers power.

However, she was open and honest and did not use any of her parents prestige.

She was so dignified!

“I am!” Yue Yu replied, head held high.

“Your tea leaves involve some product quality issues that have some adverse effects on the human body.

We need the person in charge to cooperate with us when we return to investigate.”

As soon as these words were said, there was an uproar below the stage.

Everyone thought of the group of people who had just barged in and asked for an explanation.

Could there really be a problem with the tea leaves, causing harm to the body

“What exactly is the situation, Officer”


Whats going on Were consumers.

Its okay for us to know, right Why cant you tell us the details”

The police had not yet carried out an investigation and could not make a direct assertion.

He only said, “We also received a police report that there was something wrong with this batch of tea leaves, so we came over and asked to cooperate with the investigation.

Its not convenient to disclose the details yet.”

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