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Chapter 91: Birds of a Feather Flock Together

It was the first time she had such good sleep ever since she had rhinitis.

She used to wake up the moment her nose felt stifled and remained restless all night.

Even when she was able to get a good nights rest, she woke up feeling giddy, so she rarely felt energetic in the morning.

She could not help smiling thinking about Shi Jin.

Shi Jin was undoubtedly an intriguing girl.

First thing in the morning, Ye Peiwen went on set to wait for Shi Jin.

Shi Jin usually did not stay over on set if she did not need to work, but she was punctual.

She arrived early today and saw Ye Peiwen standing in front of her energetically.

“Hi, Little Stone!” Ye Peiwen walked over.

“Thanks for the mint.

My nose hasnt felt so good in a long time.”

“If you find it effective, I have more.” Shi Jin handed her a small clear plastic box with a few pieces of mint inside.

“Before you go back, I will give you the entire plant so that you can take it with you.”

Since Ye Peiwen was from another city, she had to stay for a while to film the program.

“That would be perfect.”

Hu Lai overheard the conversation when she walked past them.

Chu Ling was putting on his makeup when Hu Lai got back.

They were filming an introductory clip today, so it was very important.

Shi Xuexin had secretly visited and was sitting backstage with him.

Hu Lai told them about what she heard, “Does Ye Peiwen genuinely think Shi Jins leaf can cure her rhinitis Birds of a feather flock together.”

Shi Xuexin looked at Chu Ling gently as she said, “After all, Shi Jin was from a small town.

The small town she was from is famous for its plants.

I wouldnt be surprised if it worked.”

Hu Lai recalled something.

“Thats true.

Is it considered a small town though It is more like the countryside.”

Shi Xuexin recalled her life when she lived with Old Master Li in the small town.

Even though it was inaccessible and did not have a lot of things, he always insisted on a good education no matter how poor they were.

He even specially brought in teachers to give her drawing and piano lessons.

How good could small-town teachers get If not for her god-given talent and drive, she would not have survived long getting taught by them.

It was great living with the Shi family.

Since it was a reputable family and used the best, her painting and piano teachers were also top-notch.

Hu Lai glanced at Shi Xuexin before she smiled and said, “You are such a kind soul.

No matter where you live, you have the poise of a socialite.

Even though Shi Jin lived with the Shi family for years, she didnt learn anything from them.

Instead, she ended up being so unscrupulous.”

“If she gets kicked off the program now, she has to go back to school.

Mom has already registered her and expects her to get into a university.

She cant do without education.

Otherwise, things will only get worse for her in the future,” said Shi Xuexin thoughtfully.

Hu Lai shook her head and sighed.

“You are such a sweet girl.

After all the things she has done to you, I cant believe you and your mother would be so thoughtful.”

Shi Xuexin smiled shyly before she made eye contact with Chu Ling in the mirror and looked at each other lovingly.

Everyone felt certain Shi Jin would get kicked out this time.

Even though she managed to win after getting repeatedly challenged, it was impossible for her to be lucky all the time.

Moreover, Ye Peiwen had not shown her face in ages and was just a housewife.

Even if she performed with Shi Jin, it was unlikely for them to have any breakthrough.

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