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Yue Lanchen led her to the dormitory.

His teammates were resting.

Although their conditions were not serious, they could not train in such a state and could only stop for the time being.

The few of them had drunk the tea leaves that Yue Lanchen had given them.

Yue Lanchen blamed himself very much.

Although no one complained, how could they not have any complaints after delaying their training for so long

When they saw Shi Jin, everyone was naturally not in a good mood.

They casually greeted her.

“Id like to take some of your blood for testing.

Is that okay for everyone”

“Yes, yes,” the leader said immediately.

He just wanted to solve the problem quickly and make the team better so that they wouldnt waste more time.

Shi Jin helped them draw blood and said, “I should be able to get the results quickly.

Dont worry, everyone.

This is the medicine I prepared for everyone.

You can take a little first.

It should be able to relieve your pain immediately.”

No one reached out.

After the tea incident, they were a little afraid of this random medicine.

Shi Jin placed the drug on a nearby cabinet and went out.

Yue Lanchen said to the leader, “Captain, I also told you last night that the tea leaves that I brought over later were not personally brewed by my sister.

They must have been replicated by someone outside.

Thats why there was a problem.

It really has nothing to do with her.

Its all my fault.

Im willing to accept the punishment.

Dont implicate my sister.”

The leader clapped him on the shoulder.

“Okay, got it.”

Yue Lanchen felt very guilty.

He felt sorry for his teammates and Shi Jin.

He also explained the same thing to his teammates, but everyone looked listless and was in no mood to pay attention to him.

One of the team members said, “I took the medicine Shi Jin gave me.

I dont want to continue delaying the training.”

He could be considered someone who had a good impression of Shi Jin and stepped forward.

He was not a fan, but he listened to a lot of Shi Jins songs.

He had some good bias towards her and felt that there should be no problem with Shi Jin.

He grabbed the medicine first and took them.

After a while, his state recovered.

His voice was much more energetic.

“Im going to train!”

When the others saw this, they also took their medicine.

The team member who suspected Shi Jin the most immediately took the medicine when he saw that everyone could start training again after taking it.

Shi Jin quickly finished the blood test.

Yue Lanchen asked anxiously, “How is it”

“Last night, I checked the tea leaves you brought.

The tea leaves contain too much chemical essence.

If you drink too much for a long time, its easy to cause mental excitement and emotional disorder.

Today, your teams blood test fully proves this.

Fortunately, the problem isnt big because they didnt drink too many tea leaves.

However, its obvious that such tea leaves are not qualified.

If you continue to drink them for a long time, it will cause great harm to your emotions.”

“I see,” said Yue Lanchen.

“I wonder what is happening to the other people who drank the tea.”

“Your work requires a lot of brainpower and physical strength, so the side effects will be obvious.

Others might not be as obvious for the time being, but it still wont work if you drink it for a long time.” Shi Jin shook her head and said, “Someone must have realized that my tea leaves are better and more effective, so they imitated a batch.

Because my tea leaves are actually brewed with special Chinese herbs, they cant replicate my fragrance.

They can only use chemical essence to mix it, causing extremely serious side effects.”

“This is outrageous!” Yue Lanchen said angrily.

“Many people have been deceived! I want to call the police immediately!”

The leader came over and Shi Jin briefly told him what had happened.

He was grateful.

“Thank you.

Thank you.

I examined them all earlier and didnt find out what was wrong.

Im glad you came over.

What should I do after that”

“The tea leaves will have to be stopped.

Ill prescribe them some more medicine and the team should take them for another two days.

After that, they need to rest more and drink more water.

It wont be a problem.”

The leader was very grateful and took Shi Jins medicine.

Yue Lanchen sent Shi Jin out and said, “Fortunately, I called Mom, Dad, and Grandma last night.

Young people can handle it, but the older ones might not be able to.”

“Mm, thats good.” Shi Jin walked out with him.

As soon as they walked out of the door, there were many people standing outside.

They shouted angrily, “Shi Jin, youre killing us for money!”

“Thats right.

What kind of tea is this Why do we feel so weak and have a splitting headache after drinking it”

“Me too.

The side effects were terrible.

It was unbearable.

I thought it was an illness, but I couldnt find out why.

Fortunately, after talking to everyone, I realized that what everyone had in common was caused by drinking your tea leaves.”

The people who came were a group of rich ladies in their fifties or sixties.

They belonged to the group that were rich, but were not considered a major family.

They had paid a high price to obtain some of these tea leaves that were rumored to be very effective and rare.

In the beginning, everyone drank it and it was indeed very effective.

Who knew that the more they drank, the more problems they would have.

After learning that Shi Jin was the one who brewed the tea leaves, many people came to stop her.

“This is simply a product with no value! Its something that deliberately cheats money! Its murder for money!”

“Thats right, thats right.

Shi Jin has to be responsible! Otherwise, well send you straight to the trending searches!”

These people were mostly nouveau riche.

Most of them were here to vent their emotions, not solve problems.

Not to mention that Shi Jin had never accepted a single cent from them, even if she had, she could not be bothered to reason with them!

“Sis, lets go this way!” Yue Lanchen stopped these people and protected Shi Jin.

The bodyguards also came forward to help.

“The bodyguards hit someone!”

“Shi Jin arranged for bodyguards to beat someone up.”

One such voice appeared in the crowd, and a moment later another.

Yue Lanchen was shocked by how shameless these people were.

Really, how did they come up with such distorted sentences

Shi Jin immediately stopped and said loudly, “Everyone, since everyone wants to ask me, I can tell you frankly that Im indeed making tea leaves.

However, the tea leaves I make have only been sent to my family.

Ive never sold them to outsiders, nor have I given them to you, nor have I taken a single cent from you!”

Hearing her speak, these people became noisy.

“But we did give money!”


You didnt take money just because you said you didnt”

“Anyway, we dont care.

You have to compensate us for our losses!”

Shi Jin scoffed at these people with an arrogant and cold expression.

“Yesterday, I discovered that this batch of tea leaves on the market was fake, so Ive already found a professional notary to notarize and study the fake tea leaves.

Ive already called the police.

If theres any problem, you can communicate with the police first.”

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