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She took some of her tea leaves out again and made a cup the same way.

Some of the leaves floated and some sunk, but the tea was very clear and free of impurities.

Yue Lanchen was stunned.

“So all these tea leaves are fake”

“Its not easy to determine if these are fake tea leaves, but I can tell the difference.

How about this Ill go to your team tomorrow and take a look at your teammates,” Shi Jin said.

“Okay, okay.

Thank you.

Ill also quickly inform Mom, Dad, and Grandma not to drink this tea.”

“I still have training matches.

Ill get going.” Yue Lanchen glanced at his watch and left in a hurry.

Shi Jin thought about it and made a call.

Yue Feng received a call from Yue Lanchen and said, “Why Arent I fine from drinking it”

“Anyway, dont drink it first.

Ill talk to you later,” said Yue Lanchen.

“Okay, okay, okay.

I wont drink anymore.”

After hanging up, Yue Feng said to Madam Yue, “Our son is acting strange.

He told us not to drink this tea first.”

“Since he said so, lets not drink for the time being.” Madam Yue trusted her son unconditionally.

Yue Yu returned to see her parents sitting on the sofa.

One was watching television and the other was reading a newspaper.

There was water in front of them.

She smiled and asked, “Dad, Mom, you didnt make tea”

“Lanchen asked us not to drink this tea for a while.”

“What is it” Yue Yu asked.

“I dont know.

You know every day that he comes up with something,” Madam Yue said lovingly.

Yue Yu found it strange and directly called Yue Lanchen.

“Lanchen, what did you say about the tea leaves”

“Sigh, my dear biological sister, Sis said that this tea cant be drunk anymore.

Dont drink it.

Hurry up and throw it away.

I still have something on and am a little busy.

Ill tell you in detail tomorrow.”

With that, Yue Lanchen hung up.

Yue Yus face was a little ugly.

Yue Lanchen did not know that the tea leaves were from her, so he did not stand on ceremony.

Madam Yue immediately saw that her daughter didnt look too good and hurriedly said, “We still dont know the reason.

Who knows what nonsense hes talking about These are tea leaves that my daughter bought.

Can my daughter harm us”

Yue Yu said softly, “Lanchen is relaying Shi Jins words.

It seems that Shi Jin feels that this tea cannot be drunk.”

“Shi Jin probably means well,” Madam Yue said.

“When the time comes, Ill ask her to come over and ask her properly.”

Yue Yu felt extremely aggrieved.

“Mom, I know.

Shi Jin must think that the tea leaves she gives are the best, and mine arent too good, but Mom, Dad, you guys also drank the tea leaves I gave you.

Does it taste any different from hers”

There were naturally subtle differences.

Both Yue Feng and Madam Yue could tell.

It was just that there was not much difference.

It was not a problem for the couple to take this as a replacement.

Now that they were faced with her aggrieved questioning, the two of them could not say anything about the difference.

“Theres no difference, no difference.

Theyre all the same and very good,” Madam Yue said quickly.

“Mm.” Yue Yu nodded and said no more.

In any case, she had expressed enough grievance, so it was fine.

Seeing her like this, Madam Yues heart ached even more.

She also felt that she really shouldnt trust Shi Jin blindly and not her daughter.

She said, “Lets brew some tea now and drink more tonight.”

“Ill make it for you,” Yue Yu immediately said with a smile.

Yue Yu made the tea and said, “I have a surprise for you early tomorrow morning.”

“What” Madam Yue was very curious.

“I told you it was a surprise.

Why are you asking, Mom”

Madam Yue covered her mouth.

“I wont ask.

I wont ask.”

The so-called surprise of Yue Yu was to hold a press conference and announce that their new tea products would be released soon.

Her new tea was called “Tea Words,” which both conformed to her name and had a poetic tone.

Currently, she had already booked the venue for the press conference.

She had also invited various reporters to the venue to witness her press conference.

Some of the inside information had gone out.

There were a lot of orders now.

It was a scene of prosperity.

This was all done behind her parents backs.

Yue Yu intended to give them a big surprise.

Yue Yu was extremely talented in the past and had relied on her own abilities to get into a foreign university.

She had always been the child parents wished they had, especially compared to Yue Lanchen.

She was a unique presence in the entire Yue family.

However, after only two years, everything changed when she returned.

There was no need to mention Yue Lanchen.

He was a younger brother and a boy.

He had suddenly become extremely outstanding.

It could only be said that the genes of the entire Yue family were extremely good.

However, Shi Jin also wanted to suppress her.

This was something that Yue Yu could not accept.

This time she was going to impress everyone.

So things were done in secret, just to give her parents the biggest surprise of all.

In a well-known shopping mall downtown, a new tea conference on Tea Words was officially held.

The secret promotion and hunger marketing in the early stages were done very well, so there were a lot of people coming today.

In the places that they could see, many wealthy ladies and young masters from the imperial capital wanted to snatch this first batch of new tea.

Especially since some people already knew that the tea leaves were made by Yue Yu, they could not help but come over to support her.

Logically speaking, on such an occasion, Yue Yu could just leave the matter to her subordinates and stay behind the scenes, but this time she wanted too much to stand in the spotlight and accept all the praise and envy.

So she arrived at the scene early in the morning, carefully dressed.

Yue Yu nodded as a greeting and walked into the inner court.

“Like father, like daughter.

The kids from the Yue family are really getting better and better.”

“Yeah, its amazing.

Some people are born on the starting line, and they work even harder than us.

Its really infuriating to compare people.”

“She has good genes and a good family education.

Of course its normal for her to be like this.”

“I dont mean to be rude, but dont fight with me later.

I must stock up on this tea.”

“Me too, me too.

I was planning to leave it for the client.

The last time I sent this tea to the client, the client agreed to something that was originally extremely difficult.

I have to buy more this time!”

When Yue Xiu heard these words, her smile widened.

On Shi Jins side, she drove to Team Danger early in the morning.

“Sis!” Yue Lanchen ran over to greet her.

“Let me see your sick teammate.”

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