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Shi Jin had only sent some tea leaves to the people closest to her.

The initial publicity work was all done by Yue Yu.

“Isnt this tea brewed by Shi Jin Last time, Young Master Yue personally said that only Shi Jin has such skills.

He also said that its all handmade and very difficult to make.

Thats why there arent many of them on the market now.

However, your relationship with Shi Jin isnt ordinary now.

You can definitely get a lot, right”

Yue Yu was furious and a trace of impatience flashed across her face.

How did it become Shi Jins

Although she had only started making these tea leaves after returning to the country, she had tasted it before she returned.

She immediately said, “Shi Jin didnt make this tea personally at all.

I got someone to develop this.

Its already mature and will be on the market soon.”

“Huh Is that what happened”

“So Shi Jin actually took your credit rashly”

Seeing the displeasure on Yue Yus face, everyone guessed that Shi Jin might really have stolen something from Yue Yu.

“Is it really like this, Xiao Yu” It was one of Yue Yus friends, Li Peiwen.

She asked cautiously.

Yue Yu said calmly, “She comes to the house often and probably knows what Im doing, but in any case, Im sure she doesnt have any bad intentions.”

She said this to excuse Shi Jin, but the subtext was that Shi Jin had done such a thing.

It was just that Shi Jin did not have any bad intentions.

Then what intentions did Shi Jin have Of course it must be for glory.

Everyones admiration for Shi Jin suddenly dissipated.

Their faces were filled with the thought that Shi Jin was actually such a person.

Yue Yu said indifferently, “My new tea will be on the market in two days.

Ill send some to everyone.

Dont worry, I wont mistreat my friends, right”

When the crowd dispersed, Li Peiwen followed over and said, “This Shi Jin is really a little too much.

How can she steal your things”

“Youd better tell your parents about this, wouldnt you Keeping someone like that around is a ticking time bomb.”

Yue Yu knew that she could not tell her parents about this for the time being.

She could only communicate with them after her new tea was on the market and everything was fine.

Otherwise, they might still side with Shi Jin.

Yue Lanchen carried his newly obtained tea leaves and ran to look for Shi Jin.

Shi Jin was looking after her flowers in the back garden.

She recorded the various data, watering some flowers and snipping off some dead branches and leaves.

“Sis!” Yue Lanchen ran in.


Dont disturb the flowers.” Shi Jin made a shushing gesture.

Yue Lanchen lightened his footsteps and looked around.

He saw that the various strange flowers and plants inside were blooming just right.

The room was filled with fragrance, making people unable to withdraw themselves.

The smell given by nature was very magical.

Even if all kinds of flowers were mixed together, it did not feel too fragrant.

Instead, every fragrance was clearly layered, giving off a fresh and sophisticated feeling.

He watched Shi Jin quietly until she had finished with the various flowers and turned on the tap to wash her hands.

Yue Lanchen also washed his hands.

“I see its not blooming season for many of the flowers, but they can actually bloom together right now”

“If theyre well looked after, you can ignore the seasons.”

“Im envious.

Youre amazing, sis!”

“There are specialties in every profession.”

Yue Lanchen scratched his head.

Her words had enlightened him.

“Why arent you training What are you doing here” Shi Jin asked.

She walked into the house, changed into slippers, sat on the sofa, made a cup of tea, and handed it to Yue Lanchen.

Yue Lanchen said, “I have a small question for you.”

“Yes” Shi Jin raised an eyebrow at him after drinking a cup of tea.

Yue Lanchen said, “One of our team members didnt sleep well at first.

I gave him the tea at home.

He was fine before, and his sleep improved.

Later, he increased the amount of tea he drank, and he ended up feeling dizzy.

If its just one person, I think he might be too nervous, but at the moment, several people have such symptoms, so… I wanted to ask you if theres something wrong with the tea leaves”

Shi Jin frowned.

She had never had such a problem with the tea leaves she had brewed before.

She immediately saw the boxes on the table.

Boxes for tea like this were all made of wood.

Shed had them custom-made by friends before.

There was a small logo on the box.

This logo was drawn by Shi Jins support club for her.

It looked like two jade pendants were connected and surrounded.

Shi Jin was previously called Little Stone.

Stone was also known as Jade, so the fans called her Jade.

Even when she returned to the Li family, this had not changed.

Therefore, the fan club had drawn the logo of the jade pendant for her to express their mutual love.

At the time, shed wanted to leave something iconic on the wooden box, so shed adopted the logo.

“Are these the tea leaves you brought from home” Shi Jin asked.

Shi picked up the box and studied it.

“I didnt make this box or these tea leaves.”

“The last time I sent you a picture, you said yes—Im not doubting you.

Im just trying to figure things out.”

Shi Jin knew that he was straightforward and did not have any ill intentions.

She explained to him seriously, “At first glance, this box does look very similar to the one I gave you.

For example, its all wooden boxes.

For example, they all have the carvings of this double jade pendant, but if you look carefully, you can see that the wood in this box is made of mezzanine wood, the kind of filled wood that can be easily obtained in the factory.

And my own box is made of real wood, so as I said, the tea leaves I make are always few and far between.

Even when I give it away, its always to my close relatives.”

“Oh, oh, right.

The tea leaves you gave Mom and Dad were all sent over previously.

Now, this one was received by Mom and Dad outside.

I dont know who sent it, so I thought it was strange that Mom and Dad could receive such tea leaves outside.

Thats why I specially took a photo to ask you.

You confirmed it.

I thought this was the tea leaves you gave to others outside.

Someone else passed it to Mom and Dad.”

Realization dawned on Yue Lanchen.

Shi Jin said, “Whether its solid wood or not, we can see it clearly if we cut this wood.

As for the tea leaves inside, look…”

She picked up Yue Lanchens box and soaked it in water.

A very small layer of white foam appeared on the surface.

Not very much.

It was easy to miss, but Shi Jin could tell at a glance.

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