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Old Madam Yue waved her hand.

“Its all from Xiao Yu.

I cant drink if I keep too much.

Giving it to you guys is just to prevent things from wasting.”

Shi Jins new music video had already been released.

After checking that there were no problems, Yao Jiahong had already informed the company to make the arrangements.

Once it was released, fans were giving feedback.

She scanned the comments for any suggestions for improvement.

In a moment, she saw thousands of compliments.

They praised her until there was nothing left in the world.

Scanning some of the haters comments, they were completely critical.

The two sides were polarized.

On the other hand, some passers-bys comments were more objective.

Shi Jin saw some constructive comments and saved them.

As she was looking at it, a picture entered her WeChat.

She clicked it open and scanned it.

“Sis, you made these tea leaves yourself, didnt you”

Shi Jin glanced at the box before responding.

“Yes, if you just look at the box.”

“Meaning are you making no promises on the inside of the box But the box is definitely yours”

“Then is the box for sale outside”


I got someone to customize the box.

A friend helped customize it, so it probably wont be on the market.”

The location of the photo he had taken was at home.

Shi Jin had also sent a lot of tea leaves to the Yue family, so it was not surprising that he had this box.

“Is there anything wrong” she asked.

“Its nothing.

I was just asking.”

Shi Jin stopped asking him questions and turned back to look at her music video comments.

Yue Lanchen put down his phone and said to his parents, “Dad, Mom, look.

These tea leaves were personally brewed by Sister.

I knew it.

Only she has such skills.

The other tea leaves outside dont taste like that.”

Madam Yue said in surprise, “If you didnt mention it, I wouldnt have noticed.

This box is the same.

I was wondering why the tea leaves I received this time tasted so similar to before.

Although theres still a slight difference in the taste, its normal for hand brewn tea leaves to be slightly different.”

“Thats right.

However, Sis rarely gives the tea leaves that she makes to others, so although many people have them now, its not a lot,” Yue Lanchen said.

“Drink it and cherish it.”

A few guests sitting on the sofa said, “So these are tea leaves made by Shi Jin.

No wonder, no wonder.”

“Shi Jin is a medical expert.

No wonder these tea leaves have a calming effect.

After I drank them, I really felt very comfortable.

During this period of time, my complexion has improved.”

“Thats right, thats right.

I wonder if Shi Jin is selling these tea leaves.

How can I get them I really want to keep some more.”

Madam Yue looked proud when she heard that.

She recalled that Shi Jin was also very busy and it was not easy for her to make these tea leaves.

Her temperament was really capable of doing anything to the extreme.

“Shi Jin is usually busy, and she doesnt do this for profit.

She wont make more, so dont wait for her,” Madam Yue said with a smile.

There were sounds of disappointment.

They shook their heads and sighed.

After this incident, Shi Jins reputation spread among the nobles.

It also caused such tea leaves to be difficult to obtain.

Everyone wanted to buy a box at a high price, but they couldnt.

At a public event, Yue Yu was invited to attend.

As Yue Fengs daughter, she received a huge welcome as soon as she entered the venue.

Everyone surrounded her and spoke to her.

In an instant, there were compliments and praise.

Yue Yu was relishing the praise.

Suddenly, one of them asked, “Miss Yue, theres a tea that everyone says is very good recently.

Do you have a chance to get it”

Someone immediately said, “Thats right, Xiao Yu.

Do you have any methods Its always difficult for my grandmother to sleep now that shes old.

I have sleep problems myself, so I didnt think it would be of any use at first.

Who knew that after drinking for two days, there would really be a miraculous effect.”

Most of the people beside him were born into wealthy families in the capital.

When they heard this, many of them nodded in agreement, but a small number of them were skeptical.

“Is it really so magical Can such rumors be trusted”

“Its not a rumor.

Ive experienced it myself!”

Yue Yu smiled.

After so many days of marketing, it had finally come to this.

The so-called hunger marketing was to wet ones appetite step by step and then raise their expectations step by step before sending over what they wanted in order to achieve the best effect.

Now, Yue Yu had already arranged for people to rush the production of the tea leaves.

The price of this tea was extremely high.

It was basically a luxury item among tea leaves.

However, the price of tea leaves had always spanned a large range.

It could be raised so high that there was almost no upper limit.

Now that everyone approved of these tea leaves, they would naturally try their best to set the price at a high price.

Moreover, Yue Yu did not intend to sell these tea leaves to ordinary people.

Even after mass production, she only sold it to those who were truly powerful.

She used the price to separate those who could not afford it.

In this way, the value of this tea would only increase, and it would also become a rare treasure in everyones hearts.

Hearing everyone discussing the quality of the tea leaves, Yue Yu said, “The effect of this tea is indeed not bad.

Not only are the tea leaves picked from excellent places, but some special Chinese herbs are also added to them for brewing.

This technology is very rare.

When this tea was first developed, it was designed to help people sleep.

Its very good for the body.”

“I see.

What an eye-opener.”

“I never used to drink tea.

I was afraid I wouldnt be able to sleep.

I really didnt expect tea leaves to help me sleep.”

“Looks like Im going back from coffee to tea leaves.”

Seeing that it was about time, Yue Yu said, “Its not difficult to obtain these tea leaves.

Dont worry, everyone.

Youll be able to obtain what you want in the future.”

Someone immediately asked where and how to buy such tea leaves.

Yue Yu had already named the tea leaves and was waiting for someone to ask before saying it.

Unexpectedly, someone immediately asked, “No wonder you know so much about tea leaves.

I can tell that you and Shi Jin are really close.

She told you about it when she made tea leaves, right”

“I beg your pardon” Yue Yu frowned.

It had to be known that she was the one who took out the tea leaves that were circulating in the noble families.

It had nothing to do with Shi Jin.

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