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“She wont think about it because shes busy.

Where would she find the time to specially make tea for us Forget it, dont talk about it.

Were her elders.

Its embarrassing to be greedy for this mouthful of tea.

Why would we specially ask for it We dont look like elders at all.”

Yue Lanchen made a face and ran upstairs.

“Mom, Dad, you like this tea too” Yue Yu walked in and hung up her coat and bag.

“Isnt this a coincidence Look what I brought you.


She placed a bag on the table and opened it to reveal several boxes of such tea leaves.

This was because the box of tea leaves was very unique and could be recognized at a glance.

“So much Its really the same as this!” Madam Yue said happily.

“Where did you get this”

“You dont have to worry about where I got it.

Anyway, just know that your daughter is filial.

I knew that you liked tea, so I found it for you when I saw good tea.”

Madam Yue said with pride, “Look at me, Im really blessed.

My sons and daughters are all so filial.”

Yue Feng also looked loving.

“Drink as much as you want.

After that, Ill bring more to you.”

Madam Yue nodded.

After all, it was only natural to accept things from Yue Yu.

When Yue Yu went upstairs, the butler came over to change the water and pour tea for the two of them.

He smiled and said, “Eldest Miss has also sent tea leaves to the Old Madams on both sides.

Shes really very filial.”

Madam Yue was even more proud.

Yue Yu went upstairs and picked up the phone.

“So can this tea be mass-produced now Well, from the looks of it, the taste is indeed similar.

When the time comes, give me the entire recipe and Ill give you a transfer fee.”

The person who answered the call was Qin Fanya.

She had studied Shi Jins tea leaves for a long time and finally came up with this tea that tasted similar to Shi Jins tea leaves.

However, before it was her turn to shine, she was warned by Fu Xiuyuan and the Fu family had completely fallen out with the Qin family.

She had long given up on fighting with Shi Jin.

The Qin familys matters in Hong Kong had already made her unable to take care of herself.

Yue Yu had also found her a long time ago, knowing that she would brew tea leaves and contacted her to seek technology.

Qin Fanya thought that since this was developed by her, it was useless to keep it.

Since the other party was willing to pay, she handed over the thing she had developed without thinking.

Being able to obtain this large sum of money and save the Qin family, which was now in danger, was Qin Fanyas only wish.

Yue Yu put down the phone and poured herself a glass of red wine.

She knew that Shi Jin definitely did not make the medicine.

Gu Jingyuan was helping her.

Unexpectedly, the tea that she said she had personally brewed, were not made by her either.

Before returning to the country, Yue Yu had already drunk this tea.

At that time, when she heard that this tea had yet to be introduced, she saw a business opportunity.

At that time, she had been searching for people who knew how to make such tea leaves so that when she returned to the country, she could directly start a business and sell them.

Therefore, when she drank the tea leaves that Shi Jin brought, she knew that this was not something that Shi Jin could make personally.

Now, it was time to slap Shi Jin in the face.

“Shi Jin, oh Shi Jin, life is not an act.

Youre really good at acting,” Yue Yu muttered to herself as she sipped her red wine.

After obtaining the recipe, these tea leaves could be mass-produced.

The batch that Yue Yu produced was only used for the first batch of experiments.

It was given to many people, and the current feedback was positive.

Even her parents, who had been picky and loved tea for many years, felt that this tea leaf was not bad.

It could be seen that the things Shi Jin gave were never unique treasures.

It was just that Shi Jin bragged about them.

Yue Yu had yet to reveal this to the outside world.

She would only appear to confirm these when the tea leaves were really widely accepted.

This was also part of her current marketing strategy—when she really made a name for herself, she would come out and claim her reputation.

Only then could she shock the world.

Not long after Yue Yu put down her phone, she received the follow-up formula for the tea leaves that Qin Fanya had given her.

She took a look and smiled.

Recently, an excellent tea leaf had been circulating in the entire imperial capital.

The name of this tea leaf was still unknown.

It was not sold on the market, but the texture was very good.

After drinking it, one could calm down and sleep soundly.

It was also helpful for clearing ones mind.

Only a few noble families were able to obtain such tea leaves.

Usually, such noble families would give them away as gifts in social situations.

Currently, they did not know where they could obtain these tea leaves.

However, at many social occasions, everyone was asking each other where they could buy it.

Old Madam Yue naturally obtained several boxes of such tea leaves.

“This is from Xiao Yu.” Old Madam Yue had arranged to have tea with some old friends.

“Everyone should try it.”

“It tastes really good.

Old Madam is really lucky.

Your sons, grandsons, and granddaughters are all so sensible and capable.”

Old Madam Yue smiled faintly.

“Sigh, lets not talk about this.

Have some tea.”

“Its not that we want to mention it, but we feel that since Xiao Yu is already so good, why did they still accept Shi Jin as their goddaughter”

Someone immediately said, “You cant blame Mr.

Yue and the others for this.

Its all because Shi Jin rushed forward.

In addition, Xiao Yu hasnt been back for two years and is studying abroad.

Wouldnt that give Shi Jin an opportunity to take advantage of Look at those people in the entertainment industry.

Dont they all look like theyre rushing to make connections”

“Thats true.

Usually, when ones children grow up and leave their side, theres a psychological emptiness.

If someone takes advantage of this opportunity, wouldnt it be a form of emotional sustenance Thats why I say that Shi Jin has really mastered these things at this time.”

Old Madam Yue sipped her tea lightly and agreed deeply with these words.

She did not want to acknowledge Shi Jin to begin with.

Thinking about it, she felt that her second sons family was muddle-headed.

Hearing everyones discussion now was very much to her liking.

“Alright, its useless for you to talk about this now.

But no matter what, outsiders are still outsiders.

So what if you call them godparents In the end, wont you still be closest to your own children” Old Madam Yue put down her teacup and said.

“Thats true, so theres no need to say this.

Speaking of which, if there are really tea leaves for sale in the future, we must buy more of them.”

Old Madam Yue gave the butler a look.

The butler immediately said, “We still have a lot here.

Weve wrapped some for everyone.

Bring them back to try.”

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