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“Didnt I tell you I would pack it up and eat it myself You still came.

Dont come next time.”

Fu Xiuyuan said in a low voice, “Im willing to try it.”

“Okay, then try my portion later.”

Soon, two bowls of river snail rice noodles were served.

Shi Jins bowl was completely authentic.

Fu Xiuyuans was a bowl of vegetarian noodles.

“Then Im going to start eating.”

Shi Jin picked up her chopsticks and smiled charmingly.

Fu Xiuyuan liked her easy, unguarded smile.

He followed suit and picked up his chopsticks.

The taste of the river snail rice noodles was strong, but Shi Jin ate happily.

Fu Xiuyuan ate the bland soup noodles in his bowl and glanced at Shi Jins bowl from time to time.

The way she ate was not delicate, but it was very attractive, as if it was the most delicious thing in the world.

Shi Jin looked up and saw the look in his eyes.

She pushed the bowl toward him.

“Want to try”

Fu Xiuyuan picked up a piece with his chopsticks and tried it with a serious expression.

“I need to use the bathroom.” Hed swallowed reluctantly, but it was obvious he wasnt used to the taste.

Seeing that he was caught between a rock and a hard place, Shi Jin felt both hurt and amused.

She handed him the tissue.

“Then go quickly.”

Watching him leave, Shi Jin lowered her head and continued eating.

If she took the time to quickly finish eating, Fu Xiuyuan would not have to endure this smell for so long.

As she ate, she sent a message to Butler Chen to prepare a good steak that could be seared when Fu Xiuyuan returned home.

“What a coincidence, Shi Jin,” Yue Yu said.

“What a coincidence.” Shi Jin looked up and saw that it was her.

She smiled and said, “Sit.”

“Did you come with your husband” Yue Yu asked tentatively when she saw the two bowls.

When she passed by outside just now, she saw Shi Jins car.

This was the only shop nearby.

She happened to see Shi Jin sitting inside eating.

“Yes, he went to the washroom.” Shi Jin had always treated her with a good attitude.

“Shi Jin, theres something I dont know if I should say.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Say what you want.

Theres nothing we cant say to each other.”

“I know you married early.

Perhaps the person you married isnt very rich…” Yue Yu actually had no basis for her words.

The reason she thought so was that everyone had been hiding the identity of Shi Jins husband, causing her to make a wrong judgment.

She pointed.

“You guys just came here to eat this.

Dont you feel aggrieved”

Shi Jin did not want to guess if there was any malice in her words.

“I dont think so.

Why would I feel aggrieved eating what I like”

Could it be that Yue Yu was so otherworldly that coming to eat river snail rice noodles was considered suffering Was it something only the poor could eat

“Thats not exactly what I mean.

Its just that I dont think your husband would be good enough for you if his status was average.

Why dont you think about it…”

“Where do you stand to say that, Yue Yu” Shi Jins face darkened.

When she smiled, she was usually lively and cute, but when her face was gloomy, she was domineering.

Her sudden aura made people not dare to act rashly.

Actually, Yue Yu was not saying it out of concern.

It was a natural sense of superiority that made her feel that Shi Jin did not deserve to have the same status as her.

The relationship in her imagination should be that she was high and mighty, and Shi Jin was a lackey who was kneeling and licking her boots, not like this.

The two of them were on equal footing, and Shi Jin was even faintly suppressing her.

She probably came out to persuade Shi Jin because of this sense of superiority.

Facing Shi Jins question, Yue Yu fell silent for a moment before smiling.

“What position do I have My parents love you, and I treat you like a sister.

Everything I say is for your own good.”

“Im fine now.

Thank you.” Shi Jins tone was calm and indifferent.

Although she was no longer stern, she had lost her initial smile.

Everything about Fu Xiuyuan was her bottom line.

No one could step on it.

Seeing that she was angry, Yue Yu originally wanted to stay and see her husband before leaving, but she could not continue staying.

After Yue Yu left, Shi Jin recalled her various attitudes during this period.

Initially, she felt that Yue Yu was straightforward and similar to Yue Lanchen, and would not be too difficult to get along with.

However, todays incident made her understand that she had embellished Yue Yu by thinking that because she had such parents and such a brother, she would be similar to them.

While she was thinking, Fu Xiuyuan walked over and saw her biting her chopsticks in deep thought.

He asked softly, “What are you thinking about”

“Wondering when youd be back and if Id scare you off so much that you wouldnt wait for me.”

“How coould I” Fu Xiuyuan sat down again.

After going out, Shi Jin looked happy because she was very satisfied.

The sour, spicy taste made her lips burn red.

When she got into the car, she was still humming softly to her new song.

The whole car was filled with the vibe of her happiness.

Fu Xiuyuan tilted his head and looked at her, his narrowed eyes also smiling.

Madam Yue received a box of new tea from someone else.

As soon as she came back, she made it for everyone to drink.

Yue Feng picked it up and smelled it.

He said, “The fragrance of this tea is quiet and elegant.

It smells a little like the tea Shi Jin gave me previously.”

“Yes, I said that too.

Its because of this taste that I accepted it.

As you know, Im not used to drinking anything else after drinking the tea Shi Jin gave me previously,” Madam Yue said with a smile.

Yue Lanchen also picked up his cup and drank a large gulp.

“What youre doing isnt tasting, youre chugging,” Madam Yue rebuked with a smile.

“Its delicious anyway.

Drinking it in big gulps is no different from taking small sips.”

After Yue Lanchen finished drinking, he smacked his lips and said, “It really tastes similar to the tea leaves Sis gave me previously.

Its quite delicious.”

Madam Yue said, “The person who sent me the tea also said that the tea leaves are very calming and very effective.

They specially gave me two boxes of them.

They said that it was good stuff that cant be easily bought outside.”

She tasted it carefully.

“Its indeed good tea.

It can almost compare to the tea Shi Jin gave me.”

“Its a pity we ran out of the tea Shi Jin gave us.” Yue Feng sighed.

“Her tea leaves were delicious, so we used them up quickly.”

Even if he saved it and drank it sparingly, it felt like it was rapidly bottoming out.

If he had known, he wouldnt have drunk it so fast.

Yue Lanchen said, “Whats so difficult about that Ill tell Sis and ask her to help us get two more boxes.”

“Child, why are you like this You make it seem like we accepted Shi Jin as our goddaughter for her tea leaves.”

“Hahaha, now that you mention it, it does seem like that,” Yue Lanchen said with a smile.

“But my sister is magnanimous and wont think too much about it.”

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