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“Think about it.

If you wont even be able to keep your life.

Even if its a completely standardized medicine, whats the use if it cant treat your illness” Dr.

Song asked.

Yue Xiu also agreed.

However, she knew that it was impossible for her to ask Shi Jin for confirmation, so she could only pretend not to care.


Songs words reminded Old Madam Yue of Gu Jingyuan.

He was a good seedling of the younger generation that she valued the most.

The pharmaceutical patents he possessed now had already far surpassed everyone else.

It was a pity that he could not be included in the Yue familys sphere of influence.

“Grandma!” Yue Lanchens voice sounded.

He rushed in.

“I heard from the butler that you have a headache.

This is the essential oil that Sis gave me previously.

Its very good for relieving pain.

I used to train every day and have many old injuries.

It was this that cured my injuries.

Do you think its useful for your headache”

He delivered the medicine bottle to Old Madam Yue.

Old Madam Yue took it and took a look.

It was exactly the same as the medicine bottle that Dr.

Song had been holding previously.

“Try it, Grandma,” Yue Lanchen said.

“Grandma is much better now,” Old Madam Yue said with a smile.

“Thank you for thinking of Grandma.”

“Young Master, who did you say gave you this medicine”


Song asked in surprise.

He had been looking for it, but he couldnt find it.

He was very regretful that he wouldnt be able to get the same essential oil in the future.

He didnt expect to hear Yue Lanchens words.

“My sister.” Yue Lanchen scratched his head.

“Shi Jin.

She gave it to me.”


Song thought of Shi Jin.

Because of his profession, he had always paid a lot of attention to Shi Jins medical knowledge and knew that she had saved many people.

“So its Dr.


Thats not surprising.” Dr.

Song held Shi Jin in high regard.

He couldnt care less about other things, but it would be an honor to discuss professional matters with Shi Jin.

He looked at Yue Lanchen.

“I wonder if Shi Jin will meet doctors, participate in their discussions, that sort of thing”

“I dont know about that.”


Song felt a wave of disappointment.

Yue Xiu saw that both of them admired Shi Jin so much and was very disapproving.

Shi Jin was backed by Gu Jingyuan, a big shot in the medical world.

What was so strange about being able to obtain such drugs

It seemed like Shi Jins persona that was helped by the people around her could really fool some people who did not know about it.

“Hurry up and try it, Grandma.”

“The Old Madam just tried it.

I also got a bottle of this essential oil.

Ive already controlled the Old Madams condition,” Dr.

Song said.

“Shes fine.

Dont worry.”

“Oh, I see.

Well, Ill leave this bottle with Grandma to use afterward, too.”

Old Madam Yue also suspected that this was a medicine concocted by Gu Jingyuan to give Shi Jin face.

Although she did not like Shi Jin, she really had no reason to reject this medicine and let the butler keep it for her.

When Yue Lanchen returned home, Madam Yue asked, “Is your grandmother better”

“Much better, dont worry.”

He told her briefly what had happened.

“Even Dr.

Song approves of Shi Jins essential oil” Madam Yue said.

“Its so effective.

Its really not bad.

Every time Shi Jin sends things over, its really good stuff.”

“Thats right.

Can anything Sis gives us be bad”

Yue Yu listened at the side and asked softly, “I heard that Shi Jins eldest brother, Gu Jingyuan, is working in the medical research lab.

Its also possible that he prepared this for Shi Jin.

Shi Jin might not have done it herself.”

Madam Yue stopped her.

“Xiao Yu, youre just following the crowd.

Shi Jin can do everything very well.

How can you erase her credit If we hadnt treated her as our child, we might not have received such a blessing.”

Seeing that her mothers attitude had become serious, Yue Yu gently pinched her palms, her nails digging sharply into her skin.

She said in a low voice, “I only said that because Shi Jin is busy with many things every day.

It wont happen again.”

“Dont say that next time.

Sometimes words are the most harmful,” Madam Yue said earnestly.

Shi Jin quickly recorded the new song she had written.

“Once we deal with the music video here, we can release it as soon as possible,” Yao Jiahong said.

“The other materials are ready.

Everything is okay.”

“Then I have nothing to do.

Ill leave now.”

Shi Jin left the studio and drove straight to a place.

When she arrived, she found a place to park the car before putting on her mask and getting out.

There was a long line of people ahead, and a strange fragrance filled the air.

After she got out of the car, she inhaled some of the scent and enjoyed it.

She smiled when she saw the man wearing a mask in the crowd.

She could see from his exposed eyes that he did not want to be here.

This was a river snail rice noodle shop.

In her previous life, this was already a well-known food that was everywhere.

In this life, river snail rice noodles had just risen and there were not many shops opened.

Not many people knew about the river snail rice noodles, but those who had eaten them were quite addicted.

Therefore, there was a long queue at the only shop on this street.

Shi Jin had long wanted to eat it, but every time she saw this long line, she would shrink back.

Seeing Fu Xiuyuan, she hurried over and took his arm.

There was a hint of a smile in Fu Xiuyuans cold eyes.

They queued up together and didnt mind that time was passing slowly.

The people around were just residents living nearby, so no one cared too much about Shi Jin queuing up here.

When it was finally their turn, Shi Jin ordered two portions.

“For one of them, no sour bamboo shoots, no peanuts, no…” Shi Jin told the owner briskly.

When the owner saw that it was two beautiful customers, he was very satisfied that his shop was famous.

His smile became more enthusiastic.

“Young lady, if you dont want these, you wont be eating river snail rice noodles.

The sour bamboo shoots we ordered are the most authentic, most smelly, and most delicious.”

Shi Jin could already feel Fu Xiuyuans obvious disdain.

She waved her hand quickly.

“Mm, he doesnt want any of it.

Extra beef balls, extra beef.

Thank you.”

The portion without sour bamboo shoots and peanuts was for Fu Xiuyuan.

Shi Jin knew he had a light taste and could not eat these.

They ordered and found empty seats inside.

Shi Jin wiped the chair and table repeatedly with a tissue, her eyes filling with laughter.

“Please sit down.”

Fu Xiuyuan sat down and tugged at his clothes.

He was inevitably still not used to the smell inside.

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