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When the song ended, everyone was amazed and applauded.

“Thats why I said you two are natural sisters.

Your chemistry is still very good.

Your first collaboration was so exciting.”

“Yes, its really great.”

Praise sounded from all around.

“Yue Yu played really well.” Shi Jin nodded.

Yue Yu bit her lip and did not respond.

Just now, Shi Jin had indeed been giving in to her… to prevent her from embarrassing herself in public.

Madam Yue said with a smile, “Both of you are not bad.

As expected of my daughters.”

“Madam Yue, congratulations.

You already had two impressive children.

Now, you have such a good goddaughter.

Im really envious.”

Yue Yus fists clenched slightly.

Thats right, they had both a son and a daughter.

Why did they have to take in Shi Jin

Why would they need more of what they already had

Madam Yue smiled and said, “Alright, lets not talk about this anymore.

Lets eat together.”

After the excitement, the guests left.

Shi Jin invited Old Master Li to stay at her place.

“Go back yourself, Granddads got to rush back.

I cant leave the stuff at home.”

“Alright, Grandpa knows that the Yue Feng couple treats you sincerely, so theres nothing to worry about.”

Shi Jin walked Old Master Li to his car and watched him drive away.

Yue Xiu took the things that Shi Jin had given to Old Madam Yue and got into the car with her.

Old Madam Yue remained silent.

When they played that night, others might not be able to tell, but she could tell that Shi Jin was protecting Yue Yu and did not embarrass her.

It was originally Shi Jins good intentions, but in her opinion, it was proof that Shi Jin was good at winning people over.

It was no wonder that she could persuade Yue Feng to take her in as his goddaughter.

She thought of her grandchildren, who were probably far from Shi Jins match.

“What are you thinking about, Grandma”

“Nothing,” Old Madam Yue said.

“What do you think of the situation tonight”

“Shi Jin is indeed worthy of being in the entertainment industry.

The ways of the world are indeed impressive.

No wonder Lanchen fell into her hands.”

“Im not worried about anything if you have sense.

Im just afraid some people are too open-minded and will get eaten up by her.”

Yue Xiu immediately said, “Yes, when I competed with her before, I also lost in these places.”

In one sentence, she removed the blame of her own incompetency in the past.

She looked at the gift box in her hand and said, “Then where can I put this for you”

“Take it away.” Old Madam Yue was unwilling to accept Shi Jins things.

Yue Xiu opened it in front of her and saw two plain bottles of essential oil.

She picked them up and glanced at them.

“I wonder what they are.”

She recalled that Madam Yue had said that this was handmade by Shi Jin and couldnt help but laugh.

“Auntie is really something.

She even said that the essential oil was handmade by Shi Jin.

Its very valuable.

In my opinion, her colored glasses are too thick.

When she looks at Shi Jin, shes good in every way.

This kind of thing is probably a no-good product.

I wonder if it will cause any damage to the body.”

Old Madam Yue could not be bothered to listen to this.

Yue Xiu threw the thing out.

The glass bottle was fragile.

As soon as it touched the ground, it shattered.

The essential oil inside remained on the ground.

Soon, other cars passed by and there were no more traces on the ground.

Yue Xiu smiled in satisfaction.

When they got home, Old Madam Yue did not look too good.

“Let me help you to your bed, Grandma,” Yue Xiu said.

She had wanted to leave after sending her back, but now it seemed impossible.

“Ill stay with you tonight.”

“Help, help me call Dr.

Song.” Madam Yue had a splitting headache.

Her eyes were red, and the wrinkles on her face were tense.

It was obvious that she was trying her best to endure extreme pain.

“Okay.” Yue Xiu immediately called the butler to get water for Old Madam Yue.

Old Madam Yues headache was an old problem that had not been cured for many years.


Song was the doctor in charge of her condition.

Every time something happened, he had to come over.

However, even Dr.

Song was only able to relieve it slightly.

After the call, Yue Xiu went to see Old Madam Yue.

She was gritting her teeth tightly, showing her pain.

Yue Xiu had no choice but to take care of her.

After a while, Dr.

Song arrived.


Song, come and see my grandmother.” Yue Xiu hurried forward to take his bag.


Song immediately took out the commonly used medicine and placed it in Old Madam Yues mouth.

Although she had it in her mouth, she still shook her head, indicating that it was useless.

“It wont work… this medicine, the effects…”


Song expressed his understanding.

“Your symptoms have worsened.

Its true that you have to take more than ten such pills at once, but taking too much of this medicine will hurt your body.”

“Then what should we do” Yue Xiu asked anxiously.

“Why dont you try using this essential oil, Old Madam” He held out a bottle.

“If you have any medicine, use it quickly.

Dont say such things about trying,” Yue Xiu said.


Song poured out the essential oil and smeared it on both sides of her temples.

A cooling sensation came over her, and the sweat on Old Madam Yues forehead lessened.

She sat up, breathing easier, her forehead no longer wrinkled.

“Are you better, Grandma”

“Much better,” Old Madam Yue said.


Song, what is this medicine Why didnt you bring it before”

“To be honest with you, this medicine doesnt have any trademark or ingredient list.

In a doctors opinion, its not a reliable product.

I accidentally obtained a bottle.

Because I dont know how effective it is, I didnt dare to give it to you directly.

I only let you use it this time because I tried a little bit of it when I had a headache.”

“Thats amazing.

Where did you get it” Yue Xiu asked.


Song handed her the bottle.

Yue Xiu took it and found it familiar.

She exclaimed, “This looks like the essential oil Shi Jin gave you just now”

Old Madam Yue immediately took them over to take a look.

She did not dare to confirm it, but she knew that they were all unknown products.

However, she did not expect that this unreliable product actually had such good effects.

Was this really the same as what Shi Jin had given her

She glanced at Yue Xiu, who remembered the essential oil she had thrown on the main road and regretted it.

However, even if she went back to look for it now, she would not be able to find it.

“It cant be her.

She cant have that ability,” Old Madam Yue said firmly.

However, Yue Xiu felt that it was a little similar.


Song, can you leave this medicine to my grandmother”


Song agreed immediately.

“Since its useful to the Old Madam, it must be left for her.

Its just that this medicine is rare, and I dont know if I can find it again in the future.

In my opinion, whether its an acknowledged product or not, at the critical moment, anything that can treat and save people is a good medicine.”

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