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Old Madam Yue could not flare up on the spot, but she was already very unhappy.

When Old Master Li walked in, everyone immediately looked at him.

“Elder Li!” Everyone greeted him respectfully.

The women who had been discussing just now were also pulled back to reality.

They understood that no matter how unbearable the Li family was now, no matter how badly they were criticized, Old Master Lis contribution to the entire S Nation could not be erased with just a few words.

No matter what, Shi Jin was still his granddaughter.

Her status was not something that they could belittle with just a few words.

Facing Elder Li, many people retracted their thoughts.

When Old Madam Yue saw him, her expression softened.

She looked down on Shi Jin, but a talent like Elder Li who served the country and the people was respected by the entire country.

The Yue family would not take him lightly.

With this in mind, Shi Jins status as the adopted daughter of the Yue family was not considered out of her league.

“Elder Li, how have you been!” Old Madam Yue smiled.

“Old Madam Yue, its been many years since we last met, but youre still as healthy as ever,” Old Master Li said with a smile.

He strode over in high spirits.

They sat down and made casual conversation.

They probably both knew that bringing up Shi Jin was not a good topic to expand on, so neither of them mentioned Shi Jin.

Yue Lanchens voice came.

“Im back!”

Everyone turned to look at him.

He was walking in with Shi Jin.

Compared to Yue Lanchens jumpiness, Shi Jin looked extremely cold.

Many people were talking about her just now, but now that they saw her in person, they couldnt say anything.

Facing a beautiful young lady and with Old Master Li holding the line, everyone could only see Shi Jins good side.

“Grandpa.” Shi Jin ran toward Old Master Li.

“Good girl,” Old Master Li said with a smile.

“This is Lanchens grandmother.

Call her Grandma Yue.”

“Hello, Grandma Yue.” Shi Jin greeted her softly.

She saw that Matriarch Yue was about the same age as Old Master Li.

She looked a little dignified and did not seem to be easy to get close to.

Matriarch Yue nodded.


“Sit here,” Old Master Li said.

“I have something to tell you.”

Shi Jin sat down obediently.

Old Master Li said calmly, “Im far away and cant personally take care of you and accompany you most of the time.

The Imperial Capital is a place with a lot of people.

There are many opportunities and traps.

I feel very at ease and happy that the Yue Feng couple is willing to acknowledge you as their goddaughter.

I hope that you can stay true to yourself here, so I wont have anything to worry about.”

“I will, Grandpa.” Shi Jin nodded.

“Thats good.

Im sure everyone in the Yue family will be honest and wont mistreat you,” Old Master Li said with a smile.

Matriarch Yue could tell that some of this was directed at Shi Jin, but some was directed at herself.

It was just that she couldnt afford to have an outburst.

She listened reluctantly.

Yue Yu turned around and walked into the crowd of guests.

She heard someone discussing softly about Shi Jin transplanting the orchids a few days ago, as well as the award-winning dance and outstanding medical skills.

She had heard a lot about Shi Jin overseas, so she had a good impression of her when she returned.

However, ever since she felt that her parents had helped Shi Jin resolve the orchid matter, Yue Yu was very suspicious of Shi Jins various skills.

Who knew if Shi Jin had done those things herself

Apart from the fact that the Yue Feng couple had helped her, had Old Master Li also helped her Had her agency been setting her up

She could not say these words, but she had her own thoughts.

Soon the formal salutation arrived.

Shi Jin offered tea to the Yue Feng couple.

After the bow, the matter was considered settled.

“Just call us godfather and godmother from now on,” Madam Yue said with a smile.

“Well be family from now on.”

Yue Lanchen was overjoyed.


“You child, you still have to make things clear.

You have two sisters, how will you differentiate” Madam Yue asked with a smile.

“Then call my original sister my biological sis.

And Ill Shi Jin my sis.”

They all laughed with him.

Shi Jin said, “Godfather, godmother, Ive also prepared a little gift for you.”

“Look at me, I havent even given you the gift I prepared for you.” Madam Yue immediately took out the gift.

It was not a particularly expensive gift, but it was personally chosen by Madam Yue.

It was obvious that she had put in a lot of effort.

Shi Jin brought a lot of gifts and took care of everyone.

She also brought Old Master Li various handmade tea leaves and essential oils.

“Grandma Yue, this is for you.” Shi Jin handed her the box respectfully.

Old Madam Yue glanced at it and Yue Xiu took it for her.

Old Madam Yue said, “Thats very thoughtful of you.”

“Its my duty,” Shi Jin said calmly.

She could tell that Old Madam Yues attitude towards her was very indifferent, and she did not deliberately curry favor with her.

She just did her best to be polite.

Yue Lanchen said happily, “Its such a good day.

Let me sing a song to liven it up.”

With that, he began to sing.

His voice had not been professionally trained, but he surprisingly sang quite well.

His pitch was right and he won the cheers of the entire hall.

“Not bad, not bad.

Lanchen, another song.”

“Then I shall sing another of my sisters songs.

Lets begin.”

After Yue Lanchen finished singing Shi Jins song, he was shouted at by everyone and sang two more of Shi Jins songs.

Everyone was happy and harmonious.

“My dear biological sis, why dont you liven things up for us and play a piano piece for us Okay” Yue Lanshen went to plead with Yue Yu.

Everyone was excited and said with a smile, “Thats right.

Yue Yu, dont you want to play a piece Yue Yu has been learning the piano for many years and has always been very good.

Play a song.”

Usually, no one dared to provoke Yue Yu, but Yue Lanchen started it, so everyone followed him.

“Sigh, Shi Jin seems to have won an award for piano before.

How about Shi Jin playing too”

“Shall the sisters play a four-handed duet”

Yue Lanchen also added fuel to the fire.

“My two dear sisters, a four-hand duet should be fine, right”

Yue Yu said awkwardly, “Im good at playing classical music, but Im not good at these popular styles.

Im afraid I cant play with Shi Jin.”

Yue Lanchen immediately said, “Sis is also very good at classical music.

She previously won an award for playing the piano.

Biological sis, arent you reading too little news”

Yue Yu actually didnt know about this.

It was mainly because Shi Jins matters were one after another.

Every time, it could shock the fans.

Some people who did not pay special attention to her were always easily distracted by new things and could not see the full picture of Shi Jins talent.

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