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Chapter 90: It Was Clear What They Were Implying

After doing some practice, a lot of contestants went over to the veteran artists whom they recognized with their autograph books asking for autographs when it was break time.

However, no one asked Ye Peiwen for her autograph.

Every now and then, someone asked quizzically, “Who is she”

Ye Peiwen smiled in self-ridicule.

Sure enough, she was forgotten after not singing in over 20 years.

“She is Ye Peiwen.

‘Loving You Is Torture, was one of her best works and used to be very popular.”

“Huh Did she sing that song I cant recognize her anymore.”

“I think she is a perfect match for Little Stone…”

Even though no one explained why Ye Peiwen and Shi Jin were perfect for each other, it was clear what they were implying.

Wen Yongwei also looked over when she heard what they said.

However, she seemed calm and it was impossible to figure out how she felt about the conversation, so it was unclear whether she agreed.

“I saw the challenges you went through in the last episode.

You were extraordinary.” Ye Peiwen looked at Shi Jin perplexedly.

“Why do they treat you like this even though you performed well

Shi Jin smiled.

“Then did you check out my gossip”

Ye Peiwen smiled and instantly caught her drift.

Most of the contestants and employees were on Chu Lings side.

In the entertainment industry, popularity meant power.

People would pick a gorgeous man over an ugly woman any day.

Ye Peiwen could empathize with their reaction now.

Now Ye Peiwen was determined to perform well with Shi Jin and kick the other contestants out of the program.

Shi Jin went out for a moment and came back with a leaf and handed it to Ye Peiwen.

“Sniff on this when you can.

It will help with your rhinitis.”

Ye Peiwen smiled in surprise.

Was this not mint

All these years, she had seen a lot of doctors and tried all sorts of medication, so she had already tried using mint, but it was useless.

Despite all the doctors she had seen, her rhinitis acted up every now and then and did not improve.

However, since Shi Jin was just trying to be nice, she took the mint and said, “Thank you.”

At night, Shi Jin stopped practicing and bade farewell.

After Ye Peiwen got back to her lunch, her nose started to feel stuffy.

She retrieved her medication and sprayed it into her nose.

Even though it was able to clear her nose briefly, it made her giddy.

Although this medicine was good for rhinitis, there were a lot of side effects for her brain.

After using it long-term, she could feel her memory become poor.

She had no choice but to use it since she had taken an assignment.

Ye Peiwen did not want to quit halfway and hold up Shi Jin.

She sat down and rested briefly and did some vocal exercises before her nose became stuffy again.

It was so stuffy that her head kept ringing.

It was so awful that she simply had to sit down and rest.

After placing the medicine back into her purse, she suddenly felt a cool leaf in her purse.

She recalled the mint Shi Jin had given her.

She placed it by her nose without a thought and inhaled deeply.

Her nose unexpectedly got unclogged and her head cleared up as well.

“Hmm” Ye Peiwen scrutinized the leaf and confirmed it was genuinely mint.

She had used it previously, but it was not as effective.

She smelled it again and detected the faint scent of Chinese herbs along with mint.

The smell of Chinese herbs made her feel good.

Ye Peiwen managed to sleep peacefully all night, and after she woke up, she felt energetic.

She looked at the mirror and noticed that the pallor was gone and she seemed a lot more youthful.

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