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Yue Yu set the items aside.

Yue Xiu walked over and said, “What, not helping”

“Im a little tired.

Besides, why would I need to do these things myself if I can arrange for someone to do them”

“Thats right.

Its fine if Lanchen likes to do it himself, but its rare for Uncle and Aunt to be like this.” Yue Xiu sighed.

Yue Yu suddenly thought of something and asked her, “Cousin, havent you interacted with Shi Jin before Whats she like”

“All I can say about Shi Jin is that you should have less contact with her.

Otherwise, whats hers is hers, and whats yours will become hers,” Yue Xiu said in a deep tone.

Yue Yu recalled what she had heard before.

Yue Xiu had suffered many losses when facing Shi Jin.

Previously, she only felt that her cousin was too useless.

Now, she realized that it was all because Shi Jin was too powerful and scheming.

She already had some opinions about Shi Jin, but under Yuexius explanation, the thorn in her heart grew deeper.

It was time for the formal greeting.

Yue Lanchen went over to pick up Shi Jin.

Shi Jin came out of Orchid Pavilion and made a video call as she walked.

“Its fine.

Just do your own thing.

Its not a big deal on my side.”

Yue Lanchen stuck his head out and saw that she was indeed on the phone with Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan had gone overseas to settle some urgent matters at the last minute and was rather apologetic that he couldnt make it back in time.

“Okay, then Ill wait for you to come back.” Shi Jins tone turned soft.

“Hurry up and go do your thing.”

She put the phone away and tapped Yue Lanchen on the head.

“Lets go.”

“Hehe, its good to see you two love each other even if I have to eat dog food.”

“Lets see if you can eat it all!” Shi Jin said with a smile.

“Grandpa Li is here today too,” Yue Lanchen told her.

Shi Jin was naturally happy to hear that her grandfather was coming over.

Her father was busy filming and had not come over, so her mother had gone to accompany him.

Shi Jin had expected many family members to not be able to come today, but she did not expect her grandfather to come.

Old Madam Yue entered with a serious expression.

She was very unhappy that Yue Feng wanted to take Shi Jin in as his goddaughter.

Her original plan was to let Yue Xiu and Gu Jingyuan marry so that she could obtain Gu Jingyuans help towards the Yue family.

Who knew that this matter would be completely defeated.

In the Gu familys large corporation, the only people she liked was Old Master Li and Gu Jingyuan.

She liked Shi Jin the least.

However, the Yue Feng couple had already made up their minds, so she could not interfere too much.

Fortunately, with such a connection, they would also have a connection to Gu Jingyuan, so she reluctantly came over.

“Grandma.” Yue Xiu and Yue Yu greeted her happily.

Old Madam Yue nodded indifferently.

Yue Xiu knew that she had disappointed her, so she could not say anything and stood aside.

On the other hand, Yue Yu chattered non-stop with her, causing Old Madam Yue to finally smile.

“Oh you, you went overseas and came back much more eloquent.”

“Grandma taught me well,” Yue Yu said with a grin.

A group of people murmured something in the corner, and Yue Yu, attracted, listened intently for a few words.

“That Shi Jin, what method do you think she used to become Madam Yues goddaughter” A middle-aged woman said.

“Who knows People in the entertainment industry like them have a lot of tricks up their sleeves,” another woman said.

These few people had some status, but they were far inferior to the Yue family.

They had relied on various connections to get to know Madam Yue.

Previously, there were even people who tried to send their daughters over to acknowledge Madam Yue as their godmother.

However, Madam Yue had never spoken to them.

These people originally thought that they would not be able to get close to her.

So they felt that it was really unfair for Madam Yue to accept Shi Jin as her goddaughter.

“Tsk, I dont think we should have anything to do with these entertainers.

Think about how powerful Old Master Li was back then.

From the moment Li Juekai entered the entertainment industry, the Li family began to lose until they completely withdrew from the four major families and declined until now.

Who doesnt know that b*tches are heartless and entertainers are heartless Shi Jin has entered the entertainment industry again.

It seems that the Li family is only so-so.

Its impossible for them to regain their glory.”

“Thats right.

Thats why they want to rely on Madam Yue.

Theyre actually very good at scheming, which means that she has a brain.”

When Yue Yu heard these words, she felt like they were a reflection of her heart.

She glanced at her grandmother.

Old Madam Yue was frowning deeply.

It was obvious that she had the same thoughts.

Those words struck her deeply.

Her expression flickered.

When Madam Yue walked over, everyone hurriedly stopped talking.

“Everyone, please dont take offense at my lack of hospitality.”

“Not at all, not at all.

Its very good.”

“Madam Yue is too kind.

We are all at ease here.

Everything is fine.”

Madam Yue raised her eyebrows and said, “Really Thats great.

Today is a good day for Shi Jin and me.

I hope everyone can give us some face and let us go through the process happily.”

Her tone sounded gentle, but a very serious and warning tone was very strong.

Clearly, she was aware of some of the comments.

These madams looked resentful.

They all knew that although Madam Yue looked gentle on the surface, she was actually very dignified.

Yue Feng was also very obedient to this madam.

No one dared to talk about Shi Jin anymore and changed the topic.

“Thats right.

We all want to see Shi Jin become your goddaughter.

It is a strong connection.”

“Then have fun, everyone.” Madam Yue nodded and left immediately.

Old Madam Yue snorted.

“Is she always so protective of Shi Jin”

Yue Yu said softly, “Perhaps its because Ive been overseas for too long and havent been able to accompany my parents.

Lanchen is also often very busy, causing them to sometimes feel empty and lose comfort.

Coincidentally, Shi Jin often appears by their side, so she has become their emotional support.”

“This Shi Jin really knows how to take advantage of loopholes.”

When Old Madam Yue heard this, she felt even more disdain for her.

Although Shi Jin had never come to the Yue family on her own, she had only come a few times because she was invited.

However, there was no changing Old Madam Yues mind.

When Yue Xiu heard this, she immediately said, “Actually, in the beginning, I was afraid that something would happen between Shi Jin and Lanchen.

Lanchen is a little boy who is vulnerable to love.

Its inevitable that he will fall for some women with means.

Fortunately, it turned out that I was overthinking.”

Although her words seemed like she was clearing things up for Shi Jin, she was actually secretly belittling Shi Jin and planting a thorn in Old Madam Yues heart.

In this way, when she talked about her crushing defeat at Shi Jins hands in the future, it could be considered as giving herself a few more reasons to not look too bad.

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